Cobra LTDx Driver Review

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • LTDx is the midrange “one driver fits all” option suitable for many skill levels
  • Cobra believes the LTDx to be the longest driver to date
  • PWR-COR uses steel, aluminum, and tungsten to lower CG and raise MOI to next level
  • Modified CNC Milled Infinity Face uses variable thickness for improved ball speeds
  • Solid strikes make a satisfying and explosive CRACK that is unique

LONGEST TOTAL DISTANCE. That is the acronym for the name of this driver family, and that is the goal from Cobra. With World Long Drive Champion Kyle Berkshire and resident bomber Bryson DeChambeau on the Cobra team, distance is clearly first in mind.







Cobra is confident that their new offering, the LTDx series, is their longest driver to date, and the longest on the market. New improvements, and keeping things that work just may have given Cobra the distance crown.

I will take a look at each model in this series, determine who it is best for, and put it through its paces to see if LTDx is really Longest Total Distance. