5 Best Winter Golf Shoes and Boots for Cold Weather

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Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Jan 14, 2024

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Key Takeaways – Best Winter Golf Shoes and Boots

  • Mid or boot height golf shoes help with stability as well as warmth
  • Spiked shoes will help with traction on cold and wet days
  • Waterproof tech is a must with a good winter golf shoe
  • Look for extra insulation to keep the feet warm
  • Consider a ½ size up to accommodate for a winter sock

One of the most annoying things about winter golf is when your feet get cold. Luckily, golf companies have started to catch on to this and make golf shoes that will help keep your feet warm and dry in the winter.

I’ve played a good amount of winter golf with two pairs of socks on or a pair of dry shoes for the turn; these best winter golf shoes make it so that it is entirely unnecessary, and you can just enjoy your round with a great pair of golf shoes.

Best Golf Boots and Cold Weather Golf Shoes – Test Results and Rankings

#1. Footjoy Cascade Spiked Golf Boots

🏆 Best Overall 🥇

One of the best golf boots for winter


  • Comfortable golf shoes
  • Come up a little higher than a standard shoe
  • Full Grain leather upper
  • A solid connection to the turf with Pulsar Cleats
  • Waterproof golf shoe with one year warranty


  • Not available in a wide range of colors
  • Not a shoe you will want to wear outside of the winter; it’s a bit heavy
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My Experience (with pictures):

My favorite golf shoes for the winter are the FootJoy Cascade Spiked Golf Boots. These golf boots are known for their warmth and are a unique solution made specifically for golfers that enjoy a winter round. 

With the Foojoy Cascade, you can benefit from waterproof protection and a warm winter feel. In addition, golfers find that these are comfortable shoes to wear around the golf course. I’ll admit they look a little like a boot, and that’s tough to get used to, but if you want to keep your scores low throughout the winter, it’s well worth it.

WHY They Are Great Mens Winter Golf Shoes:

When you play winter golf, expect that the conditions are not going to be great. In fact, you will probably be going through some muddy or wet areas while the temperatures are very close to freezing. The combination of warm materials with waterproof protection and Pulsar Cleats by Softspikes make this the ultimate winter golf shoe.

The Bottom Line

If you and your buddy head out for a last-minute round in the middle of the winter, don’t worry about a winter shoe like this. However, if you’re serious about expanding your season to be more year round, the FootJoy Cascade is a great option to consider.

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#2. Adidas S2g Mid Cut Golf Winter Shoes

🏆 Best Value 🥇

A Adidas men S2g recycled polyester mid cut golf winter shoes I got at the table


  • Waterproof winter golf shoes
  • Textile lining
  • Wider fit so you can accommodate larger socks
  • The comfortable shoe comes up a bit higher on the foot for more coverage


  • Not the best winter golf shoe for walking
  • Mesh upper can let a little wind through on those bitter cold days
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My Experience (with pictures):

Although the pricing of the Men’s S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut Golf SHoes will vary depending on your size, for the most part, they are very fair and an excellent choice for a pair of winter golf shoes.

Winter shoes aren’t necessary or mandatory when playing golf; they simply make the game much more enjoyable. With this particular model, you get all the great benefits that Adidas has to offer in a warm and comfortable shoe.

The outsole of the shoe has four spikes to help increase traction and grip. If you feel as though your feet tend to slide in the winter, the Adidas Men’s S2g could be a great solution to consider. In addition, the shoes feature a Rain Ready Performance that makes them waterproof even on the upper part of the foot.

WHY They’re Good Cold Weather Golf Shoes:

The two keys to winter golf are warm and dry, and the Adidas Men’s S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut shoes will check both. You can really focus on your golf swing and your game when you are comfortable and dry, and the Adidas allows that to happen.

The Bottom Line

The Adidas Men’s S2g Recycled Polyester Mid Cut shoes are a fair value for the technology you get. Golf equipment isn’t cheap, and spending an additional $200 or more on a pair of waterproof leather shoes may be outside your price range. This is a great place to look to keep the budget in check.

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#3. Skechers Torque Brogan Relaxed Fit Winter Golf Boots

🏆 Best for Warmth 🥇

A new Skechers men torque brogan relaxed fit winter golf boots with box at the living room


  • Spiked shoes with great traction
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Waterproof shoe
  • The boot comes up high on the ankle
  • Sleek look


  • Very few color choices
  • A padded collar and tongue can make for a tight fit in the front of the shoe
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My Experience (with pictures):

Some golf manufacturers make waterproof shoes and tell golfers they are warm, while others will make a complete winter golf boot. The Skechers Men’s Torque Brogan Relxact Fit Winter Golf Boots are built for playing golf during the coldest months of the year.

