Titleist TSi2 vs TSi3 Driver

The Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 drivers in the grass at the golf course

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Jan 16, 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Between the TSi2 and TSi3 95% of golfers will find their match
  • Both use the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face unique to Titleist
  • TSi3 has adjustable weights and allows for workable ball flight
  • TSi2 not as workable but more forgiving
  • Both 460cc but TSi3 appears more compact
  • TSi2 has higher launch and spin characteristics compared to TSi3

Titleist TSi2 vs TSi3 Driver Comparisons:

Titleist TSi2 Driver

Titleist TSi3 Driver

🏆 More Forgiving 🥇
🏆 More Distance 🥇
A Titleist TSi2 Driver at the rangeA Titleist TSi3 Driver at the golf course
My Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: 0-18
Loft Options: 8°, 9°, 10°, 11°
Launch: Mid to High
Spin: Low to Medium
Adjustable Hosel: Yes
My Rating: ⭐️ 4.9/5.0

My Suggested Handicap: 10 and under
Loft Options: 8°, 9°, 10°, 11°
Launch: Low
Spin: Low
Adjustable Hosel: Yes
  • More forgiveness (better accuracy and distance on off-center strikes)
  • Better for high handicappers
  • High launch (better for mid swing speeds)
  • More distance (when you have a center strike)
  • Better for low handicappers
  • Better for shot shaping
  • Moveable CG weight for shaping bias
  • Low launch (better for really fast swing speeds)
  • Slightly less distance (on center strikes)
  • Worse for shot shaping
  • No CG adjustability
  • Less forgiveness (you must hit the center)
  • Less distance if you miss the sweet spot
  • Need high swing to get correct launch
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Which driver is best for who?

The Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 drivers are the two most popular drivers on the PGA tour and recreationally, and for good reason. Both Titleist TSi drivers do multiple things well. Most manufacturers are happy to hit one category solid.

Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 driver heads in the grass


The TSi2 brings together top notch distance, and high level forgiveness. TSi2 finds a home with all levels of golfers. The incredible ball speed and forgiveness across the face make it popular with mid to high handicap players.

Those same characteristics make it a good option for lower handicappers too. Even some Tour pros like Justin Thomas favor the TSi2 for the added forgiveness without distance loss.


The TSi3 suits a lower handicap player due to the adjustability and workability not found in the TSi2. Although it is the same size (460cc) as the TSi2, the TSi3 appears to have a more compact shape.

The compact look and lower trajectory are more appealing for a lower handicap player. Many Tour pros chose the TSi3 at the top of the bag. Jordan Spieth, Cameron Smith, Patrick Cantlay, and MANY others prefer the TSi3.

With that being said, what is best for YOUR game? A head to head comparison of the two should give you all the information you need to find the TSi for you!

Launch and Shot Trajectory (including Spin)

The popular metric for driver comparison is ball speed and carry distance, but that shouldn’t be a deciding factor when choosing a new driver. Launch, spin, and ball flight that best suits your game is far more important.


The Titleist TSi2 features a high launch and high trajectory, perfect for someone who might struggle getting tee shots in the air. The TSi2 is not considered a low spin driver, but I saw some modest spin rates.

The TSi2 averaged spin rates in the mid 2000 RPMs. This is on the lower side of regular spin drivers. This is also an ideal spin rate for a high launch and high trajectory driver to maximize distance.

Me sitting the Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 drivers at address

(Left -TSi2)                              (Right – TSi3)


The TSi3 is considered to be a mid launch driver with a mid-high trajectory. Or as I call it “wind piercing ball flight.” With the CG and MOI positioned for a lower launch than the TSi2, the TSi3 is better suited for swing speeds north of 100mph.

The TSi3 produces lower spin rates than the TSi2. Averaging the low 2000 RPM range, the TSi3 flirts with being considered an LS (low spin) driver. Ideal for preventing the ball from ballooning and killing distance.


Heard loud and clear, the issue with the previous TS lineup was forgiveness. Titleist broke down the TS driver, and found ways to boost forgiveness.

The repositioned CG, and increased MOI with a thinner crown had marked improvement, but not enough. In comes the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face.

This titanium is unique to Titleist drivers, and is stronger and more flexible than titanium found in other drivers. The MOI stabilizes the club head at impact, and the ATI 425 face adds vertical forgiveness from crown to toe.

My new Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 drivers for testing

(Left -TSi2)                              (Right – TSi3)


The Titleist TSi2 vs TSi3 has a more elongated shape, and that shape increases the MOI and allows the CG to be placed farther back. This makes the TSi2 more forgiving on off center strikes than the TSi3. This is the key difference in the two titleist drivers.


The TSi3 is no slouch for helping you keep the ball in the short grass though! Although it is slightly less forgiving than the TSi2, it is much more forgiving than the previous TS3.

