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PXG 0811 X Gen4 Driver Review and Test Results

Photo of me holding the PXG 0811X Gen4 Driver

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • Low spin and high launch offering from PXG for mid to low handicappers
  • Loft options from 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, or 12°
  • Two tone crown finished with AV (aluminum vapor) strengthens the crown without adding weight
  • Three weight port system with 5, 7.5, and 10 gram weights to customize flight
  • Hundreds of shaft options on PXG site
  • Effortless launch for a players driver

Over the last few years PXG, went from the uber expensive, niche market, status symbol brand to a serious competitor for the likes of Callaway and TaylorMade.

With catchphrases most golfers know, and an owner with the most recognizable voice in golf, PXG took the world by storm.

Now, PXG, you have our attention, can you deliver the goods? The Gen4 0811X doesn’t just deliver the goods, it smashes them, and the mold they came in.

A hybrid crown construction, adjustable weight system, and even a dampener insert to ensure perfect sound and feel come together to make one of the best drivers on the market today.

In this PXG 0811X Gen 4 Driver review, we’ll discuss why that is and why you need to get one in your bag!

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PXG 0811X Driver Review (Gen 4)

PXG 0811X Gen4 Lofts

PXG is all about customization, and options. The Gen4 0811X driver has tons of loft options. For righty players, you can choose from 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, or 12° of loft. Left handers tend to get the shaft (no pun intended) with loft options, but PXG offers the same four lofts for left handed players!

PXG head cover and Gen4 driver on grass

Handicap Range

The 0811 X Gen4 driver is billed by PXG as their “low spinning high launching” offering. This will suit players in the mid to low handicap range. Players in the low teens to single digit will find this driver suitable in the bag.

Technical Review

The biggest thing that stands out with the Gen4 0811X driver is the two tone crown. The middle portion is a light gray, and that light gray is not just for aesthetics.

The carbon fiber section of the crown is sprayed with a layer of “AV.” AV is aluminum vapor. This material strengthens the crown without causing weight issues.

The saved weight on the crown allowed PXG to lower the CG and increase MOI. This helps immensely with forgiveness and launch, making it much easier to hit compared to the Gen2 model.

The Gen4 0811X driver has a new weight system compared to the Gen2. The Gen4 has a three weight ports system. The standard weights for the 0811X are 5, 7.5, and 10 grams.

These weights can be positioned between the ports in the front, rear, or heel, and offer shot shaping and correction depending on your configuration.

Photo of the PXG driver laying on turf

Heavy in the front to reduce spin, heavy in the rear to increase launch, or heavy at the heel to promote a draw. It is a different setup from the norm, and offers a unique look.

The adjustability doesn’t stop there either. PXG also equipped the Gen4 0811X driver with an adjustable hosel. This simple hosel design gives you the option to adjust loft +/- 1.5°. Using this will optimize your preferred ball flight.

With many other clubmakers releasing new face technology this year, PXG was no different. The new TI412 face is taller, and according to PXG, it’s stronger and more flexible than the previous model.

PXG stumbled upon the Honeycomb TPE insert, and found it provides benefits in a few metrics. This unseen hero for the Gen4 0811 X is inside the driver.

It was originally set in place to create the optimal center of gravity, but PXG quickly discovered the insert provided a unique sound and feel at impact. The insert is the catalyst to the beautiful sound and feel of this driver.

Shaft Options

PXG is all about customization and their clubs fitting you the way you need them to. That being said, they offer HUNDREDS of shaft options. Some of which come at an upcharge, but there are some fantastic stock shafts available.

Hzrdus RDX Smoke graphite driver shaft

Mitsubishi Tensei Raw Blue is available in flexes senior to extra stiff. Also shaft maker Aldila has their Rogue Elite line as stock offerings for the Gen4 0811X. Long story short, if you want it, PXG has it!

Performance – PXG 0811X Test Results

“KABOOM BABY!” Just like the commercial, the PXG 0811 X Gen4 driver is a bomber! I was quite surprised with the performance all around with this driver.

The most impressive aspect is the dispersion on off-center strikes. Easily the tightest of any club I’ve tested and reviewed, and that is up against Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade’s flagship drivers.

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Distance off center was also surprising! Could this be the most forgiving driver on the market? It certainly seems to be. Once you dial in your ideal weight configuration, this driver is a true killer.

The face seems to be a lot stiffer than other OEMs. You don’t get the impression of a compressed ball, which may be a turn off to some, but given top tier distance and dispersion, this can be forgiven easily.

Picture of the bottom of the 0811X driver head

Overall the club feels strong, almost stiff, but again, the outcome is fantastic! Being able to adjust the loft by a half degree truly gives you the ability to find that perfect flight path you are looking for.

The launch with this club is effortless, and almost feels like it needs to be tamed. That is where adjusting the loft by half degrees will help find the ideal launch.