Sketchers have grown their presence in the world of golf shoes over the last few years. The winter golf shoes from Sketchers look quite a bit like their standard golf shoes. It’s a slightly more modern look, a bit bulky but fairly priced and similar to the everyday shoes from Skechers.

This particular model features the H2GO Waterproof Protection, ultra lightweight cushioning, and a relaxed fit for comfort. Whether you are playing in the wet weather or the cold winter months, the shoe should keep your golf game intact.

WHY They’re One of the Best Cold Weather Golf Shoes:

One of the features we really like about the Skechers Men’s Torque Brogan is that they are a relaxed fit design with a higher top. This high top feature seems to be one of the most important things to look for in a winter shoe.

Many golfers have difficulty finding a pair of pants that properly keep the cold out. However, when your shoe is able to reach and extend up past your ankle area, this process becomes considerably easier.

In addition, the fact that you can replace the spikes on the bottom of the shoe means you could have this in place for quite some time.

The Bottom Line

From the Skechers Go Golf to the Skechers Men’s Torque Brogan, this company is trying to come up with solutions for warm and wet weather, as well as cold conditions. If you are looking for some of the best on the golf market, this shoe does a great job.

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#4. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Hydromax Water Resistant Winter Golf Shoes

🏆 Best Premium 🥇

A white pair of ECCO men biom hybrid 3 boa hydromax water resistant winter golf shoes in the grass


  • Hydromax water repellent technology
  • BOA fit system for a secure fit
  • Impressive Yak Leather material
  • Very stable golf shoe with rotational support


  • The Ecco Biom is one of the most expensive golf shoes out there
  • Washing and maintaining these shoes is a bit more involved than others on the market
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My Experience (with pictures):

The Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Hydromax is a water resistant golf shoe that stands out as the best premium selection for golfers that want to play in the winter. Ecco makes a great golf shoe, whether you want to play in the summer or the winter.

Years ago, when I first decided I would try an Ecco shoe after being stuck on FootJoy for many years. I was a bit skeptical because of the price and curious as to whether or not they would be worth the money.

I can tell you that I was quite impressed and kept the shoe in play for quite some time.

You can tell when you look at these Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Hydromax that the quality is second to none. In addition, the BOA Fit system helps players that are looking to get a shoe that will fit their foot the way a golf shoe is intended. The Yak Leather is impressive when it comes to the waterproof warranty and technology.

WHY It’s a Great Cold Weather Golf Shoe:

The Ecco Biom shoes help players stay a bit more grounded and connected to the earth. When playing winter golf, this is especially important as you will want plenty of speed and a foot that does not slide out on you. This is a durable golf shoe that has plenty of cushioning, and it helps to add to the overall warmth.

The Bottom Line

If you have the money and you play a lot of winter golf, this is one of the best winter golf shoes to consider. However, you have to be sure that you are someone that will use them to make the price worth it. Any golfer living in a northern state with months of available golf days of cold weather will benefit from having a shoe like this.

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#5. FootJoy Women’s Golf Boot

🏆 Best for Women 🥇

My new FootJoy women golf boots on the artificial grass mat


  • Very comfortable golf shoe
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Turf gripping technology
  • Very flexible feel with plenty of maneuverability


  • No color selections
  • Not the best shoes from a fashion standpoint
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My Experience (with pictures):

I can tell you for sure that there are not nearly as many golf shoes for women who want to play in the winter as there are for men. Apparently, cold weather golf shoes for women aren’t the top sellers, as very few companies offer an option.

However, FootJoy came through with this solid choice for the Women’s Golf Boot. These women’s winter golf shoes are some of the best on the market when it comes to comfort, lightweight feel, and impressive waterproof material.

This shoe is waterproof for an entire year. If you happen to struggle with staying balanced while trying to hit a golf ball (more on winter golf balls here), the FootJoy Women’s Golf Boots are also really stable and slip resistant. When I tried these, I noticed that my feet were less likely to slip than when wearing my traditional spikeless shoes.

