6 Best Women’s Putters

A golfer hitting one of the best putters for women

Britt Olizarowicz

By Britt Olizarowicz – Aug 1, 2023


(Reviewed by Coach Erik Schjolberg)

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Key Takeaways – Best Womens Putter Winners

  • Putter is the most important club in the bag!
  • Make sure your height matches your putter length
  • Test alignment lines to find your best fit
  • Blade or Mallet is all personal preference
  • Higher MOI equals more forgiving

Do you ever stand over a putt, unsure if you are going to make it? Have you had a less consistent roll from your putter lately? You aren’t alone, the putter is the most important club in the bag, and sometimes it needs an upgrade.

Women’s golf clubs have come a long way in the last five years, and the best putters for women are explicitly made with the woman golfer in mind. I recently tested out a handful of the top models to determine which ones I thought were worth buying.

Not to spoil any surprises, but I think I may actually end up with one of these in my golf bag before the end of the season.

Best Putter for Women – My Test Results and Rankings:

#1. Odyssey OG White Hot DB 7

🏆 Best Overall 🥇

Odyssey White Hot OG DB 7 Putter

My Rating: ⭐️ 5.0/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: Scratch to high handicap


  • Forgiving mallet putter
  • Great value
  • Rolls the golf ball very consistently
  • Works even as your game is improving


  • The stroke lab shaft is more expensive
  • If you loose the headcover, it’s hard to find one to fit the DB 7
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My Experience (with pictures):

When I set out to test new golf putters for ladies this year, I went right for the Odyssey. Odyssey putters have always been a great option for women golfers, they cater to women’s lengths, and the putter head often has a ton of consistency and great feel.

Things have only gotten better with the new Odyssey Ladies OG White Hot 7 Putter. The milled surface on the face of the putter helped me to get just enough traction and grip on the ball to promote a straight roll. In addition, the White Hot insert is known for being soft and manageable, even on faster greens.

My Odyssey Ladies OG White Hot DB 7 Putter hitting a golf ball in the grass

Another thing I loved about this OG 7 putter is the top-down look. The best golf putters always have a little weight in the head and a clean top-down look that lets you line your putt up directly to the hole. Although the Stroke Lab shaft will cost you a few extra dollars, I find the increased feel worth it.

The Bottom Line

For women golfers with a slight arc or a more straight back and straight-through stroke, the Odyssey Ladies OG White Hot 7 putter is a great choice. The DB in this particular model stands for Dual Bend, and that helps promote a smoother stroke on your path.

If you are serious about your golf game and want a putter that holds up well over time, most women golfers will find this to be a good option. I know I would have no problem keeping this one in my bag for years to come. It’s definitely one of the best women’s putters to date.

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#2. Wilson Infinite Buckingham Ladies Putter

🏆 Best for Beginners 🥇

Wilson Infinite Buckingham Putter

My Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: 18+


  • Very stable feel
  • The clean black look has no glare
  • Sits flat for a mallet putter (a good thing)
  • Counterbalanced technology for a more controlled stroke


  • Not quite as solid at impact as the Odyssey putters
  • Does not have many length choices
  • Not a great fit for lower handicappers
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My Experience (with pictures):

To be completely honest, I’ve always looked at Wilson putters as being a little cheaper and not quite as advanced as far as feel is concerned. The Wilson Ladies Infinite Buckingham Putter has a double-milled face and an extremely consistent roll (great for beginner ladies)

In general, mallet putters tend to offer more forgiveness, but they can be a bit bulky. I found that the Infinite Buckingham Putter is quite streamlined for its size, and it sits really flat on the green, another feature I like.

The putter head may be a bit overwhelming at first, but give it a chance. Compared to other women’s putters on the market, the Wilson Ladies Infinite Buckingham does a great job of resisting twisting or vibration at impact. 

The Bottom Line

If you struggle with alignment or keeping the ball on track, this is a forgiving putter that is incredibly accurate from the 10-foot range. In addition, the sleek design sits flat on the ground, making it easier to be consistent with the putter head. 

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#3. TaylorMade Ladies GTx Single Bend

🏆 Great for Beginners 🥇

TaylorMade Spider GTx Putter

My Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: 5 to 30


  • True Path Alignment to help with aim
  • Heavy back weight and deep center of gravity
  • Slightly firmer face than previous models


  • High price with a new release
  • Shaft tech not as advanced as Stroke Lab
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My Experience (with pictures):

The TaylorMade Ladies GTx Single Bend putter is a mallet style putter that features a PureRoll2 insert that is a bit firmer than we have seen in previous models. I like the firm putter face, as it helps get the ball on a clearer path toward the hole.

One of the features of the TaylorMade Ladies GTx putter I noticed almost immediately is the heavier back weight. The back of the putter is weighted, and it truly helps to keep the putter face on track. When putting with a mallet style putter, I like the feeling of the putter guiding the way, and you get that with the GTx Single Bend from TaylorMade.