Along with the adjustability, the 0811X is one of the more workable “forgiving” drivers. I was able to put shape on shots with relative ease.

Hitting the face on the screws is rewarding both in feel and outcome. The 0811X consistently out drove the competition. PXG has found the right formula to get the most out of a driver.


The PXG 0811 X Gen4 driver, just like the crown, is a polarizing design. The two tone crown, with the silver finish in the middle, looks great, but can be distracting to some.

I personally found it to be a welcome aide for alignment. The flat black on either side reduces glare, and provides a different look you don’t see anywhere else.

Me looking down at the 0811X at address

The sole of the driver is on brand with PXG. Busy. Weight ports, large branding, and a mix of flat and gloss finishes. Busy isn’t always a bad thing though. The design doesn’t feel out of place here.

Overall the traditional shape mixed with the non traditional designs come together to make a pretty sexy looking driver. PXG doesn’t stray from black, white, and gray, but always has more style than OEMs with new color schemes every year.

Alternate view of the bottom of the PXG Gen4 driver head        Picture of the head cover for the PXG gen4 driver in my kitchen

Sound and Feel

As mentioned in the performance section, the sound and feel aren’t what you’re used to. The sound is stiff and metallic, and so is the feel.

You don’t get the feel of a compressed ball and flexing face, but just know that it’s happening. The numbers will see to it that you do.

This stiffness isn’t a bad thing though. The honeycomb insert produces some satisfaction with each hit, and helps keep vibration down. After each hit, I was looking to hit another.


  • Off-center strikes performed great
  • Top tier distance
  • Workable left to right
  • Adjustability is top of the class


  • Two tone crown is a little distracting
  • Not the most satisfying at impact
  • Feedback is lacking

The Bottom Line – 0811X PXG Gen4 Driver

PXG put all their R&D muscle into the 0811 lineup, and the 0811X Gen 4 Driver is a modern marvel. Adjustability for days, tall and deep face, and performance metrics that rival the best on the market (at least according to our driver reviews).

Holding the PXG Gen4 0811X driver in my office

Higher handicap players might not find this club to work for them, but low teens into single digit players will struggle to find reasons why the 0811X shouldn’t be in their bag.

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I think I have more preconceived notions about PXG products than any other brand, and time and time again they deliver.

This generation (Gen 4) of the 0811X is definitely the best so far, and it really stands up against the big manufacturers. KABOOM BABY!

Alternative Choices to the 0811X PXG Gen4 Driver

PXG 0211

If you simply want a PXG driver in the bag, the PXG 0211 Driver is a little bit more of an “entry level” choice. It’s a little cheaper, has less driver adjustments, and is geared more towards a beginner player.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus

The 0811X Gen4 kinda fits in right between the Stealth Driver and the Stealth Plus Driver in my opinion. But the Plus version is technically TaylorMade’s low spin option.

Titleist TSi3 or TSi4

You could say something similar with Titleist as well… I’d say the 0811X fits in between the TSi2 and TSi3, but again, the TSi3 is their lower spin option. Check out our review of the TSi3 driver over here.  Don’t even think about the TSi4 though haha, but here’s that review if you dare.

Callaway Rogue ST Max LS

Similar to Titleist, Callaway has 4 clubs in their latest driver lineup. I’d say the Rogue ST Max LS Driver fits pretty closely (as far as the spin and forgiveness categories go) to the Gen4 0811X Driver.

FAQ – 0811X PXG Gen4 Driver Reviews

What is the difference in the PXG GEN4 drivers?

The difference in the PXG Gen4 drivers is quite simple and straightforward:
  1. PXG Gen4 0811 X – PXG’s lowest spin driver option. Geared towards mid to low handicap players who have a relatively high swing speed, who don’t need extra help launching the ball in the air
  2. PXG Gen4 0811 XF – standing for “Xtreme Forgiveness”, this is PXG’s largest head and most forgiving driver option in the lineup. The extra forgiveness allows players to have better distance and control on strikes that are not quite as close to the center of the face.
  3. PXG Gen4 0811 XT – standing for “Xtreme Tour”, this is PXG’s smallest and most aerodynamic head in the driver family. It’s going to have the least forgiveness, but rewards players who can consistently strike the ball in the center of the face with more distance.

Which Pxg driver is best?

The PXG driver that is best for most golfers is the PXG Gen4 0811 X driver model. It fits right in the middle of the 0811 lineup, has low spin characteristics, while maintaining some decent forgiveness.

What pro golfers use PXG drivers?

The pro golfers using PXG drivers are:
  • Patrick Reed
  • Luke List
  • Adam Schenk
  • Hudson Swafford
  • Jim Herman
  • Sung Kang
  • Henrik Norlander
  • Kyle Stanley
  • Megan Khang
  • Mariah Stackhouse

When did PXG 0811 come out?

The original PXG 0811 first came out in 2015 as the Gen1. However, the most recent 0811X PXG Gen 4 release date was March of 2021.

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