6 Best Winter Golf Gloves for Cold Weather

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Playing golf in the winter does not need to be painful. In fact, with the proper winter golf gloves, it can actually be fun.

For years I tried to keep my hands warm in my pockets or by blowing warm air in them. When I finally discovered the effectiveness and overall comfort of winter golf gloves, it was a game changer. 

Don’t suffer through another winter. Winter golf gloves are affordable and make cold weather golf enjoyable.

Top Picks – The Best Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Best Overall – FootJoy WinterSof
Best Premium – Zero Restriction Windstopper
Best Value – Finger Ten
Warmest – Cobra Winter Mitts

Best Winter Golf Gloves – Test Results and Rankings

1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

The FootJoy WinterSof golf gloves are the best overall winter golf glove on the market. In addition to ensuring your hands are warm, the water resistant Sure Grip Autosuede also provides a strong connection to the grip of the club.

After all, even if your hands are warm you still need to be able to grip the club with authority. You will notice that these gloves are also waterproof in addition to windproof material. 








WHY It’s One Of The Best Winter Golf Gloves

One of the features that really help the FootJoy WinterSof stand out is the Weather Shield Cuff.

It’s nice to have your fingers warm, but the upper palm of the hand can get cold without this weather cuff in place. This knit material keeps you warm and will tuck under your winter golf jacket, not allowing any cold air in.


  • All weather performance
  • Strong grip on the club
  • Not overly thick, reducing the feel
  • High visibility


  • Foam fleece is only on the back of the glove; palms can get a little cold at times
  • Will have a slightly looser fit than others on the market

The Bottom Line

If you are new to winter golf gloves and want a simple decision as to which is the best, give the FootJoy WinterSof a try.

2. Callaway Thermal Grip Gloves

As we have seen from Callaway before, they need to have one of every product, and winter performance golf gloves are not exempt from this. The Callaway Golf Thermal Grip gloves are a great option for both cold and wet conditions. 

Inside the glove is a thermal fleece lining that helps to keep hands warm, not quite as warm as the FootJoy WinterSof feels. However, the closure on the Callaway Golf Thermal grip is thin and light and improves the overall fit that you have around your hand.








WHY It’s One Of The Cold Weather Golf Gloves

One of my favorite features of the Callaway Golf Thermal grip is the Microfiber Outer Shell. This shell will repel water and keep the wind from impacting your hands. With these features, even if you get caught in a wintry weather mix, the gloves can save the day.


  • Great in wet conditions
  • Fleece inner lining
  • Wind protection included
  • Thin and sleek look, not a bulky winter glove


  • Doesn’t feel quite as warm as the FootJoy WinterSoft
  • No extended cuff

The Bottom Line

If you like a thinner feel and are worried about connection with the club, the Callaway Thermal Grip is a good fit.

3. FootJoy Sta Sof Winter Golf Gloves

The FootJoy Sta Soft Winter glove is another option similar to the WinterSof but with a bit different feel. If you are worried about having a soft and responsive feel in your winter golf glove, the Sta Sof could be the best winter gloves for you.

This is made with an all climate grip to help maximize the connection to the club even if you sweat or it starts raining. (Yes, sweating in the winter is possible!) In addition, the glove has a bit more breathability and flexibility than other winter golf gloves on this list.








WHY They Are Great Golf Winter Gloves

Feel is essential in a golf glove. Some players skip winter golf gloves entirely because they are worried about the connection with the golf club. The FootJoy Sta Soft are some of the best winter golf gloves when you want a great feel and a strong connection to the club.


  • Very warm yet breathable
  • Good longevity
  • Impressive all weather control of the golf club


  • Priced a bit higher than the WinterSof
  • Breathable mesh can let some wind in

The Bottom Line

If feel is the most important thing for you, and you have dry and cracked hands in the winter, the best winter golf gloves could be the FootJoy Sta Sof Winter golf gloves.

4. Zero Restriction Men’s Windstopper

Zero Restriction has almost always been my favorite brand for all weather performance on the golf course. Whether it is golf gloves or rain gear, Zero Restriction knows how to combine incredible feel and fabrics to increase your ability to play in any weather condition.

These Windstopper gloves are warm and they are thin; they block out any of the cooler weather but also keep you connected to the club.

WHY It’s One Of The Top Golf Gloves for Cold Weather

Between bulky jackets and uncomfortable thick socks, winter golf can start to impact your game. Luckily, the Zero Restriction Men’s Windstopper gloves will help control this and encourage some of the best connections with the golf club.


  • Really high quality product
  • Thin feel that blocks out the wind
  • Impressive longevity


  • Priced a bit high
  • Does not have a thick fleece feel

The Bottom Line

If you think you will hate winter golf gloves, give the Zero Restriction Men’s Windstopper a try; it’s very similar to a standard golf glove, with a few tweaks to make it a good fit for winter.

5. Cobra Golf Winter Mitts

If winter gloves don’t seem like enough, the Cobra Golf Winter Mitts are a good alternative. Sometimes when playing winter golf if you have some time between shots you will want an extra layer of warmth on your hands. These winter mitts have warm fleece insulation and provide a ton of comfort and warmth.

You can’t swing with this glove on, but winter golf takes a combination of gear to get it done.

WHY It’s One Of The Best Winter Golf Gloves

Nothing says you can’t have two layers or methods of protection for your hands when on the golf course. Use these winter mitts as a backup to winter gloves, especially when riding on the golf cart. They are comfortable and do a great job of keeping your hands warm.