Me testing a GTx single bend pink model from TaylorMade at the golf course

Lastly, I noticed that the face of the putter is set at a 45-degree angle. Although it’s a bit different, there will be noticeably less topspin across the face and a more consistent roll. 

The Bottom Line

The TaylorMade Spider putters were some of the most impressive male and female putters that TaylorMade ever produced. When playing with the TaylorMade Ladies GTx putter, I noticed some similarities in these golf clubs and some impressive stability at impact.

I like this option for a beginner golfer, even though it’s a little bit pricey.

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#4. Ping GLE 2 Shea Ladies Putter

🏆 Great Brand Putter 🥇

Ping G Le 2 Putter

My Rating: ⭐️ 4.9/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: 5-25


  • Soft feeling PP59 Midsize grip
  • Mid-mallet shape helps golfers with an arc stroke
  • Easily adjust the length of the putter
  • Impressive distance control


  • Doesn’t have same clean look as an old Ping Anser putter
  • Mallet putter head is best for a strong arc, not a good fit for straight back stroke
  • The feel can be a little too soft when playing on slower greens
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My Experience (with pictures):

The first thing that stood out to me about the Ping GLE 2 Shea putter is the adjustable length shaft. With drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids having adjustability, why can’t the putter? If you find yourself sometimes struggling to find perfect putters, I would highly recommend the GLE 2 Shea adjustable from 31 to 35 inches.

In addition to the adjustability, you also get a dual durometer insert made with a Pebax material unique to the Ping putter heads. The feel is soft, but it still comes off the face with plenty of speed. Distance control was not a problem for me when testing the Ping GLE 2 Shea, so it’s great for lag putting.

The Bottom Line

When you are in the market for new putters, Ping should always be on your list as an option to try. With great feel, looks, and technology, the Ping Ladies GLE 2 Shea shows that Ping still puts time and effort into creating putters that will benefit a female golfer, and will always make my list of best putter for women.

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#5. Odyssey DFX Double Wide Women’s Putter

🏆 Best Value 🥇

Callaway Odyssey DFX Putter

My Rating: ⭐️ 4.7/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: 15+


  • Premium looking design
  • Blade-style putters can be harder to find
  • Stable at impact
  • Face balanced putter


  • A very soft feel is not the best for longer putts
  • As far as an Odyssey Putter is concerned, it doesn’t have the same premium putter feel
  • Switching from standard to wide blade is not always an easy transition
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My Experience (with pictures):

The Odyssey Ladies DFX Double Wide is not quite as impressive as the Odyssey White Hot line, but it does have some tremendous value. The DFX insert is very soft, softer than White Hot, and it’s noticeable. When I was using this putter, I couldn’t help but think of it as an excellent option for a beginner women’s golfer looking to develop a better feel.

The DFX Double Wide is a modern blade putter. It is considerably wider than standard blade putters. Wider putters tend to have a more balanced feel and make a good option for those with a straight back straight through putting stroke.

After some time on the putting green with the Odyssey Ladies DFX Double Wide, I did notice that distance control was quite good. When switching from longer to shorter putts, you can quickly make adjustments with the DFX.

One of the best putter for women golfer

The Bottom Line

Cheaper than other putters on the market, this is a great option if you are looking to change from a mallet to a blade. The thicker blade width adds some stability compared to a traditional blade-style putter. 

I don’t put the DFX in the same category as other Odyssey putters, but it’s still a great face balanced putter for the money, and why it made my list of best putters for women.

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#6. Evnroll 2 MidBlade Womens Putter

🏆 Best for Lower Handicaps 🥇

Evnroll ER2 MidBlade Putter

My Rating: ⭐️ 5.0/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: Scratch to Mid Handicap


  • Good fit for a slight arc
  • Impressive Evnroll White TourTac grip
  • Premium-looking putter head
  • Completely milled from 303 stainless steel


  • Expensive
  • The brand is not as well known in putters for women, can be hard to find a new putter to try
  • If your current putter is very forgiving, this one could be a bit of an adjustment
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My Experience (with pictures):

Premium women putters don’t get much attention, so I felt it was worth bringing some of that attention. Plenty of women can appreciate pure roll, a clean-looking putter head, and some more responsive feedback in the game. I’m picky about putters, and Evnroll was ready for me!

The Evnroll 2 Women’s MidBlade putters are milled putters designed with feel, feedback, and precision in mind. If you are still in the stage of your game where getting the ball close to the hole is good enough, the Evnroll 2 is probably not for you. If you are like me and want a golf club that works as a partner to hole more putts, you are in the right place.

The Evnroll 2 Women’s MidBlade putter is best for a slight arc putting stroke; it is a thicker-than-average blade and a toe-balanced putter. The thing that stands out most to me about the Evnroll 2 Women’s MidBlade is the feedback.

