Titleist Irons by Year

Titleist Irons by Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Jan 10, 2024

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List Of All Titleist Iron Sets by Year Released

Titleist Irons Timeline Table:

Year ReleasedTitleist Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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T350 Women’s
2019620 MB
620 CB
2017718 AP1
718 AP2
718 AP3
718 MB
718 T-MB
718 CB
2015716 AP1
716 AP2 Forged
716 MB Forged
716 T-MB
716 CB Forged
2013714 AP1
714 AP2 Forged
714 MB Forged
714 CB Forged
2011712 AP1
712 AP2
712 MB
712 CB
2009710 AP1
710 AP2
710 MB
710 CB
2008Z Blend Forged
2006Forged 775
Forged 775.CB
Forged 695MB
Forged 695CB
Forged 660
2005Forged 735.CM
2004Forged 804.OS
Forged 704.CB
2003Forged 670
Forged 680
Forged 690.MB
Forged 690.CB
2002731PM Limited Edition
DCI 762B
2001DCI 822OS
DCI 762
681 Forged Blade
681 “T” Forged
2000DCI 990B
1999DCI 990
1998DCI 981
1997DCI 962
DCI 962B
1996DCI Oversize + Black
DCI Oversize + Gold
1993DCI Black
DCI Gold
1991Titleist Tour Model
1987DTR Irons
Titleist Tour Model Box Blades
1986B-33 Irons
1985Tour Model
Titleist Tour Model 841
1983Titleist Tour Model 821
1982Titleist 1982 Tour Model
Accu-Flo Plus
#10 Irons
Titleist 1981 Tour Model
1979Titleist 1979 Tour Model
1978Lite 100
1976Model 90
Model 100
Pro 100
1972Acushnet AC 108
1970Finalist Forged
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Titleist Irons Over the Last 5 Years

Titleist has become synonymous with the game of golf. Attention to detail, consistency, and high performance has been delivered year after year. Over the last five years, Titleist has introduced the revolutionary T series, and new versions of the 700 series.

Now named the 718 irons, the 718 comes in a variety of options for all types of golfers. MB, T-MB, and CB for scratch and tour players, down to the AP1, 2, and 3 lines for mid to high handicap players.

Released in 2019, the 620CB and the classic Tour blade 620MB were met with great praise in style and performance. The 620MB goes back to the Titleist roots in styling, and offers that classic minimalist look a Tour pro desires.

Also released in 2019 is the popular T series. The T series comes in models T100, T100S, T200, and T300. Although performance was outstanding, the series was renewed in 2021 and received much praise for the upgrades.

Titleist T200 2019 vs 2021

The 2021 T series received a remodeling, but retained the most loved parts of the 2019 line. The 2021 series features a satin chrome finish as opposed to the polished look of the 2019 model. They were also redesigned into a more classic Titleist minimal look, which many players prefer.

Old Titleist Irons Through the Years

Upon the purchase of Golfcraft (arguably the largest club manufacturer in the world at the time) in 1969, Titleist, aka Acushnet, released their very first iron set dubbed Finalist Forged. Three years later the AC 108 was released and was one of the first irons to feature tungsten perimeter weights for playability.

Titleist Acushnet

The late 70s brought us the Titleist Tour Model, which is the classic muscle back forged irons that Titleist has built ever since. Thin topline, minimal offset, simple “Titleist” logo on the back, and workability many pros love.

Titleist Accu-Flo

The Tour Model is now a numbered model, most recently the 620MB, but features a similar design from the late 70s. Many top pros have had major victories with this line. Tiger Woods completed the “Tiger Slam” with Tour Model blades.

How Often Does Titleist Release New Irons

Titleist is all about improving their offerings, and being the best golf manufacturer on the market. To keep up with the demand of “more and better”, Titleist has released some type of new iron pretty much every year since the mid 90s.

It is safe to say that you can find a new, improved, and impressive set of irons, for all golfer types, from Titleist every two years. With their history and impeccable consistency, it is a guarantee Titleist will be at the top of club making greatness for a LONG time!

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