  • One size fits all
  • The hidden pouch on the gloves allows them to fold into themselves
  • Some elastic
  • Warm fleece insulation


  • Can’t wear it while swinging
  • Not the best winter golf gloves for wind and rain

The Bottom Line

Keep these in the bag as an extra layer of protection on those really cold days. These are some WARM golf gloves!

6. Finger Ten Winter Golf Gloves

Winter golf gloves tend to last longer than traditional golf gloves. However, this does not mean you want to choose something incredibly expensive. Golf requires enough accessories, and if you only play a few winter rounds, the Finger, Ten Winter Golf Gloves can bring you some of the best performance.

This particular glove is made with a windproof and snowproof material, and it has a microfiber 3D pattern to help improve overall warmth and fit. The adjustable closer also makes this a very easy glove to fit your hand into. 

WHY It’s One Of The Best Cold Weather Golf Gloves

The Finger Ten is one of the most affordable winter golf gloves on the market. The material, however, and the overall functionality of the glove are quite good. I noticed overall warmth was not quite as impressive, but you can combine something like this with the Cobra Golf Winter Mitts for a really strong combination on the course.


  • High quality windproof and snowproof design
  • Retains warmth regardless of weather conditions
  • Ball marker included
  • Fair pricing


  • Won’t hold up quite as long as other winter golf gloves on the list
  • Not the warmest of winter gloves

The Bottom Line

If you are on a budget but want a pair of winter golf gloves in the bag for those cold mornings or later evenings on the course, the Finger Ten is a good solution.

And the Winner of the Best Winter Golf Gloves are…

Winter golf gloves come in different sizes and fabrics, but there aren’t a ton of great ones on the market to choose from. It took me a long time to be sold on the benefits of winter golf gloves and even rain gloves.

I didn’t like the idea of having a glove on both hands. However, as time passed, I realized I would be lost without these gloves in my bag.

Best Overall

The FootJoy WinterSof golf gloves are the best overall on the market. These gloves have a great feel and incredible warmth and even help with moisture management in your hands.

Best Premium

The best premium golf gloves for playing in the winter months are the Zero Restriction Windstopper. By using high-end fabrics and materials, Zero Restriction was able to decrease the overall thickness of the glove without impacting the warmth.

Best Value

The best winter golf gloves for the value are the Finger Ten winter gloves. For the golfer that only plays a few winter rounds, this would be an option well worth considering.

Are Cold Weather Golf Gloves Worth It?

If you only play a few rounds of winter golf a year, you may not be as concerned about how to keep your hands warm on the course.

However, a winter golf glove is one of the most important elements of cold weather golf gear. If your hands get cold or you experience wet conditions, the connection with the club won’t be nearly as good.

Warm Golf Gloves

When your hands are cold, they are less flexible. Whether you realize it or not, when you are in your golf swing and you worry about the overall warmth of your hands, you will be slower and less reactive at impact. To keep your hands performing at a high level, you MUST keep them warm.

Consistency In Performance

Have you noticed that the start of your winter golf rounds is ugly, and then things get better for you? Chances are your hands are freezing when you start and eventually warm up.

Don’t wait until you get to the seventh hole to start playing great golf. Using something like the Windstopper Winter Gloves will not feel thick or bulky, but your performance will be considerably better throughout the round.

Control Of Golf Club

Most winter gloves for golf have all weather performance built in. The performance helps in wet or windy conditions, so you always feel like you have control of the club. Without control, you will have a hard time gaining speed and hitting the ball as far as you want to. 

Weather Protection

The weather projection element is huge. I can tell you from experience it’s one thing to play golf on a cold day, another thing to play on a cold AND wet day.

Sometimes you may experience a few snow flurries or a rain shower, and your hands can only handle so much; the cold weather golf gloves will help get you through the toughest conditions.

FAQ – Winter Golf Gloves

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about wearing winter golf gloves. Whether you’re trying to keep your hands warm or you want more control of the club, winter gloves can make all the difference.

Can you play golf with winter gloves?

Winter golf gloves are a great way to increase your golf season and have some extra months on the course. The winter golf gloves are specifically designed to work for golfers and are different from traditional winter gloves.

Traditional winter gloves are too thick and do not have the proper grip technology to properly support golf clubs.

How do golfers keep their hands warm?

Golfers keep their hands warm on the course by using a combination of golf gloves, mittens, and hand warmers (in this post). In addition, many golfers will invest in a golf cart heater, or even winter golf pants with fleece lined pockets to keep their hands warm.

If you have ever hit slightly behind a golf ball in the winter, you likely understand the importance of keeping your hands warm on the course.

What are all weather golf gloves?

All weather golf gloves refer to the type of glove that can handle wind, rain, and maybe even a little snow. Almost all winter golf gloves are made with some type of weather shield material that keeps them from getting slippery when wet.

Do winter golf gloves work in the rain?

Not all winter golf gloves work in the rain, but most will. Some golfers wonder if they can purchase winter golf gloves only and skip rain gloves, but I recommend having a pair of both.

As great as winter golf gloves are, they can be a little heavy and that isn’t the best for a summer rain shower.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel ready to choose the best winter golf gloves on the market. There are some really great choices out there.

However, the FootJoy WinterSof truly stands out as the best overall. FootJoy has done a great job in both the glove and shoe industry of making golf easier to play all year long. These gloves have a great feel, strong longevity, and the ability to maintain a strong grip on the golf club regardless of the conditions.

Don’t play another round of golf without winter gloves, it’s really not worth it with this technology out there to help you.