TaylorMade Irons by Year

TaylorMade Irons by Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 23, 2024

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List Of All Taylor Made Irons Models by Year Released

TaylorMade irons by year table:
Note – if a set of irons is listed twice, it means they were re-released in separate years

Year ReleasedTaylorMade Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2023P790 (2023)
P770 (2023)
P7MC (2023)
P7MB (2023)
Stealth HD
Stealth HD Women’s
Stealth Women’s
Stealth DHY
Stealth UDI
Stealth Gloire
Stealth Gloire Women’s
Kalea Premier Women’s
2021SIM 2 Max
SIM 2 Max OS
P790 (2021)
P790 (2019) Black Finish
P790 UDI
RBZ Speedlite Set
RBZ Speedlite Set Women’s
2020SIM Max
P770 (2020)
P7MC (2020)
P7MB (2020)
SIM Gloire
P790 Ti
P7TW (Tiger)
M Gloire
P790 (2017) Black Finish
M2 (2017 model)
P750 Tour Proto
P730 Forged
M2 Tour
PSi Tour
Kalea Set Women’s
RSi 1
RSi 2
RSi TP (Tour Preferred)
Tour Preferred MC
Tour Preferred MB
Tour Preferred CB
2013Rocketballz HP
Speedblade HL (High Launch)
Rocketbladez Max
Rocketbladez Tour
Rocketballz Max
2011Burner 2.0
Tour Preferred MC
Tour Preferred MB
Tour Preferred CB
R9 TP (Tour Preferred)
2009Burner 1.0
2008Burner Plus
Tour Burner
Tour Preferred MB
Tour Preferred MB Smoke
Tour Preferred
R7 Draw
R7 TP (Tour Preferred)
2005RAC OS (2005 model)
R7 CGB Max
2003RAC Combo
300 Forged
Firesole Tour
1998Burner Oversized
LCG Burner
Bubble 2
Tour Bubble
1997Burner Bubble
Ti Bubble 2
1996Oversized Burner
Burner Bubble Tour
1993Burner Midsize
1992ICW Mid Tour
1987Tour Preferred TD
1986Iron Cleeks
1985Tour Preferred F
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TaylorMade Irons Over the Last 5 Years

Qi Irons: Game improvement iron designed to take the right miss out of a player’s game. Optimized CG placement for each club in the set allows for perfect launch characteristics throughout the set.

Qi HL Irons: The “HL” stands for higher and lighter. With weaker lofts, and lightweight components to make the irons easier to swing and launch the ball.

The last five years have really shown the innovation at TaylorMade. Mostly through improvements of popular models. The uber popular, and high performing P790 debuted in 2017, and has gone through internal and external changes. These changes are making them even longer and more forgiving.

TaylorMade P790 irons from 2019  TaylorMade P790 irons from 2021

The P790 is widely regarded as one of the best performing irons on the market. Great feel, distance, forgiveness, and compact design make it an appealing option for tour players and weekend warriors alike, which is uncommon to say the least. Check out the full P790 specs and lofts for more info.

TaylorMade has released a flagship iron alongside the driver every year since 2017. Most recently the Stealth irons. Stealth follows suit behind SIM2, SIM, and the M series. These irons are labeled as game improvement irons, and are a good selection for a wide variety of players.

TaylorMade Stealth 6 Iron  TaylorMade Sim2 Irons

TaylorMade M1 Iron  The TaylorMade M2 Iron

TaylorMade has no shortage of “player” options too, with regular releases and updates to the P770 specs, the P7MC, and P7MB. Even releasing a Tiger Woods model, the P7TW, TaylorMade has options for all comers.

TaylorMade P7TW Milled Grind  TaylorMade P770 iron

If you’re looking for the latest womens irons, check out our reviews here.

TaylorMade Burner Irons by Year

The TaylorMade Burner series began in 1993 with the Burner Midsize. It was a unique design with foam and perimeter weighting. This did wonders for forgiveness. The Burner series went on to win majors, and spearhead iron innovation.

The original TaylorMade Burner Iron

In 1996 and 1997 TaylorMade released a series of Burner Bubble irons. The 96’ Burner Bubble Tour was in the bag for two of the four majors in 96’, which gave some serious validity to the line. 97’ brought the Ti Bubble 2 which was the introduction of using multiple materials to lower the center of gravity, which helped improve distance.

TaylorMade Bubble iron

The Burner line was shelved for over a decade until 2008. By then TaylorMade had discovered and mastered “SuperFast Technology.” This inverted cone behind the face, and multi material construction to deliver today’s players distance iron.

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Iron

TaylorMade Irons History

In 1979 TaylorMade broke ground on one club. A 12 degree stainless steel metalwood. They wasted no time breaking into the iron space. 1980 marked their first ever iron release.

TaylorMade released first the KVD irons, named after the designer Ken Venturi. That same year they released the PR1 iron.

Original TaylorMade KVD Iron  TaylorMade 3 iron PR1

TaylorMade remained a “tour preferred” lineup until 1991. The release of the ICW 11, with a progressive offset, and more forgiveness was marketed as an iron set for the everyday player. From then on, TaylorMade released various club selections for every type of golfer to help make the game more enjoyable.

TaylorMade ICW 11 Iron

How Often Does TaylorMade Release New Irons

TaylorMade is one of a few manufacturers that regularly releases new and improved options for all types of golfers. From 2008 until present, you can rely on TaylorMade to release a new iron set every year.

These yearly releases contain incremental improvements from the year prior, and tend to offer something for every type of player. For the last decade, TaylorMade has released iron sets alongside their yearly metalwood sets, such as the newest Stealth lineup. You could almost set a watch to it.

Close up shot of the P7TW in Tiger Wood’s bag

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