Women’s Winter Golf Attire For The Cold Weather

Britt Olizarowicz

Author: Britt Olizarowicz - Currently playing at a +1 handicap, Britt first picked up a golf club at the age of 7. Now almost 30 years later, she has been a Division 1 college golfer, golf teaching professional, membership director, and golf writer.

The perfect cold weather golf outfit (more on that over here) is not complete without a mix of winter gloves, winter pants, a winter hat, and a women’s golf jacket.

The great thing about ladies winter golf clothes is that you can purchase a few versatile pieces and use them throughout the season.

Winter here is short, but it comes on quickly, and I have to be prepared if I want to make it through the season. Here are the keys to a winter golf outfit and some pieces I would highly recommend adding to your collection.

Remember that style and warmth are important, but so is the range of motion in the swing.

Cold Weather Womens Golf Attire – Test Results and Rankings

1. Callaway Women’s Long Sleeve Opti-Therm Waffle Fleece Jacket (Best Women’s Winter Golf Jackets)

The first cold weather womens golf attire piece comes from Callaway. They make quite a few jackets for women players. However, this Long Speve Opti Therm Waffle Fleece Technology focuses on keeping the cold out and ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. I like this one the most as it has good pockets to keep hands warmer, an insulated fabric, and a classy Callaway look.

WHY It’s Good for Cold Weather

To play excellent winter golf, you will need to keep in mind that sometimes you could have three or four layers of clothing on. This is the perfect outer piece to improve comfort and range of motion. It’s easy to take care of, reasonably priced, and I wear it both on and off the course.


  • Durable zipper closure
  • Available in black, white, and blue
  • Will check the box for comfort and playability
  • Nice pockets to keep hands warm


  • Still not the thickest piece
  • No sun protection or water resistance

The Bottom Line

Callaway can be a go-to brand for women’s golf clothing solutions. Throughout our review, Callaway came up with a high rating in most categories. However, when it comes to this warm golf jacket, take a look and consider adding it to your closet. It’s definitely one of the best pieces of women’s winter golf attire I’ve found.

2. FootJoy Women’s Winter Sof (Best Ladies Winter Golf Gloves)

The FootJoy Women’s Winter Sof golf gloves make it incredibly easy to play in even the coldest temperatures. This is a pair of gloves, so unlike traditional golf gloves, you will wear one on each hand.

The gloves are warm, won’t let any wind get in, and I didn’t notice any trouble being able to grip the club with my normal golf grip.







WHY It’s Good for Winter Golf

The FootJoy WinterSoft has a water resistant knit palm and a Weather Shield Foam Fleece. The glove has you covered whether you are coming into contact with the elements from the front or back.


  • Great feel
  • Water and wind resistance
  • Comes as a pair, one for each hand
  • Soft material when hands get brittle in the winter


  • It takes some time to adjust to wearing two gloves
  • Water-repellent features are not as great as FootJoy rain gloves

The Bottom Line

Don’t try to play winter golf without a pair of great golf winter gloves. These can be worn on and off the course, so invest in a pair and start enjoying the warmth on the course.

3. Puma Golf Women’s Beanie (Best Winter Golf Hats For Ladies)

I’m not going to try and convince you that you will maintain your hairstyle while wearing this hat for 18 holes, but you will stay warm! The Puma Golf Women’s Beanie is a stylish design, available in two colors, and has a removable palm so you can get the style that you like.

WHY It’s Good Clothing for Women’s Winter Golf

When planning the perfect winter golf outfit for women, you must consider warmth leaving your head. Feet and head are probably the most important areas to protect, and the Puma Golf Women’s Beanie does a great job. This hat is made from a durable acrylic material that will hold up well over time.


  • Great feel
  • Comfortable golf hat to wear
  • Can match with a wide variety of outfits
  • Not difficult to wash


  • No water-repellent technology
  • Acrylic design can stretch out over time

The Bottom Line

Winter golf hats can be cute. I like the way this one looks and the fact that it’s also really affordable. Even if you wear it a few times, it will be worth it.

