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Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 23, 2024

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List Of All Mizuno Drivers by Year Released

Mizuno Drivers by Year Table:

Year ReleasedMizuno Driver ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2024ST-Max 230
2023ST-X 230
ST-Z 230
ST-X 230 Women’s
ST-Z 230 Women’s
2022ST-Z 220
ST-X 220
ST-G 220
MP630 Fast Track
2003MP001 (370cc)
MP001 (400cc)
2002300S II
2000T-Zoid Forged Titanium
1998T-Zoid Titanium
1994World Master TP
1993TPW 19 Hot Metal
1992TPW Big
TPW 18
1989TP15 Hit Metal
1986TP5 Persimmon
1933Star Line
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Mizuno Drivers Over the Last 5 Years

For a company mostly known for their amazing irons, Mizuno has made some real strides in the driver space. Although it has been a road of ups and downs.

ST-Max 230: With a low crown and wider design, this driver looks much larger than it measures. 54 grams of weight is placed in the rear for easier launch, and super high MOI. Built for a higher handicapper that needs some help off the tee.

ST-G: Smaller 440cc design suitable for lower handicap players looking for lower spin and control off the tee. Adjustable weights at the toe and heel offer numerous shot shapes. Low spin/launch, fade, draw, or higher launch and MOI. Super versatile club!

The ST220 is a solid, almost dense driver that offers low spin and optimal launch and distance.

Mizuno ST-Z 220 image

Its predecessor, the ST200 was met with some criticism. Lacking in distance and consistency across the face made this driver a tough sell to the everyday golfer. Facing stiff competition with uber forgiving drivers from Callaway, TaylorMade, and Ping, the ST200 came off more as a second tier option comparatively.

Mizuno ST200 image

Prior to the ST200, Mizuno offered the ST190. Moving away from the last several models featuring a blue crown, the ST190 at release caught traction and validation. In the bag of an early season PGA tournament win is any equipment manufacturer’s dream. Mizuno had just that with the ST190. Coupled with solid all around specs and performance, the ST190 made its mark.

Mizuno drivers from 2013 to 2018 famously put drivers on the shelf with a Mizuno blue crown. Mizuno, in that time period, followed the same trend of ebbs and flows. Hits and misses. That blue crown sure is pretty though!

JPX 900 image      Photo of the JPX 900 from the top

Mizuno Drivers History

Mizuno, with all its irons prestige, actually started out with the Star Line in the 1930s. Having mild success with the persimmon drivers from then to the 1990s, Mizuno was building its reputation with its irons.

Made famous by Sir Nick Faldo’s run at six majors, Mizuno followed a different business model. OEMs sink buckets of cash into Tour players using their latest and greatest. Mizuno saves that money to put into R&D. Most tour pros using Mizuno do so out of choice, not endorsement.

View of the T Zoid Driver from the bottom      Mizuno T Zoid Driver and head cover

This largely rings true to Mizuno irons, but not so much with drivers. Often thought not to have the same ball speeds, low spin, and distance of the big driver companies, Mizuno has quietly put together some impressive clubs (most recently with the ST220 series) that compete with any other driver on the market today.

How Often Does Mizuno Release New Drivers

Short from a couple skipped years, Mizuno releases a new driver iteration every year. Some years Mizuno would surprise with a splash. An advancement that puts it in the conversation with Callaway and TaylorMade. Other years the innovation falls flat.

Following trends, it would appear that Mizuno is primed to stand toe to toe with the big guns in the driver space. Only time will tell. Like they say though, “nothing feels like a Mizuno!”

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