I saw tight dispersion with both the TSi2 and TSi3. The TSi2 would get the nod on forgiveness, but the TSi3 is certainly impressive.


Both the TSi2 and TSi3 are equipped with the SureFit Hosel from Titleist. The SureFit Hosel allows for 16 different loft and lie settings.


What sets the TSi2 vs TSi3 apart in adjustability is movable weight. The TSi2 has a fixed CG as the TSi3 has a movable CG.


The TSi3 SureFit Weight Track allows you to adjust the CG weight to one of five positions. Depending on positioning, the weight can offer a slight draw or fade bias. Emphasis on slight. This movable weight won’t fix a 30 yard slice!

Handicap Range


The TSi2 has a wide handicap range, due to its perfect marriage between distance and forgiveness. A player with a handicap in the teens might find the TSi2 as the best fit, and so can tour level players.


The TSi3, due to its shape, CG, and MOI positioning, is best suited for lower handicap players. Needing a higher swing speed (+100mph) to maximize the trajectory and low spin, single digit handicap players would find the TSi3 to better fit their bag.


Although the TSi2 and TSi3 have different benefits and suit different players, there is some crossover between the two models. First and foremost, the all new ATI 425 Titanium face. Both models have this incredible face insert.

TSi2 and TSi3 drivers may look to be different sizes, due to the elongated shape of the TSi2, but they are both 460cc in size. Both shapes are built for maximum ball speed though. 13% more aerodynamic than the TS models.

Both TSi models are offered with the same high quality stock shaft options from Graphite Design, Project X, and Mitsubishi. Flexes range from lite to extra stiff and everything in between.

The color scheme and designs are very similar. Angular shapes, gray accidents, and an elongated chrome diamond for a little flair. Both look absolutely incredible, and easily mistaken for each other if not for the red 2-3.

Titleist TSi3 vs TSi2 – The Winner is…

Best Overall

Choosing the best overall between the Titleist TSi2 vs TSi3 driver is no easy choice. Both clubs do things very well, and nothing is lacking. Both are beautiful, classic, true Titleist clubs.

Both offer incredible distance, low spin, and forgiveness for days. However, if I was forced to pick one over the other, the winner is the TSi2.

The TSi2 vs TSi3 has top notch ball speed, more forgiveness than the TSi3, and a trajectory that even top level pros like Justin Thomas prefer. If it’s JT’s gamer, it’s a winner.

The Titleist TSi2 & TSi3 drivers equipped with the SureFit Hosel

(Left -TSi2)                              (Right – TSi3)

Best for Low Handicappers

All things considered, the trajectory and lower spin of the Titleist TSi3 vs TSi2 makes it best for a lower handicap player. Forgiveness is still solid with the TSi3, and the trade off pays dividends for a more skilled golfer.

The more compact shape suits the eyes of lower handicap golfers, and allows higher swing speeds to reach maximum potential. That is why you will see players in the likes of Cam Smith swinging the TSi3 on tour.

Best for High Handicappers

The nod goes to the TSi2 for the better driver in the bag for a high handicapper. The forgiveness of the TSi2 is undeniable.

Pack in high launch, high trajectory, and a ball speed that’s off the charts, the TSi2 is the best option for high handicappers even outside of the Titleist family.

Recap of the main differences…


  • More forgiveness (but less distance)
  • Better for high handicappers
  • Higher spin
  • Higher launch


  • More distance (but less forgiveness)
  • Better for low handicappers
  • Better for shot shaping
  • Moveable CG weight for shot shaping bias
  • Lower spin
  • Lower launch

Titleist TSi2 Driver

Titleist TSi3 Driver

🏆 More Forgiving 🥇
🏆 More Distance 🥇
A Titleist TSi2 Driver at the rangeA Titleist TSi3 Driver at the golf course
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

FAQ – Titleist TSi2 vs TSi3 Driver

What’s the difference between Titleist TSi2 and TSi3?

The key difference between the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers is the trajectory and spin. TSi2 has higher trajectory and spin rates, which are key factors in deciding which is best for you.

Which driver is better TSi2 or TSi3?

The driver that is better between the TSi2 vs TSi3, depends on your handicap and how well you can control your drives. If you’re a higher handicap golfer and/or you struggle with the driver, the Titleist TSi2 is a better choice for you.

If you’re a lower handicap golfer and/or you hit a lot of fairways, the TSi3 will be the best choice to hit it a little further and work the ball both ways.

Is the TSi3 longer than the TSi2?

The length of the TSi2 vs TSi3 depends on the shaft you select at purchase. Both offer a wide range of shaft options, starting around a 43” length, all the way up to 46” (the maximum allowed by USGA rules as of 2022).

Which is more forgiving TSi2 or TSi3?

The TSi2 is a more forgiving driver than the TSi3.

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