WHY They’re Great Ladies Winter Golf Shoes:

Winter golf shoes with these Pulsar Cleats by Softspikes give a golfer a bit of extra help when it comes to stability. The great thing is that they can be replaced when needed. If you take good care of your winter golf shoes, you may not need to replace them as often as the shoes you wear all season long.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to take advantage of getting on all the great golf courses in the wintertime, this is the shoe you will want to have with you. Take advantage of it when the golf course is empty and you can make your way around in a comfortable and warm winter golf shoe! Also check out more women’s winter golf clothes here.

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And the Winner for Best Winter Golf Shoes Are …

Hopefully, you now understand why winter golf shoes are such an important investment when playing golf in the cold weather. In fact, between winter golf gloves, a hat, and winter shoes, you really can make it out there even when temperatures are as low as 40 degrees. Here are the shoes that stood out as our favorites.

Best Overall

The best overall golf shoes for the winter are the Footjoy Cascade Spiked Golf Boot. This takes the word golf shoe to a whole new level with its impressive boot style, warmth, and traction. Even when the conditions are less than ideal, your feet will be dry and warm.

Best Premium

The best premium winter golf shoe is the Ecco Men’s Biom hybrid. Not only is this the best winter golf shoe on the course, you will be wanting to wear it off the course as well. These shoes keep your feet dry, encourage more stability, and help to stay balanced as you swing. Don’t be surprised if you hate taking them off after a round of golf.

Best Value

The best-value golf shoe for the winter is the Adidas S2G Mid Cut golf shoe. Remember that almost all golf shoes for the winter come with a waterproof warranty, making it hard to find a great deal. However, this shoe has some strong value and a great overall feel.

What to Look for In Winter Golf Shoes?

Winter golf shoes will come in a variety of styles from a few of the top brands in the industry. However, some of these shoes are better than others. If you are purchasing a new pair of winter shoes for golf this year, here are the things that you should keep in mind.


Winter golf socks are great, but the shoe is going to do the majority of the work to keep your foot warm. Make sure that you choose a shoe that is specifically designed for warmth. This is going to help you have the ability to play golf year round.

When cold air and wind can break through the shoe, your overall performance won’t be nearly as good.

Waterproof Material

The best winter golf shoes have waterproof material to keep your foot dry. One of the worst combinations on the golf course is a wet and cold foot. Waterproof shoes should come with a one to two year waterproof warranty.

Several different cold weather golf shoes and boots

This means that if you experience a round of golf where water gets through your golf shoe, you can tell the company, and they will fix the shoe or send you a new pair. FootJoy is well known for this.

Room For Socks

Some golfers will choose to get a golf shoe that is slightly wider or half-size up for the winter months. This allows some room for a winter sock and an additional level of warmth. You will want a snug fit on your foot to stay warm, but certainly not anything that is overly tight.


If you are walking the golf course, be careful about some of the winter boots on the market for golfers. Look for something that is extremely lightweight so that you will not be more fatigued by walking the course.

Also, if you plan on walking in the winter (which is a great way to stay warm), you will definitely need to wear waterproof shoes.


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf shoes on the market for the winter.

A guy hitting a golf club the cold weather

Some areas of the country have winter months that last for 90 or more days, and this can really put a damper on your season. Knowing the ins and outs of winter golf shoes will make a huge difference.

Are spikeless golf shoes OK for winter?

Spineless golf shoes are ok for the winter, but they are not the best. The overall performance of a spiked shoe that allows for excellent traction and a more durable waterproof membrane is likely the best choice when playing in the winter.

Are Gore Tex golf shoes waterproof?

Gore Tex golf shoes are fully waterproof, and they typically make the best choice for a winter shoe. Many companies that have a Gore Tex material in their shoe also offer a two year waterproof guarantee.

Do golf shoes really make a difference for winter golf?

Golf shoes will make a huge difference for winter golf as they not only increase comfort but also improve performance. These shoes allow you to stay stable and ensure that your swing is more consistent. Look for something that has warmth, waterproof technology, and enhanced grip.

Are winter golf shoes worth it?

Winter golf shoes are worth it if you plan on playing five or more rounds of golf this winter. If you play an occasional round, you may not find the shoes to be worth it. However, golfers that take good care of their winter golf shoes may be able to use them season after season.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel ready to get a pair of great winter shoes for golf.

It’s so important to be prepared to play in the winter, or you will struggle to score and see the results that you want on the course.

Whether you face wet conditions or freezing cold temperatures, having a winter golf shoe with ample grip and plenty of warmth and cushioning is so important.

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