4. Adidas Women’s PrimeGreen Cold Ready Pants (Best Women’s Winter Golf Pants for Cold Weather)

Women’s winter golf pants can be a tricky find for women golfers. As great as it may sound to wear a pair of fleece lined pants on the course, it’s also a bit heavy and uncomfortable. If you like to walk the golf course, you have to pay close attention to the fabrics. 

The Adidas Women’s PrimeGreen Cold. RDY pants are insulated but still feel breathable. They are flexible and can be incorporated quite easily into any golfing outfit. The only wish I had for these pants was that they would come in more colors.

WHY They’re Good Women’s Cold Weather Golf Pants

The Adidas Women’s PrimeGreen Cold. RDY pants are water repellent (for light rain) and insulated so that you can feel both dry and warm. The pants also look like regular golf pants, so you won’t feel like you are wearing something big and bulky on the course.








  • Made with high-performance recycled materials
  • Flexible waistband
  • Stretch woven fabric
  • Somewhat water repellent


  • Only available in blue and black
  • Not much room in the upper part of the leg, kind of a slim fit

The Bottom Line

If you want to give men’s golf pants a look, check out our thoughts on those over here.

Or, if you want a pair of pants that work in the fall, winter, and early spring, the Adidas Women’s PrimeGreen Cold. RDY could be a great solution. Don’t expect to get sweaty and uncomfortable with these on; I was able to walk the course and easily maintain my body temperature throughout the day.

5. Cutter and Buck Women’s ½ Zip Pullover (Best Ladies Winter Golf Clothing Pullover)

I have to admit I have a bit of a pullover problem. I love these things! When the cooler weather hits, and it’s time for a golf pullover, I can’t get enough.

That being said, I know a thing or two about good women’s tops like this, and the Cutter and Buck Women’s ½ Zip Pullover is a great option.

With a wide range of colors, a bit of Spandex built in, and a simple machine washable design, this is a solid addition to the wardrobe.

WHY It’s A Good Cold Weather Womens Golf Attire Piece

The Cutter and Buck Women’s ½ Zip pullover is a great layering piece. In the winter, it’s smart to wear layers so you can shed them as necessary.


  • 12% Spandex Knit Jersey
  • Recycled materials
  • Large color selection
  • Machine Washable


  • Not a real fleece type fabric for extreme conditions
  • Some golfers prefer the ¼ zip design as opposed to the ½ zip

The Bottom Line

The Cutter and Buck Women’s Golf Pullover is a stable type piece that would work for any wardrobe and any player type. It’s also thin enough to fit under most women’s golf jackets, so it can be used for layering. It’s a must have for ladies winter golf clothing.

6. Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Puffer Vest (Best Women’s Cold Weather Golf Attire Vest)

As I mentioned, layering is key, and another excellent layering piece for women is a lightweight vest. The great thing about apparel like this is that it can provide warmth but won’t restrict the swing in any way.

If you play in tournaments and want to look good but need to ensure playability, the Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Puffer Vest is a good choice.

WHY It’s Good for Winter Golfing for Women

The Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Puffer vest is comfy, has windproof technology elastic cuffs, and is made with a 4-way stretch fabric. With the arms exposed, you can wear this as a fashion piece in the fall or spring and for warmth in the winter months.


  • Helps improve the range of motion
  • Essential golf gear for layering
  • Improved comfort with lightweight materials
  • Fabulous color options to choose from
  • Fair value


  • Some find a puffer vest to be too thick
  • Not ideal for rainy days on the course

The Bottom Line

The Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Puffer Vest probably won’t be the apparel piece you are playing with each week; however, it has excellent functionality, comfort, and range of motion.

And the Winners of the Best Women’s Winter Golf Clothes Are…

Hopefully, after reading our review of the best women’s winter golf clothes, you are feeling like dressing for winter golf may not be all that bad. In fact, with the new fabrics and technology, in my opinion, it’s never been a better time to play winter golf. You can stay warm but look great at the same time.

Best Jacket

The best jacket is the Callaway Opti Therm Waffle Fleece. You can take this on and off throughout your round as the temperature changes. With all the options on the market, this was a tough pick, but certainly one of the most versatile pieces on the list.

Best Glove

The FootJoy WinterSof is the best way to ensure your hands stay warm throughout a round of winter golf. It takes a few rounds to get used to having two gloves on, and then you won’t know how you ever lived without them.

