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7 Best Golf Balls for Women

Britt Olizarowicz

Author: Britt Olizarowicz - Britt first picked up a golf club at the age of 7. Now almost 30 years later, she has been a Division 1 college golfer, golf teaching professional, membership director, and golf writer.

The question of whether or not a golf ball matters comes up quite often in golf.

I’m here to tell you that it does!

Regardless of your handicap or swing speed, the ball you play with WILL impact your game.

I tested out a ton of new (and not so new) golf balls this year at the start of the season. I put together some of the best women’s golf balls on the market and divided them into categories that can help you understand which would be the best for your game.

Let’s take a look at the best golf balls for women in 2023.

Top Picks – The Best Golf Balls for Ladies

Best Overall – TaylorMade Soft Response
Runner Up – Callaway Supersoft
Best Value – TaylorMade Kalea
Best for Senior Women – Vice Pro Soft
Best for Beginner Ladies – Callaway Reva

(for our test results and reviews for men golfers check out our golf ball ranking list)

Best Golf Balls for Women- Test Results and Rankings

1. TaylorMade Soft Response

ConstructionThree Piece
Cover MaterialIonomer
TypeSoft Distance Ball
Feel/CompressionSoft Feel 30 Compression
DimplesSteeper and shallower than previous models
Color Options Red, White, Yellow
Best ForBest Overall








The TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball has been talked about quite a bit lately because it is an affordable golf ball performing with some of the same capabilities as the more premium options on the market. I liked the Tour Response but thought it might be a little hard for the average woman golfer. That’s what brought me to the TaylorMade Soft Response. 

The Soft Response has very similar technology to the Tour Response and the TaylorMade TP5x, but it is built with lower compression, perfect for the female golfer. In addition, this is a very soft golf ball with improved aerodynamics and lots of extra ball flight.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

The TaylorMade Soft response is the best golf ball for women because it touches on the need for distance from the tee as well as the importance of feel and performance around the green.


  • Great feel
  • Low compression for slow swing speeds
  • Affordable three-piece golf ball
  • Comes in a few different colors


  • For the higher swing speed woman golfer, it may not be the best overall choice

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about the golf you play and want to make sure performance is there and the feel remains soft, give the TaylorMade Soft Response a try. It’s our pick for best golf ball for ladies in 2023.

2. Callaway Supersoft

ConstructionTwo Piece
Cover MaterialHybrid Cover Material
TypeLow Compression Distance Ball
Feel/CompressionSoft feel, 38 Compression
DimplesHEX Aerodynamics
Color Options Pink, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
Best ForRunner Up







The Callaway Supersoft is a very low compression golf ball designed for golfers with slower swing speeds. Not all women golfers have slow swing speeds, and that’s why it is important to consider this when looking for the perfect golf ball.

Callaway did two excellent things here with the Callaway Supersoft golf ball. They made it a very low spin off the tee, which helps to increase total distance. In addition, they provide a soft feel that can help improve overall control around the greens.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

Women golfers need ball speed most of the time, and the combination of fast ball speeds and high launch that the Supersoft provides can make it a great golf ball for women.

I was a bit worried about how this ball would react around the greens because of the low spin.

From the tee and other areas of the golf course, I don’t mind low spin. It makes me nervous that my shots will run through on the greens. The good news here is that if you have a good trajectory, you should not struggle too much with getting the ball to stop on the green.

Golfers with issues with getting enough ball flight may find this is not the right golf ball.


  • Maximizes energy transfer
  • Produces a straighter ball flight with low spin technology
  • Soft feel around the greens
  • Low compression perfect for a slow swing speed


  • Won’t have as much spin around the greens as it is a distance golf ball
  • Some golfers feel it is a little mushy on the putting greens

The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to break the bank but could benefit from more distance and a women’s golf ball that will hold up for more than one round, the Callaway Supersoft is an intelligent choice.

3. TaylorMade Kalea

ConstructionTwo Piece
Cover MaterialIonomer
TypeDistance Golf Ball
Feel/CompressionSoft feel, 60
DimplesAerodynamic 342 dimple pattern
Color Options Peach, Purple, White
Best For Value







The TaylorMade Kalea golf balls did well in our testing of the best women’s golf balls in 2023. The new Kalea brings some better energy to the table than previous Kalea options.

