5 Best Golf Hand Warmers

A golfer using one of the best golf hand warmers during a round

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Oct 12, 2023

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Key Takeaways – Golf Hand Warmer Winners

  • Cold hands impact your feel of the club
  • Warm hands are far more flexible and faster
  • Gloves might not be enough for a day out on the course
  • Lots of options from disposable, reusable, and wearable

I’ve always found that the key to playing great winter golf is keeping my hands warm. As soon as you start to lose some feeling in the hands or they get dry and start to crack, it’s nearly impossible to pull off another great shot.

Here are the best golf hand warmers on the market; we chose several different styles and designs to work for your budget and needs.

Golf Hand Warmers – Test Results and Rankings

#1. Hot Hands Golf Hand Warmers

🏆 Best Overall 🥇

A box of Hot hands golf hand warmers on my table


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Won’t need to charge a battery
  • Choose a size and style that works for you
  • Heats up in no time
  • Trusted retailer


  • Creates more waste than a rechargeable solution
  • You May need to shake it after a little bit to ensure it stays warm
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My Experience (with pictures):

You can’t have a list of the best hand warmers for golf and not include Hot Hands. These little packets of heat deliver, and they are incredibly versatile. Buy a box of these at the beginning of the season, and you can truly play in any weather conditions. 

WHY It’s a Good Golf Hand Warmer:

Hot Hands heat up in minutes, but the heat will last for hours. Simply break open the package and put them in your pocket during your round. The best thing here is that they are not bulky at all.

The Bottom Line

The Hot Hands are not a revolutionary design or a new release to the market, but they work. Isn’t the bottom line to stay warm out there? I never play a round of winter golf without these.

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#2. Club Brand and Model

🏆 Best Pouch 🥇

Me testing a G Tech Electric in my living room


  • Provides real heat while waiting for your shots
  • Reliable and high-quality investment
  • Improves blood flow
  • 12 hours of heat


  • Premium pricing if you only play a round or two
  • Some smaller golfers find it bulky
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My Experience (with pictures):

The G Tech Electric is one of the best hand warmers for golfers as it is innovative, can provide up to 12 hours of heat, and has three settings. Simply charge this up before your round and stay comfortable the entire time you are outside.

WHY It’s One of the Best Golf Hand Warmers:

The great thing about the G Tech Electric is that you can just turn the golf hand warmer belt around, so it doesn’t interfere with your swing. In addition, as the day warms up, simply adjust the heat settings.

The Bottom Line

If you want premium high heat, this is well worth the price you pay for more enjoyable golf in the year’s colder months.

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#3. Bag Boy Golf Push Cart Hand Warmers Mitt

🏆 Best for Push Carts 🥇

Me pushing Bag Boy golf push cart hand warmers at the golf course


  • It can help keep hands dry in the rain
  • Plush interior
  • Great for the golfer trying to walk to stay warm
  • Won’t get lost like some golf mitts


  • Mostly works for Bag Boy push carts
  • Not a heated solution
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My Experience:

Walking is one of the best ways to stay warm in cooler weather. However, your hands are often exposed for hours while walking. This well-designed golf push cart mitt from Bag Boy will attach to the push cart, and it features tremendous warmth and a soft feel.

WHY It’s One of the Best Hand Warmers for Golf:

Walking in the winter is one of the best things you can do to keep your feet, hands, and body warm. However, it will make your hands cold. This heats your hands up before you put the club in your hand. Bag Boy is an excellent company for creating solutions for the golfer that loves to walk.

The Bottom Line

When you purchase a bag boy push cart there are plenty of options for accessories. This product makes a lot of sense for those who play early in the morning or in any type of weather condition.

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🏆 Best Rechargeable 🥇

Me testing OCOOPA Rechargeable hand warmer in my living room


  • Well known brand for affordable hand warmers
  • Easy to charge and use
  • Versatile can be used on and off the course
  • Really helps those with arthritis


  • Not much difference in the three heat levels
  • Warmth won’t be as strong as the G Tech Electric brand
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My Experience (with pictures):

Most tech-related golf gear is expensive, but the OCOOPA Rechargeable hand warmers are a fair value for what they offer. With three levels of temperature and comfortable material, you will be impressed with battery life and overall functionality.

WHY It’s Great for Winter:

The OCOOPA Rechargeable warmers are great to keep in your pocket on those cold winter days. They won’t get in the way of your swing, and they are one of the top sellers for golfers looking to stay warm on the course in the winter.

The Bottom Line

If you have always just tried to blow air into your hands to warm them or experimented with mittens that just don’t cut it, the OCOOPA Rechargeable hand warmers are an easy and affordable solution for rough conditions.

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#5. Callaway Thermal Mitts

🏆 Best Alternative 🥇

A Callaway Thermal Mitt in the living room


  • Good warmth for the price
  • One of the best brands for playing golf in adverse conditions
  • Excellent feel inside the gloves
  • Perfect fit for those with larger hands


  • No heat settings
  • Not very breathable
  • It can feel rather large
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My Experience (with pictures):

If walking the golf course is not your style in the winter months, the Callaway Thermal Mitts may be something you want to look into. With these, you won’t need a hand warmer around your waist or an electric heater in your pocket; simply keep these mitts in the cart and use them as you go from one hole to the next.

WHY It’s a Great Alternative to Golf Hand Warmers:

I like to combine a pair of these mitts with Hot Hands. I feel like it keeps the head more contained, allows me to choose the heat level (by taking the Hot Hands out), and it’s just a comfortable way to spend the day on the course.

The Bottom Line

If you are a person who doesn’t like to leave the house without gloves on, these are going to be necessary when you take off down the first fairway. Once your hands get cold, it’s hard to shake the feeling, so put these on before your round even starts.

We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

And the Winner for the Best Golf Hand Warmer is…

A few key items stand out as the best overall golf hand warmer options on the market. Longevity and affordability certainly matter but taking this information and then using it to decide which products work best for your game is the best way to handle this.

Best Overall

Hot Hands wins the best overall hand warmers for golf. This is such a simple solution, but it works and you can combine it with other winter golf gear to the level of comfort and heat required for you to enjoy your round.

Best Premium

The G Tech Electric is a high-end solution that you may see the best quarterbacks in the NFL using. Simple strap this to your waist and then turn it, so it’s out of the way when you take your golf swing.

Best Value

The best value is the OCOOPA Rechargeable hand warmer. You can prepare this before your round and enjoy it the entire day on the course.


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf hand warmer on the market. I’ll say it again, if I was going to worry about one part of my body getting cold during golf, it’s my hands.

Do golfers use hand warmers?

Golfers use hand warmers to ensure their fingers and hands stay limber while playing a round of golf. Expect hand warmers to help make it easier to maintain a connection with the clubs when temperatures drop.

How do I keep my hands warm while golfing?

The best way to keep hands warm while golfing is a combination of cold weather golf gloves and hand warmers.

Which hand warmer is best?

The best hand warmer for winter golf is the Hot Hands; they provide tremendous heat and protection.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you are now fully prepared to enjoy golf this season with your hands having incredible heat and warmth. Always make sure you combine a few different protection methods for a winter round.

In the end, you may need them all!

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