Cleveland Irons By Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 23, 2024

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List Of Cleveland Iron Sets by Year

Cleveland Irons by Year Table:

Year ReleasedCleveland Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2024ZipCore XL
2022Launcher XL
Launcher XL Halo
Launcher XL Halo Women’s
2019Launcher UHX
2017Launcher CBX
Launcher HB
Launcher HB Turbo
Launcher HB Turbo Women’s
2015CG Black
CG Black CB
2013588 MT
588 TT
2012588 Altitude
588 Forged MB
588 Forged CB
2011CG Black
CG16 Black Pearl
CG16 Tour Black Pearl
CG7 Black Pearl
CG7 Tour Black Pearl
2009Hi-Bore XLI
CG Tour
CG-7 Tour
2008Hi-Bore Gold Combo
CG1 Tour
2007CG Red
CG Gold
2006Launcher LP
CG4 Tour
CG1 Black Pearl
TA-7 Tour
2002TA-5 Gun Metal
1999Tour Action TA5
1998Tour Action TA3
VAS 792
1996VAS+ Diamond
VAS+ Square
VAS- Square
VAS- Diamond 222I
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Cleveland Irons Over the Last 5 Years

ZipCore XL: Super game improvement iron with distance and forgiveness being the focus. High MOI and low CG make for easy launch and control. ZipCire is a lightweight material used in the hosel and heel, instead of heavy steel, to position the CG perfectly in the scoring irons 8-SW.

Outside of the wedge game, Cleveland has focused on game improvement with club making in recent years. Drivers and irons alike are targeted for a specific player… a player that will take all the help they can get.

The most recent offerings in 2022, the Launcher XL and Halo, are Cleveland’s easiest irons to hit to date. The XL is a game improvement line that provides extreme forgiveness in the long irons, while the Halo set provides that forgiveness throughout the set.

Prior Launcher sets carried the same goal. Help the average golfer get the ball in the air… launch it… and they certainly deliver. Reviews and testing prove that all of the Launcher offerings are as easy a club to hit as any.

The two recent super game improvement models, the Launcher HB Turbo and Halo, feature club heads that are a cross between a game improvement iron and a hybrid. The large profile and low CG offer ultimate forgiveness for even the most troubled swings.

How Often does Cleveland Release New Irons?

Cleveland has developed an every other year release for irons over the last decade. Prior to 2012, Cleveland would release a new iron every year. Generally multiple sets.

Cleveland has always focused resources on wedge making more than other parts of the bag, but continues to make developments in the game improvement space. Expect to see regular iron sets developed by Cleveland for years to come.

Cleveland Irons History

Cleveland was started by none other than legendary wedge-maker Roger Cleveland in 1979. In the 80s and early 90s Cleveland made mostly replica clubs from the 1940s.

In 1990, the ski company Rossignol purchased Cleveland Golf and developed the high tech VAS irons. Packed with technology, the set scared most players off, but not Corey Pavin. Pavin won seven times with VAS, including the 1995 US Open.

Even with the success, Cleveland failed to keep up with the competitive market. Cleveland was sold once more before finding its current home at SRI Sports, developed alongside Srixon and XXIO.

Cleveland still produces some of the best wedges in the game, something they haven’t faltered in, but focuses the rest of their lines towards the recreational golfer.

Making irons and drivers, such as the Launcher lineup, that are affordable, and get the ball in the air and as far as possible has been a goal for Cleveland. A goal Cleveland has managed to reach for the last decade.

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