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Cobra Drivers By Year

Cobra drivers through the years

Author Ned Howard - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Ned Howard – Retired PGA Teaching Professional

King Cobra Drivers by Year Chart

List of Cobra Drivers by Year:

Year ReleasedCobra Driver Models
AeroJet LS
AeroJet Max
AeroJet Max Women’s
AeroJet Max Junior
LTDx Max
LTDx Max Women’s
LTDx Max Junior
Air-X Offset
Air-X Women’s
Radspeed Tour Length
Radspeed XB
Radspeed XB Tour Length
Radspeed XB Women’s
Radspeed XB Junior
Radspeed XD
Speedzone Xtreme
F8 Women’s
F-Max Offset
F-Max Airspeed
F-Max Superlite
F-Max Superlite Offset
F-Max Women’s
F7 Women’s
F7 Junior
F6 Women’s
MAX Women’s
Fly-Z Women’s
Fly-Z XL
Fly-Z XL Women’s
2014Bio Cell
Bio Cell+
Bio Cell Women’s
Baffler XL
Baffler Women’s
2012Amp Cell
Amp Cell Women’s
Amp Cell Tween
Amp Cell Pro
Amp Cell Offset
Amp Cell Offset Women’s
ZL Encore
S3 Max
S3 Women’s
S3 Max Women’s
Long Tom (relaunch of original)
2010ZL Zero Limits
ZL Limited Edition
S2 Offset
S2 Women’s
S2 Offset Women’s
S9-1 F
S9-1 M
S9-1 M Offset
S9-1 Pro S
S9-1 Pro D
2008L4V X
J Speed
2007Speed LD F
Speed LD F Offset
Speed LD M
Speed LD M Offset
Speed LD Seniors
Speed LD Women’s
Speed Pro X
Speed Pro D
2005X Speed

F Speed
M Speed
M Speed Offset
460 SZ

2004COMP 454
COMP 414
COMP 414 Tour
SS 427
2003SS 380
SS 310
SZ (Sweet Zone)
2002SS (Sweet Spot)
1999Gravity Back
1997Ti Deepface
1996Ti Woods
Ti Offset Woods
1984Long Tom II
1979Long Tom

Cobra Drivers Over The Last 5 Years

In 2022, the LTDx line was announced/released, upgrading from the original LTD from 2016.  There are 3 main models offered, a regular (The LTDx), a low spin (The LTDx LS), and a MAXimum forgiving option (The LTDx Max). The max also offers Junior models, and a driver for women.

Newest Cobra driver for 2022  Women’s newest Cobra driver for 2022

A more budget driver option in the Cobra Air X Driver review, Air-X Straight Neck, and Air-X Women’s were released in 2022 as well.

Air-X Driver from Cobra   Women’s Air-X Driver by Cobra

Still relatively new, the Radspeed driver family was released in 2021 with 7 different models, not including all the custom color options as well. There is a regular Cobra Radspeed model (our review), a Tour Length option, a low spin option in the XB (our review), a draw biased option in the XD (our review), women’s, junior, and even a few more.

Cobra’s 2021 driver model Women’s Cobra driver model from 2021

Prior to the Radspeed was the Speedzone and Speedzone Xtreme in 2020, the F9 and F9+ in 2019, the F8 and F8+ in 2018 (you can see where this is going… all the way down to the F6 in 2016).

Cobra King Speedzone Driver  Cobra King F8 Driver

A really underrated (and beautiful)  line is the F-Max from 2018. There are a lot of variation options, including an offset model which really helps out those struggling with a slice.

F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver by Cobra    The Superlite version of the F-Max driver

How It All Started

Cobra golf was founded in 1973 by an Australian amateur golf champion named Thomas Crow.

Their first contribution to the golf club community was the Baffler, the very first “utility” club.  The patented sole plate design was effective from many different types of lies.

It wouldn’t be until 1979 that Crow and Cobra Golf would release a driver… Long Tom, a 46-inch long driver with a graphite shaft and head.

The original Long Tom Driver by Cobra Golf    The Long Tom II Driver from Cobra Golf

Cobra pioneered the industry by becoming the first US club manufacturer to offer graphite shafts in their woods and irons as a stock option in the mid “80s. They even offered the Senior line and Lady Cobra line with game improvement technology.

Cobra would first use the “King Cobra” designation in 1994 with the release of the King Cobra oversize irons. The King name became a staple after that.

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