I was impressed that this ball felt as though it jumped off the clubface a tad better than previous versions and was one of the more value priced golf balls for women.

In addition, the ball flight and lift from the Kalea was strong. Even when hitting fairway woods and drivers for women, the ball got up in the air with ease.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

Kalea, similar to the Callaway Reva brand, is a model created specifically for the woman golfer. Whether you are new to the game or have been around a while, the characteristics of the product are built to match the women’s game.

The new soft ionomer cover helps to give the ball a bit better feel and increases green side spin for those with slower swing speeds.


  • Fair pricing
  • Unique color selection
  • High flying golf ball
  • Softer ionomer cover
  • Faster core than previous models


  • If your iron shots don’t fly high, they are tough to stop on the green with these golf balls

The Bottom Line

The higher you hit the ball, the easier it is to get distance on your shots, the Kalea women’s golf balls are high flying, and help players improve their overall distance capability.

4. Callaway Reva

ConstructionTwo Piece
Cover MaterialTri-Blend Ionomer
TypeDistance and Forgiveness
Feel/CompressionSoft Feel- 30 Compression
Dimples342 Aerodynamic Pattern
ForgivenessHighly forgiving
Color Options Pink, Pearl
Best ForBeginner







As a beginner golfer, there are so many decisions to be made that it can become extremely overwhelming to also choose a golf ball.

For new players, the Callaway REVA can make the decision really simple. This golf ball works if you are a slower swing speed player looking to try and get some distance and forgiveness (our most forgiving golf balls list is here) in your game.

REVA was specifically engineered to work for the woman golfer and has technology built for straight shots, high launch and low spin. We love that the price point of these golf balls was also kept fair.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

The Callaway Reva golf balls focus on the technology that women need in the beginning to get a shot to go straight down the center of the fairway. Even the product packaging here appeals to a woman golfer looking for a solution for their distance and direction troubles.

Low spin golf balls won’t fix a slice, but they can help. Expect that the turn your golf ball takes will be considerably less pronounced when using a Callaway REVA golf ball.

Playing with this ball for a few weeks should lead to more confidence in your game.


  • Golf ball cover specifically designed for women players
  • Higher launching ball
  • Maximum distance
  • Low spin


  • Total roll is a lot, will need to leave the shot short of the pin to accommodate for this

The Bottom Line

The new woman golfer is typically overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made to get a good start in the game, the Callaway REVA makes this decision-making process considerably easier.

(our ranking of all the high handicap golf balls is here)

5. Srixon Soft Feel Lady

ConstructionTwo Piece
Cover MaterialUrethane
TypeDistance Ball with Soft Feel
Feel/CompressionSoft Feel, 58 Compression
Dimples338 Speed Dimple Pattern
ForgivenessMedium Forgiveness
Color Options White, Pink
Best For Greenside Feel








The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is one of the best golf balls for women looking for improved short game feel. Women golfers are often thought of as having trouble competing with men because of their ability to get distance from their golf shots.

However, this is not the case regarding the short game. 

For short game shots, men and women have equal ability; the key is for women golfers to find a golf ball that gives them the necessary feel to succeed greenside.

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady will do this. Two piece golf balls sometimes struggle with spin performance, but the soft, thin cover of the Srixon Soft Feel Lady makes it better than most golf balls around the green.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

Women golfers will enjoy the ability to get a golf ball to stop on the green, and that is what the Srixon Soft Feel will do.

If your golf game seems strong from the tee and also has strong iron performance, the addition of the Srixon Soft Feel could bring that additional feel and spin that your short game needs.

I noticed that this ball is best for those that need ball speed and have a slower swing speed. However, I did see that distance was still quite good with higher swing speeds; with the slightly higher compression, this ball supports a wide range of players.


  • High greenside spin
  • Soft cover for better feel
  • Thin cover is still durable enough not to scuff after a few holes


  • Only comes in two colors

The Bottom Line

If your short game needs a bit of attention, the Srixon Soft Feel can help improve your awareness and overall control around the greens, making it one of the best golf balls for women.

