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Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • Rogue ST Max replaces the Epic Max with authority
  • All new Flash Face and Speed Frame further improves ball speeds across the face
  • Unibody frame construction makes the club head light where it needs to be
  • Sliding weight is replaced with a 26g tungsten speed cartridge for super high MOI
  • Stock shaft options are premium favorites from Mitsubishi and Fujikura

I’m addicted to this particular series and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

In fact, I think I have to give the Rogue ST line of metal-woods my editor’s choice award for this year. They’re THAT good as a whole and may just replace what I have in the bag.

With this refresh of the Rogue line, you won’t find blistering ball speed above and beyond other drivers, you won’t find a left turn in design to create something completely new.

But you’ll find a finely crafted, well-tuned series that does everything at an extremely high level in an incredibly aesthetic package that sounds good and feels good.

It’s a no-brainer. If you’re a fan of Callaway drivers, you should replace yours immediately.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review (The SERIES as a whole)

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Driver Models

Construction and Tech

I think the two most important developments that Callaway has come forth with in the past 10 years or so are the Jailbreak Speed Frame system that forms the core of the driver’s structural stability, and the Artificial Intelligence designed Flash face that reinforces or shaves off material at different support points behind the face of the driver to promote the best ball speeds and spin.

These technologies have gifted stability and forgiveness across the face to anyone that has a Callaway stick in the bag and are major components of the Rogue refresh.

The Callaway Rogue ST continues this tradition with an exceptionally forgiving SS22 face and the “speed frame” edition of jailbreak which is a little bit more robust (and an actual rectangular frame) than the previous vertical posts present in the last Rogue edition.

I can’t express just how important this speed frame is to the Callaway drivers and how much more confidence I have on off-center hits as a result.

To add to that, Callaway has moved to a unibody frame construction that allows the exterior of the club to be rigid while saving weight through strategic use of carbon fiber and fewer joints/welds.

Callaway’s headline addition to this year’s lineup is a tungsten speed cartridge that is brightly colored gold at the back of the driver heads. This replaces the typical moveable weight/track at the back of more customizable drivers and plants anywhere from 20-26g of tungsten low in the frame to increase Moment of Inertia (“MOI”) and help the ball get off the ground.

I’ve heard a pro-shop regular actually describe the speed cartridge as the “TaylorMade Sim and the Cobra RAD Speed having an illegitimate child”. They’re not wrong, and while this is certainly a tried-and-true design, the ST line employs it incredibly well.

Stock/ recommended shaft options are the excellent Mitsubishi Tensei Blue and White series as well as the Fujikura Ventus Blue.

Each of the drivers also features the Optifit hosel which adjusts down one degree or up two from stock. Naturally, custom graphite options are also available for an upcharge from the Callaway website.

All in the ST line play at a stock length of 45.75” and a headsize of 460cc, except the Triple Diamond LS, which plays at 450cc.

Worth the Upgrade?

Small changes with a big impact. I think the Rogue ST line (woods included) is the most accurate and all-around high-level product that Callaway has produced since the introduction of the Apex line of irons.

They look really.. REALLY nice in the bag, have great feedback and sound rapport, and are great to dial in and practice with so that when you step on to the tee box, you’ll swing with confidence.

To me, the Rogue ST line is the most comfortable, confident, and repeatable series of metal-woods of 2022.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review (Individual Model)

Lofts Available:  9⁰, 10.5⁰, 12⁰
Handicap Range:  8-20+   This driver fits a really wide range of players.

Technical Review

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver is an all-around driver that fits just about every player. For lower handicappers that need a bit of help getting the ball up and out, it’s a fit.

For those players that need a forgiving head to keep the ball in the fairway, it’s all there. The new Rogue ST MAX driver is an effective all-around club.

In this particular model, the tungsten speed cartridge reaches a total of 26 grams set low and at the back of the club. You’ll notice the speed cartridge actually pops out a bit from the tail of the club instead of integrating into the round bottom of the frame on a track with weights.

It’s not as obvious when you flip the club upside down but is clear when you look at the driver in profile.

The effective 2021-2022 trend of high-MOI drivers is prevalent here. The difference is that Callaway has invested significant R+D in creating a custom face that accentuates the mass behind the head.

The A.I. generated flash face SS22 is innovative and absolutely helps produce playable balls.

The design of this driver screams elevation and stability and the driver will do exactly that especially when paired with the right shaft. It’s incredibly easy to swing and stabilize a playable ball.


I apologize in advance and will try my hardest to point out highlights for each specific driver, but I have to say, Callaway really did a nice job streamlining the new Rogue ST drivers.

Each of the drivers has a very similar feel, sound, and styling while retaining unique characteristics. Normally that would be a knock, but here I think it’s an absolute compliment and nod to the amount of work they put into this stick.

The most noticeable immediate characteristic of the Callaway Rogue ST MAX driver is the launch angle and ball speed. The head does an excellent job of getting the ball out and up off the tee box without ballooning on an average swing.

I naturally hit a fairly high ball with a steeper descent angle, but it was noticeably higher with the ST MAX.

Launch monitor data suggested that I was reaching into the 16-17⁰ stratosphere whereas I would normally be towards the 13⁰ range.

Playing with a mid-launch (Tensei Blue) shaft, this indicates that the tech is doing its job. A shaft change easily brings the same shot down a few degrees which will tune more towards distance.

Spin control was excellent for the lower range of my swing speed (97-103mph) with a level average of 2,632 rpms of backspin. This allowed me to land the ball comfortably where I was aiming.

However, I did notice that spin started to creep up when I pushed swing speed over the 105mph mark with results sitting in the 3k range – playing a shaft with a bit more torque would easily bring that value down.

