Ben Hogan Apex Irons by Year

Ben Hogan Irons by Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 23, 2024

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List Of Ben Hogan Apex Irons by Year

Ben Hogan Apex Irons by Year Table:

Year ReleasedBen Hogan Apex Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2006Apex (’06)
2004Apex FTX
2002Apex (‘02)
Apex Edge
Apex Edge Pro
2001Apex Edge (‘01)
2000Apex Plus
1999Apex (‘99)
1994Apex (‘94)
1992Apex (‘92)
1990Apex BH Grind
1988Apex (‘88)
1984Apex PC
1979Apex II
1973Apex (‘73)
1972Apex (‘72)
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List of Remaining Ben Hogan Irons by Year

Ben Hogan Irons by Year Table:

Year ReleasedBen Hogan Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2023PTX Tour
2021Edge EX
Icon Black
2019PTx Pro
2018Ft. Worth Black
Fort Worth Hi
2015Fort Worth 15 Forged
200350th Anniversary Irons
Edge CTF
1996H40 Black Diamond
1995Edge GCD
1991Edge GS
1984Vector Lite
1970One Plus
1968Plus One
1963IPT (Improved Power Thrust)
1962Power Thrust
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Ben Hogan Irons History

Ben Hogan is one of the most recognizable names in golf, and for good reason. You don’t get a bridge named after you at Augusta National for just being mediocre!

Ben Hogan strived for perfection. Not only in swing, but in club as well. In 1953 Ben Hogan started his own golf club company aptly named “Ben Hogan Golf Company.”

Hogan clubs made “for serious golfers” debuted in 1954 with the release of the original Precision irons. The Precision iron shape and design is still modeled after in today’s modern clubs.

Original Ben Hogan Precision Irons from 1954

The Apex line didn’t make way until 1972, over a decade after Ben sold the company to AMF (in 1960).

Ben Hogan Apex II Iron    Alternate angle of the Apex II

Throughout the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s Ben Hogan irons were best known as a true golfer’s clubs. Blade muscleback at its finest. AMF was purchased by Minstar in 1985, who turned an sold the Ben Hogan Golf Company to Cosmo World in 1988.

Throughout the change of guard over the years, Ben kept his seat as chair, and consulted on many of the designs.

An independent investor owned the Ben Hogan Golf name until 1997 when it was sold to sports giant Spalding. Less than a decade later, in 2004, Callaway purchased the Ben Hogan brand during Spalding’s bankruptcy sale.

Ben Hogan Edge EX Iron

The Ben Hogan line never seemed to find traction with Callaway, and Callaway discontinued the line in 2008.

In 2017, the Ben Hogan brand came back again as the first ever direct to consumer golf brand. Known as the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, they have found a slice of the pie in the competitive market, and thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Classic lines, and equipped with the classic Ben Hogan signature and BH sunburst, the new found Ben Hogan brand has found new life.

Throughout all of the years, change of ownerships, factory relocations, and uncertainty at times, Ben Hogan Golf Company has created some of the most iconic and lasting iron designs, and changed the game of golf.

From the original Precision, the IPT, Edge, and of course the Apex. The Apex irons are still branded on Callaway’s best iron sets. Now that’s perfection.

2023 Update

PTX Tour: Designed for mid to high handicappers in a players distance package. Going down the set, the irons are constructed differently to suit the type of shot needed for that club. Longer irons feature more distance and forgiveness, as shorter irons focus on feel and accuracy.

PTX Pro: Similar to the PTX Tour, the Pro irons however are suited for mid to low handicappers. Smaller profile, more blade-like look, to fit the eye of a more skilled player. Tungsten behind the face gives added distance with each club.

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