Adams Golf Clubs by Year

Adams Golf Clubs by Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 23, 2024

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Adams Golf Drivers by Year Released

Adams Golf Drivers by Year Table:

Year ReleasedAdams Golf Driver ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2020Tight Lies Fairway Wood (2020)
2013Speedline Super S
Speedline Super LS
2012Speedline Fast 12
Speedline Fast 12 Draw
Speedline Fast 12 LS
Speedline Tech
2011Speedline F11
Speedline F11 Draw
Speedline 9064 LS
Speedline 9088 UL
Speedline 9088 UL Draw
2010Speedline Fast 10
9064 LS
Speedline Draw
Speedline 9032 LS
Insight Tech a4
Insight Tech a40S
2007Insight XTD A3
Insight XTD Pro
2006RPM 460 Titanium
Insight BUL 5000
Insight BTY 4350
Insight Belle
2005Redline RPM 430Q
Redline RPM 460 D
Ovation Offset
2004Redline Tour
Redline RPM
Tight Lies GT 410
2002Tight Lies GT 363 Titanium
Tight Lies ST 303 Steel
2000SC Series Faldo
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Adams Golf Clubs History

Founded in 1991, Adams Golf Co started out as a custom fitting company, which fit clubs to the golfer by type, size, age, and ability. In the early 90s Adams Golf remained as a small market, specialty club maker without much advertisement…

Then came the Tight Lies fairway wood

In 1995 Adams Golf released the Tight Lies fairway wood, and exploded in popularity. The unique construction changed the game for professionals and amateurs alike. Adams Golf went from under $1 million in sales in 1994 to over $36 million in 1997.

Adams Golf XTD Irons

The signing of Nick Faldo brought on a household name along with proven technology. However, Adams Golf was largely known as a one product company. In 2000 Adams Golf bolstered their lineup with the introduction of SC Titanium drivers and Faldo Wedges.

They even came out with an Adams Idea combo set.

In the new millennium, Adams Golf expanded operations into the UK and Asia. As Adams Golf irons continued to grow in popularity, they struggled to compete with the big manufacturers. Some key releases kept them in the game. Adams golf clubs like the Adams driver 2020, the Tight Lies driver, Adams Idea Irons, Adams Golf Tight Lies Irons, Adams Idea Golf Clubs, and the Redline series kept large manufacturers looking over their shoulders. These were some of the best Adams irons and best Adams driver ever made.

Udpate 2024 – Idea: Game improvement iron to improve distance and forgiveness. Variable thickness face improves off center consistency. Low CG provides easy launch and stability.

What Happened to Adams Golf?

So what happened to Adams Golf? And who makes Adams Golf Clubs now? Although Adams Golf was beloved by many, especially the Adams senior golf clubs, and the womens drivers, they struggled to get their piece of the pie, and lacked the infrastructure to keep up with demand. Even so, Adams Golf had a very loyal fan base and curb appeal for a larger company to acquire.

Adams Golf irons ultimately sold to TaylorMade (under Adidas) in 2012. The idea being TaylorMade covered mid to low handicap players, and Adams would bring the high handicap/senior/women market to the company.

Adams Golf Speedline 9064LS Driver

Through the early years with TaylorMade there were a few driver and iron releases, but production wasn’t as initially expected. 2015 marked the last production of an Adams golf driver or Adams irons.

Even though the Adams golf clubs full line isn’t available anymore, Tight Lies still remains. To this day the Tight Lies fairway woods are still available, outlasting its namesake, and regarded as one of the products to change the game of golf.

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