If you hit a great putt, you are rewarded; if you don’t hit a great putt, the club head lets you know.

A backside view of Evnroll 2 MidBlade Putter

Sometimes improvement happens faster when you know what you are doing wrong. I like that about the Evnroll.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy for me to say that the Evnroll 2 Women’s MidBlade putters are for the lower handicapped players.

However, instead, I’ll say that these high-quality putters are for golfers who are serious about the game and ready to walk off a green with a greater understanding of their putting style, putting faults and strengths, and what it takes to become a better player.

We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

And The Best Women’s Golf Putters Are:

Now that you have more insight into my experience with these best putters for women, I wanted you to see my final picks.

Best Overall: Odyssey Ladies OG 7

The Odyssey OG 7 stands out as the best overall when discussing a versatile putter that will work for a wide range of women golfers. However, I will say that the feel of the Evnroll 2 Women’s MidBlade is a tough option to contend against.

Best Women’s Putter for Beginners

Beginner golfers will have the most luck with the Wilson Ladies Infinite Buckingham putter. The softer feel and easy alignment make it easy for women players to get their putting game under control and eventually learn exactly what they need in the bag. Give our article best beginner women’s golf clubs a read if you’re looking for more than a putter.

Best Value

The Odyssey Ladies DFX Double Wide is the best value for women golfers. Even though this one doesn’t have the Odyssey face insert, you still get a really great feel, a smooth roll, and a soft club face. If you constantly hit your putts past the hole, try this one.

Tips To Choosing the Best Ladies Golf Putter

There are dozens of putters on the market made specifically for women golfers. I thought I would share a few of my best tips (more on general golf tips for women over here) for narrowing down which one would be the best for your golf game. Give this a read if you’re looking for putting tips in general.


The best womens putter for a taller girl is a putter that has a few extra inches. A standard length putter for a woman golfer is 34 inches. Taller women golfers, closer to 6 feet tall, can go with a 35-inch putter.

Shorter and petite women, less than 5’3″, may feel better with a shorter length of around 33 inches. Check this article out for more on petite women’s clubs.

Alignment Lines

I personally like a very short alignment line like you would find a classic Ping Anser putter. However, if you are a golfer that struggles with alignment, look for a mallet-style women’s putter that helps you get the clubhead lined up directly at your target.

Various types of putter heads

Mallet vs. Blade

Experts have been saying for quite some time that mallets had more forgiveness while blades had better performance and feel for the lower handicappers. Those lines are now blurred. Turn on any professional golf event, and you will see some players swing a blade and others a mallet; it’s starting to come down to personal preference.

MOI in the Putter Head

High MOI putters have more forgiveness. To increase MOI, you may notice adjustable weighting, a center of gravity that has been precisely positioned, or a larger sweet spot. MOI is a crucial feature for higher handicappers.


Don’t get too stuck on brands for a women’s putter. I tried to be brand agnostic when trying putters this year, and I noticed that letting go of previous feelings and conceptions opened my eyes to some new putters that had a lot to offer.

Putter Neck Type

Different putter necks (officially called hosels) can help you square the clubface up at impact and ensure your putting stroke is more consistent. Take a look at my article about different putter hosel types here.


Not all manufacturers of putters are going to offer you shaft options. Putter shaft technology is still finding its place in the game. I’m still not 100% sold on needing a specific type of shaft in my putter. However, I can see that the Stroke Lab putters have a great feel.

Final Thoughts on the Best Womens Putters

I enjoyed testing out the new technology on the market this year for women golfers. I find that the line between blade and mallet putters is getting so blurred that it’s a great time to invest in a new putter.

Woman golfer lining up a shot with her putter

You don’t have to limit yourself to a blade or mallet putter based on performance or handicap. Instead, look at all the options on the market and find something specific to your needs.


Here are a few of the most common questions I get about the best putters for women:

What length putter should a woman use?

Most women are comfortable with the 34-inch putter. As a 5’2″ woman, I find the 33-inch putter to be a better fit for my game. The key is to get your eyes over the ball, which sometimes takes a putter with a little less length. Check out my putter length by height chart here.

Are women’s putters different?

Most women’s putters simply have different coloring than men’s putters. However, there are some models that have specific head weighting that is a bit lower to accommodate the woman golfer.

Are women’s putters lighter?

Depending on the manufacturer, a women’s putter can be lighter. When purchasing a putter, be sure to check the weight of your current putter, with the weight of the putter you are purchasing can give you an indication of the performance you will get.

How do I choose a beginner putter for women?

Beginner putters for women golfers should be the proper length, based on a woman golfer’s height. In addition, look for a putter with clean alignment lines on the top of the head to make lining up considerably easier.

Can a woman use a men’s putter?

Women can absolutely use a men’s putter. In fact, currently, I have a men’s putter in my bag that is cut down to a length that works for women golfers. Find a putter you like, and don’t worry if it is a men’s vs women’s golf club.

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