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King Cobra Irons by Year

Cobra Irons by Year

Author Ned Howard - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Ned Howard – Retired PGA Teaching Professional

List Of Cobra Irons by Year

Cobra Iron Sets by Year:

Year ReleasedCobra Iron Model
AeroJet One Length
AeroJet Women’s
LTDx One Length
King Forged Tec (2022)
King Forged Tec One Length (2022)
King Forged Tec-X
2021King RF Forged MB Copper
King MIM Tour Copper
King Forged Tec Copper
King RF Rev33 Proto Limited Edition
RAD Speed
RAD Speed One Length
2020King MIM Tour
King Speedzone
King Speedzone One Length
2019T-Rail Irons
King Forged Tec
King Forged Tec One Length
King Forged CB/MB
F9 Speedback
F9 Speedback Special Edition
F9 Speedback One Length
2018King F8
King F8 One Length
King Forged Tec Black
King Forged Tec Black One Length
F-Max One Length
King Forged Tour
King Forged One Irons
King F7
2016King Oversized (OS)
MAX Irons
King F6
King Forged Tec
King Pro
2015Fly-Z XL
Fly-Z Custom
Fly-Z Forged
Fly-Z Pro
2014Bio Cell
2013Baffler XL
AMP Cell
AMP Cell Pro
S3 Max
S3 Pro
2010S2 Max
2009Transition S
S2 Forged
2008Pro MB
Pro CB
2008 S9
2008 FP
2006King Cobra FP
King Cobra S9
King Cobra Carbon CB
20043400 I/XH
3100 I/H
Forged CB
2002King Cobra SS
King Cobra SS Forged
2000CXI Irons
Baffler Multi-Metal Irons
1999Gravity Black
1998King Cobra Oversized II
1997King Cobra II Oversized
King Cobra II Tour
1996Norman Grind
King Cobra Oversized Tour
1994King Cobra Oversized
1992King Cobra
1991Greg Norman Signature Forged

Cobra Irons Over the Last 5 Years

Cobra has made some real product advancements, especially with their irons, over the last few years. Their most recent iron set, LTDx (Longest Total Distance) released in 2022, is a powerhouse. A steel bar called PWR-COR runs behind the face to lower the CG and improve distance.

Cobra LTDx Iron

Cobra has also made a mark in recent years in the players irons market. The RF Proto, made for Rickie Fowler, are the blades of all blades. No offset, small footprint, and scary to stand over unless you are an elite ball striker.

A unique Cobra production is the “One Length” irons. The theory is one length throughout the set will produce one swing, and that can be repeated easier. Bryson DeChambeau is a big proponent of the One Length irons. You can find One Length in several sets, from game improvement all the way to players irons.

King Cobra F9 One Length Iron

An exciting new offering from 2021 is the copper irons. Coated with a PVD copper coating, and available in muscle back blade, cavity back, and game improvement hollow construction, any player can find a copper set that works for their game. The copper finish is arguably the best looking on the market today.

Do all Cobra irons have the “King” designation?

The “King” moniker originated with the King Cobra Oversized, which are the irons that put Cobra into the mainstream, and helped Greg Norman win, and win a lot!

Cobra strayed away from the King title until they felt they had a product that truly embodied the King name. In comes the King lineup of 2016. Technologically advanced, and stellar designs. Definitely worthy of the King surname.

Since 2016, Cobra has stuck with King in the title of most of their products, especially the irons. If you see “King Cobra” just know that you are getting the best that Cobra has to offer!

Cobra Irons History

With a huge golf icon in Greg Norman on their side, Cobra sprung into the iron scene in 1991 with a signature line for “The Shark.” It was their first forged irons, and Norman was the perfect poster child to gain attention.

Cobra released their first “oversized” irons in 1994, and were a major success for the company. The oversized look provided a huge sweet spot, and made getting the ball in the air, and across the course much easier. Although tour and scratch players won’t game with OS irons, they are a big tool, and an important addition to any higher handicap player looking to have fun on the course.

How Often Does Cobra Release New Irons

Cobra is all about innovation, taking the next step, and trying something new. With the graphite shafts, one length irons, and PVD copper finishes, Cobra isn’t afraid to try something new.

After parting ways with Acushnet/Titleist in 2010, when Puma purchased the brand, Cobra found its stride. Cobra has released new iron sets, often multiple sets, every year, since Puma became the parent company. Over the last 12 years, Cobra has made a name for itself in the iron space because of their innovation and originality.

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