How We Review and Test Products

Key Takeaways

  • Learn insights with input from a professional golfer, not your buddy’s opinion
  • Club curation: we pick the best equipment aligned with your experience level and golf style
  • We get access to the best (and newest) equipment, since golf instruction is our livelihood
  • Reviews aren’t actionable without context, so we group them by experience level
  • Teach you why a certain club would work for your style and what to avoid
  • We source the best places to buy (amazon usually isn’t the best for clubs)

User Focused

At Swing Yard, we obsess over helping you get better at golf.

Not only do we want YOU to learn how to golf from a certified professional (instead of that know-it-all co-worker), but we want you to do it with the very best gear that meets YOUR specific needs and abilities.

Let’s be real, golf is an expensive sport. You probably don’t have the time to find, buy, and test every piece of golf equipment on the market – but we do! And we know what’s best for each skill level.

Newest Released Equipment

Since golf instruction is at the heart of our mission, we are fortunate enough to get our hands on the latest and greatest equipment out there. Every single club, every piece of clothing, every ball or gadget we recommend is tested by our lead instructor – then only the best of the best is published.

Us testing the TaylorMade Kalea set

Grouped by Skill Level

Reviews aren’t very useful without context. We test and group each piece of equipment by swing style, experience level, and budget in each article.

After all, a club that helps hit the ball straight would be a great recommendation for a beginner, but not so great for an advanced player who likes to work the ball left and right!

The Best Deals Available

We also source the best and most reliable deals out there. Believe it or not, Amazon isn’t always the best place to get your golf clubs. This is why we often link directly to the manufacturer or a golf specific provider.

TaylorMade Kalea driver during testing

The Bottom Line

We want you hitting the links with the most optimized set FOR YOU – regardless of your experience level, swing style, or budget.

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