6. Titleist Velocity

ConstructionTwo Piece
Cover MaterialSurlyn
TypeDistance Golf Ball
Feel/CompressionMid Range Feel and Compression
Dimples350 Octahedral Dimples
Color Options White
Best ForMedium Swing Speed Women Golfers







If you have been around the game of golf for a long time, chances are you know that the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are considered the best golf balls in the game. However, it takes a certain swing speed to be able to play with these golf balls.

With the Titleist Velocity golf balls, your swing speed can be a bit lower, but you will still benefit from impressive Titleist technology.

When it comes to golf balls, Titleist certainly knows what they are doing. The Velocity is about as premium as a two-piece golf ball can get, and we love this technology for a medium swing speed woman golfer.

After playing several rounds with the Velocity, I noticed that the dispersion rates were low, the iron stop-ability is quite good for a two-piece ball, and the greenside feel was impressive.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

Women golfers are not all slow swing speed players. Sometimes having a bit of extra firmness in a golf ball can help increase distance. I was impressed with the way the Titleist Velocity came off the clubface.

In addition, around the greens, the ball did not feel mushy or too soft; instead, it had the perfect firmness to be able to predict what it would do coming off the wedges.

It’s also a super straight ball, see where it ranks on our list for the straightest flying golf ball.


  • Impressive Titleist technology at a fair price
  • Good for the average swing speed player
  • Good women’s golf balls for distance
  • Increased ball flight for some players


  • Higher priced than other two-piece golf balls on the market

The Bottom Line

If you have been around the game for a while and want some more premium technology for a fair price, the Titleist Velocity golf balls are a good option for golf balls for women.

(if you’re looking for our complete ranking of distance golf balls, then check out our test results here)


7. Vice Pro Soft

ConstructionThree Piece
Cover MaterialCast Urethane
TypeDistance & Spin Ball
Feel/CompressionSoft Feel, 65 Compression
Dimples336 Dimple Design
ForgivenessMid Level
Color Options White, Red, Yellow
Best ForBest For Distance and Responsiveness, and best golf ball for senior women

Vice is a direct to consumer golf ball brand that has helped players find much better performance on the golf course for a very fair price. I really like the Vice golf balls.

After reading that they were similar to Titleist, I bought a sample pack to give them a try and was really impressed with the overall technology.

The thing that stands out about the Vice Pro Soft is the grip that it has as part of this cast urethane cover. The ball feels almost a bit sticky, and it’s done this way to help grab the golf ball after a  connection with the grooves is made. Expect some help with control around the green.

Why It’s a Good Golf Ball for Women

This is a three piece golf ball with fair pricing, very low spin from the tee, and some of the strongest distance on the market. I was consistently hitting the Vice Pro Soft just as far as some other premium four and five piece golf balls.

This makes it one of the best golf balls for senior women as well. Since our swing speed tends to slow down when we get a little older, the added distance helps to compensate just enough.

In addition, the soft and responsive feel around the greens makes a difference when it comes to short game control, something we all need in a golf ball.


  • 3-piece cast urethane cover
  • Durable golf ball cover
  • Improved visibility with matte finish
  • Very soft and responsive feel


  • Faster swing speeds can cut the cover of this ball quite easily

The Bottom Line

If you want a premium type golf ball experience without paying premium pricing, give the Vice Pro Soft a try.

And the Winner of Best Women’s Golf Balls is…

Hopefully, you now feel a bit more equipped to choose the best women’s golf balls of 2023. Here is a brief recap of our favorites.

Best Womens Golf Balls Overall

The best overall choice was the TaylorMade Soft Response. If the Tour Response is making such a splash for amateur golfers, women should get in on this technology as well! With the Soft REsponse, expect a very soft overall feel, low compression, and plenty of distance.

Best Golf Ball for Ladies Runner Up

The runner-up is the Callaway Supersoft. This golf ball is often thought of as the best ladies’ golf ball on the market, and although we love the distance and overall soft feel, the low spin around the greens can be a difficult change to some golfer’s games.

