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Ping Drivers Through the Years and Release Date History

Ping drivers over the years

Author Ned Howard - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Ned Howard – Retired PGA Teaching Professional

List Of All Ping Drivers By Year

Ping Drivers by Year:

Year ReleasedPing Driver Models
1968Karsten I
1977Karsten II
1980Karsten III
1984Karsten IV
Eye 2
1994Zing 2
1996IST Karsten Tour
1998TiSi Titanium
G5 Offset
G10 Draw
G5 L
2008Rapture V2
G15 Draw
Serene (Ladies
G30 SF Tec
G30 LS Tec
G SF Tec
G LS Tec
2017G400 LST
G400 SFT
2018G400 Max
2019G410 Plus
G410 LST
G410 SFT
2021G425 Max
G425 LST
G425 SFT
2023G430 Max
G430 LST
G430 SFT

Did you know that in the era of wooden persimmon drivers, Ping’s famous Eye 2 Driver from the 80’s wasn’t actually made from persimmon like most other manufactures, but from laminated maple.

It wouldn’t be until 1998 that Ping released its first titanium driver, the TiSi. Pretty crazy how far we’ve come since golf’s good ol’ days!

How It All Started

Karsten Solheim founded Ping in 1959 with the desire to satisfy the need for a good quality putter in the golf industry. He believed one hadn’t been invented yet so far.

So he did just that in Redwood, California… making Ping’s first ever golf club and putter right in his own garage, the Ping 1-A.

Original Ping 1A Putter

Having been an engineer at GE, Solheim used scientific principles to design that putter, attaching the shaft to the center of the blade, vs the heel of the club like other manufacturers.

When he first tested out his new putter, he heard a very distinct and satisfying “Ping” when striking the golf ball… and the PING golf company was born.

Ping’s Wooden Drivers

Karsten Solheim came out with Ping’s first ever 1 Wood (they weren’t called drivers yet) in 1968, naming it after himself… The Karsten.

Karsten I Driver

Ping would release several more wooden based drivers including the Karsten I, II, III, and IV, along with the Eye, Eye 2, Zing, Zing 2, IST Karsten Tour before finally releasing its first all titanium driver in 1998, the TiSi Titanium.

Ping G Drivers by Year

The all famous G driver series by Ping started in 2004 with the G2.

The line continued with the G5 in 2005 and the G10 in 2007 (both models including a Draw or Offset version)

The G line would continue through the years with the G15, G20, G25, G (why wasn’t the original called the G instead of the G2?), G30, G400, G410… and finally, yes, the G425 we see today, including the Max, LST, and SFT models.

Ping G400 Driver year made

Current Ping G425 Model Breakdown

The G425 Max is the most forgiving of the 3 models in this family. This is the club most players will be most comfortable with, and get the most improvement from.

The G 425 Max Driver from Ping


On the contrary, Ping’s G425 LST is the least forgiving… but can provide more workability and distance for the advanced players due to the low spin tech (LST) design. Read our full review of the Ping G425 LST here.

And last but not least, the G425 SFT (which stands for straight flight technology), is a ‘draw biased’ driver geared towards players who want help with fixing their slice, or simply want to play a draw off the tee. Read our full review of the Ping G425 SFT here.

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