Regardless of where I hit the ball, the head felt very stable and controlled thanks to the superb use of the designed jailbreak speed frame. If I had to pick a favorite shot to hit with this club it would be a 65-70% fairway finder.

When swinging the ST MAX, I found it easy to find fairways by doing less. Choke up a half-inch and target that comfortable 260y landing for a happy fairway in regulation. Accuracy is king here!


I. Love. The. Color. Scheme. Of. This. Driver!

Anyone that’s played with me knows that I’m a sucker for anything flashy… anything. It’s bright, loud, and it’s fun.

I can’t stress how much I want to customize the rest of my clubs in the Rogue ST Max colorway. Yes, it’s reminiscent of the Cobra LTD, but personally, I think Callaway did it better.

The first time I saw the ST head was crouched down in a dark hitting booth, hiding behind the custom counter while my buddy distracted the Callaway rep… I wasn’t impressed.

Fast forward to a sunny day on course with a bright tee-box and I fell in love. The club looks downright regal with the matte carbon fiber and the speed cartridge peeking out back.

The Rogue ST MAX driver presents a generous face at address with clean etched lines that are divided into three hitting zones. Naturally, you want to keep the ball framed in the middle “V”.

From the top the crown has a generous half-moon that frames the ball and inspires confidence. There’s plenty of club behind the ball accented by a rim of gold and white hash marks that almost look like the seconds on a watch face.

Sound and Feel

I think that Callaway has finally figured out the recipe for sound with the Rogue ST line. Feedback was always good with Callaway drivers, but the sound was… sharp… at times.

I’m reminded of the Epic Flash and Epic Flash SZ which have a very high, piercing rapport.

I had no trouble figuring out where on the face I hit the ball and visualizing my next swing with the aid of the etched lines.

The Rogue ST MAX driver has a great sound which is significantly more muted than the predecessor Epic line, and more pleasant on the ear.

There is no metallic *ting* associated with a well struck ball. Premium balls will produce the nice pop of a flushed shot and you’ll know you sent it.


  • Color scheme is regal
  • Very easy to find the fairway
  • Very forgiving and stable
  • Ball speed is pretty consistent across the face


  • Price… $550 for a new driver is steep
  • Spin can creep up with faster swings
  • Lack of customization with respect to weight and draw/fade bias

The Bottom Line

I’m absolutely in love with the Callaway Rogue ST line!

For anyone that’s playing courses in the 6,000-6,400 yard range, this driver is a must try. It was phenomenally easy to find fairways with a consistent swing.

For those looking to eke out the most distance (but at the expense of some forgiveness), check out the MAX LS and Triple Diamond LS.

Alternate Choices to the Rogue ST Max Driver

TaylorMade Stealth

TaylorMade Stealth Driver
If you’re itching for one of the new TaylorMade carbon wood drivers, check out our review of the TaylorMade Stealth Driver here. It’s pretty comparable to the ST Max in launch, spin, and forgiveness.

Ping G425 Max

stock image of Ping drivers G 425 Max
Another driver that’s somewhat close in the launch, spin, and forgiveness department is the Max option of the Ping G425 driver line.

Most Forgiving Drivers

most forgiving drivers
The Rogue ST Max driver is ranked pretty high on our most forgiving drivers list, but check that article out if you want to find out which driver took the number 1 spot.

FAQ – Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

Note – Some of these FAQs were covered throughout the article, but I still get these questions a lot… so here are the “short and sweet” answers to the most common questions:

Is the Rogue ST MAX forgiving?

Yes, the Callaway Rogue ST Max is VERY forgiving – perhaps the most forgiving driver we’ve seen to date!

Are Callaway Rogue drivers good for beginners?

Yes, the Callaway Rogue Drivers are good for beginners, as long as you get the Rogue ST Max or Max D versions. In fact, the Rogue ST Max is one of the best drivers for beginners period.

How do you adjust a Callaway Rogue ST Max?

To adjust a Callaway Rogue ST Max driver, follow the steps below:
  1. Using a golf club specific torque wrench, loosen the screw that attaches the driver head to the hosel
  2. Remove the screw completely
  3. Try to pull off the driver head from the hosel
  4. If it seems stuck, hold the head and gently tap the bottom of the grip on the ground, and the head should release
  5. Position the hosel to your desired setting using the chart below
  6. Retighten the screw using the torque wrench until it ratchets

Callaway Rogue ST Driver Adjustment Chart

Is Callaway Rogue new?

The Callaway Rogue ST Max driver was new for 2022. There is an older Rogue driver without the “ST” distinction that was released in 2018 as well.

What is the difference between the Callaway Rogue drivers?

There are 4 Callaway Rogue ST drivers. The Max is the most “all around”, has the most launch, and highest spin, and is also the most forgiving.

The Rogue ST Max LS is Callaway’s ‘low spin’ option, and is for advanced players who can control their shots off the tee quite well.

The Rogue ST Max D is the draw biased option from Callaway, and is going to assist players who either struggle with a slice, or simply want to play a slight draw bias most of the time off the tee box.

And finally, the Triple Diamond LS is their ‘Tour’ option, which honestly is quite hard to control unless you really know how to strike the sweet spot quite consistently, AND you have a high swing speed (110mph+).

What is the most recent Callaway driver?

The most recent Callaway driver is the Rogue ST driver line.

When did Callaway Rogue ST come out?

The Callaway Rogue ST came out on February 18, 2022.

What does Rogue ST stand for?

Rogue ST stands for “Speed Tuned”, meaning that these driver heads from Callaway are geared towards generating even more clubhead speed than the previous Epic Speed line.

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