Wilson Irons by Year

Wilson Irons by Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Jan 11, 2024

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Wilson and Wilson Staff Irons by Year

Wilson Irons by Year Table:

Year ReleasedWilson Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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Dynapwr Women’s
2022Staff D9
Staff D9 Forged
Staff D9 Women’s
Launch Pad 2 (2022)
Launch Pad 2 Women’s
2021Staff Model Blades
Staff Model CB
2020Staff D7 Forged
Launch Pad (2020)
2019Staff D7
Profile SGi
Profile Platinum
Profile JGi Junior
Profile SGi Teen
2018Staff D350
Staff FG Tour V6
D300 SuperLite
Ultra Plus
Ultra Plus Women’s
Deep Red Tour
2016Staff C200
FG Tour F5
2015FG Tour V4
FG Tour 100
2014Staff C 100
FG Tour
FG Tour M3
2013D 100
2012FG Tour V2
FG Tour
Ci7 Control
Di7 Distance
2005Di5 Distance
Pi5 Performance
Fi5 Forged
2003Deep Red II
Deep Red II Tour
2002Deep Red
Fat Shaft Robert Mandrella
1999FSTi 33cm2 AHA
1998Staff Midsize RM
Staff Ti
FS Wilson Staff
FS Wilson Staff Midsize
1997Staff Oversize
P.S. Oversize
FS Wilson Staff
Midsize RM
Ultra System-45
1990Staff FG-51
1988Staff Goose Neck
1985Staff Tour Blades
1984Wilson Hale Irwin
1978Wilson 1200 LT
1973Wilson 1200
1969Dynapower Staff
1966Sam Snead Blue Ridge
1960K-28 Harmonized
Patty Berg Cup Defender
Arnold Palmer Shot Maker
1959Dynapower Staff Model
1953Sam Snead Championship
1933Wilson Ogg-mented
1932Wilson Walker Cup
1930Wilson Pinehurst
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Wilson Irons Over the Last 5 Years

Wilson has made some real technological advancements in the last five years in their game improvement irons, and has held true to their pure players options as well. 2022 saw game improvement options with the D9 and D9 Forged, and a super game improvement with an upgraded Launch Pad set.

Wilson D9 Forged Iron

In 2021 Wilson released new and improved players options with the Staff Model Blades and Cavity Back. Both of which carry improvements for the modern age, and offer tour preferred feel, look, and shot shape. Staff Model Blades are the preferred irons for top tour professional Gary Woodland.

2018 to 2020 showed progressive releases of irons for all types of golfers. The original and revolutionary “super game improvement” Launch Pad irons were released in 2020, with much praise for the target market. Easy to swing, and even easier to make solid contact.

The Staff FG Tour V6, released in 2018, was a highly polished chrome set with a players iron look packed with technology. Tungsten, used for forgiveness and distance, makes it the perfect “players distance” iron.

Are Wilson and Wilson Staff the same thing?

Wilson (Golf) and Wilson Staff are under the same umbrella of Wilson Sporting Goods, but are distinctly different. Wilson Golf/Ultra are beginner box sets that are easy to hit, low cost, and come with everything you need… down to the bag and headcovers.

Theses sets are actually some of the best women’s starter golf clubs. And they even have complete sets of women’s golf clubs as well.

Wilson Staff is Wilson’s “tour preferred” brand. Customizable irons and woods, premium price point, and performance to back it up. Wilson Staff offers some of the best irons on the market, but is still trying to shake the “Wilson makes cheap box sets” stigma.

Wilson Irons History

Wilson irons have the most storied history in golf. Having been in the bag for more major victories (62) than any other equipment manufacturer in history, Wilson irons have a solid argument that they are the best. For the last 100 years, Wilson has won a major in each decade l, proving their longevity.

Wilson started making clubs in 1914, but was really thrust into the spotlight in the 1930s via Gene Sarazen. Gene remained a Wilson staff member for over 75 years, which is the longest running sports contract in history. Using the Ogg-mented irons, Gene won seven major championships.

Wilson Pinehurst Iron

(1930 Wilson Pinehurst Iron)

Throughout 1940-1980, Wilson irons were in the bag, and often named after, some of the best to ever play the game. Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Patty Berg, Walter Hagen, and Ben Crenshaw helped turn Wilson irons into an icon, and the “Cadillac of golf clubs.”

Wilson Staff FG-51

How Often Does Wilson Release New Irons

Wilson had sporadic iron releases throughout the years, only when marked improvements were made. Although, after suffering a major drop in market share, and being branded as “clubs your grandfather used,” Wilson rebranded in 2006 to get back to their premium roots.

Since 2009, Wilson has released at least one new set of irons every year, if not multiple. With new investment in R&D during the 2006 rebranding, Wilson Staff has been able to make continued improvements to their irons, and develop some of the purest irons on the market today.

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