Best Hat

Keeping our heads warm with caps and hats can really increase body temperature on the course. The Puma Golf women’s beanie will offer cute styling, fair pricing, and a means to keep the heat in your body.

Tips To Find Great Women’s Winter Golf Attire

If you are searching for the perfect golf outfit for women golfers in the winter, we have you covered. Ladies need to consider style and functionality when choosing the best outfit for their needs; here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop.

Layers Are Key

Golfers need to wear layers.

Layers can help ensure that you are always comfortable. How many times have you played a round of golf in the winter only to realize that you are sweating and uncomfortable after the first or second hole?

Women that dress smart and have pieces of clothing they can take on and off will play much better golf. In addition, winter weather can bring about quick changes, and your golf outfit needs to be adaptable. 

Things like a waterproof outer jacket and thermal leggings help us to reach these goals of complete comfort throughout the golf course.

Be Careful of Zippers

Zippers are certainly convenient when getting clothing on and off. When you have a fleece jacket, the zipper will help ensure you are not a static mess after getting dressed for golf. However, you must also be careful that a zipper does not get in the way of your swing.

I have never had an issue with a ¼ zip jacket or a ½ zip jacket in the cooler weather. However, some of the full zips can come out a little from the body and get caught in the golf swing.

If it’s pouring rain and this is the only option, that’s one thing. However, for the entire day out there, it’s crucial that the zippered jacket does not block your golf swing in any way. Look for something a bit more form-fitting, and it should work itself out.

Look For Packable Gear

Packable gear is my favorite. Having an extra piece in the bag to put on when the temperature drops or your round takes a little longer than expected is a great feature to have.

Some winter golf clothes for women will even come with a small bag where you can store this clothing and ensure it doesn’t get dirty between rounds. If your golf bag has room, keep some extra clothing in there during the winter.

I’ve always thrown in an extra pair of socks as well. If your shoes happen to get wet, you will thank me later!

Go With Neutral Colors

Sometimes women’s golf outerwear is a bit expensive. The fabrics and the technology used to produce the products can add up rather quickly. Therefore, you may want to consider neutral colors.

A navy blue, gray, or white piece of winter golf clothing will match with quite a few other things and ensure that your style is always top notch.

Stay away from patterns and stripes, as they may be difficult to match with.

A Little Waterproof Technology Can’t Hurt

Some of the best women’s golf clothes for cold weather will have waterproof technology built in. Winter can bring about rain and wind, and this technology will be helpful.

Having some type of water repellent jacket, pants, and shoes is likely a smart idea. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that cold and wet on a golf track are not going to mix.

If the weather indeed looks that bad, it may be best to stay off the course and choose a nicer day.


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the proper women’s cold weather golf attire…

How should I dress for golf in the winter as a woman?

Golf in the winter requires paying attention to all areas of your body and how you can best protect them from rough weather conditions. When I play winter golf, everything but my face is covered. Long sleeves, with layers, great outerwear pieces, and hats and gloves are all necessary to enjoy the time on the course.

Can you wear leggings to golf?

Some golf courses allow leggings to golf. These pants can be ideal from a comfort and convenience standpoint, but some are not the best for meeting golf course dress codes. Check with your local course to see where they stand on this matter.

Can you wear sweatpants to golf in winter?

It is generally not acceptable to wear sweatpants to golf in the winter. We know these comfortable pants are warm and cozy, but they don’t meet golf dress codes. Instead, think about something like Adidas Cold.RDY pants and then add rain pants over it.

What to wear golfing when it’s cold for a woman?

Female golfers wear a combination of clothing pieces in colder weather, including comfortable jackets and pullovers, as well as winter socks and winter golf shoes.

Playing golf in the cold (more info on that here) requires paying attention to all aspects of your game and showing up prepared for any weather condition.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our review of the best women’s winter golf clothes has led you a bit closer to feeling like your wardrobe is complete. Women’s golf clothes for winter go well beyond confidence and comfort, and they focus on playability. After all, you still need to be able to swing the club.

Remember, the key piece of advice is having options for layers, as this is the only way to ensure perfect body temperature the entire time you are outdoors.