Best Value Ladies Golf Balls

The best value women’s golf ball is the TaylorMade Kalea. TaylorMade Kalea golf balls are built specifically for the woman player and have very high ball flight and impressive forgiveness. For fair pricing, this new release is offered; it’s a golf ball worth looking into.

Best Golf Balls for Senior Women

The best golf ball for senior women or senior ladies is the Vice Pro Soft in my opinion. The Pro Soft has a very soft cast urethane cover that is ideal for slower swing speeds.

It seems to travel quite far for a 3 piece golf ball as well… always a must when picking the best golf balls for a senior woman golfer.

Best Golf Balls for Beginner Ladies

I’m going with the Callaway Reva for the best golf ball for beginner ladies. It’s going to get you that extra straight shot with extra launch, all while keeping the spin low (and the price!).

What more could the beginner lady golfer want in a golf ball? Nothing!

How To Choose The Best Golf Ball For Women

Now that we have given you the best golf balls in 2023 for the woman golfer, you have to narrow down which one is right for you.

There are a few important things to keep in mind, and in the end, you may have to purchase a few dozen golf balls before you find the right one.

Comparing two balls head to head is a great way to narrow down which is best for you.

Number of Pieces

As you saw from the golf balls on our list, the number of pieces in a golf ball for women varies from around two to three. Of course, there are premium golf balls on the market that will be four or five piece golf balls, but generally speaking, these are for higher swing speed players. 

As you can imagine, the more pieces that a golf ball has, the more it takes to compress the ball. Having a general idea as to what your swing speed is can help you choose a golf ball.


The compression of golf balls will vary from around 30 to more than 100. The lower the compression, the easier it is for a slow swing speed golfer to get the distance.

However, as your swing speed increases, and you learn how to compress the golf ball better, it’s best to look for a golf ball that has a bit higher compression. This will ensure that your overall distance is not lacking.

Pay close attention to compression, but don’t choose a golf ball based on compression alone.

Spin Characteristics

There are two areas of the game where spin performance will be essential. This is around the greens and from the tee. Most women players want a low spinning golf ball from the tee box and a higher spinning golf ball around the greens.

The highest spinning golf balls for greenside spin are going to be very high compression golf balls, making them a tough choice for women players. Instead, women golfers can look for a soft feel ball to get the greenside performance they need.


So many golf experts say expensive golf balls are for better players. I don’t agree with this statement. Sometimes I can find a $30 a dozen golf ball that I play really well with, and other times it takes a $50 box of golf balls.

The only time I think golfers get into trouble with pricing is when they forget to look at the characteristics of the golf ball, and they simply buy it because it’s cheap. If you can avoid doing this, you will at least

benefit from some of the spin or distance performance on the course.


What are the best ladies’ golf balls?

The best ladies golf balls are the TaylorMade Soft Response. When testing this golf ball, we had impressive spin results, great distance, and an overall soft feel around the greens. The low compression in this ball makes it an excellent choice for the female golfer.

What golf balls do LPGA use?

The LPGA Tour players will use the golf ball of their sponsor, but for many women, this is the Titleist Pro V1 or the Titleist Pro V1x. Women golfers on the LPGA Tour tend to have a very high swing speed, which is why they can use higher compression high swing speed golf balls.

Should ladies use ladies’ golf balls?

Ladies can use any golf ball that fits the needs of their game. Many times the only difference between a ladies and a man’s golf ball is the color. Take a look at the technical specifics and choose a golf ball that is a good match for you.

Do softer golf balls go further?

Softer golf balls go further for a golfer that has a slower swing speed. However, for players with a fast swing speed, a softer golf ball can actually go a little less far.

How do I choose the best golf ball for me?

The best way to choose a golf ball is to know your game, research the different golf balls available on the market and then choose one that meets the specifics you need. We also like to compare one or two different types by purchasing a few dozen golf balls and testing them out. Once you find one you want, you can stick with it.

What compression are ladies’ golf balls?

The majority of ladies’ golf balls are going to have a compression of around 30-60. Some will be slightly higher, and these may be geared toward the faster swing speed of a woman golfer.

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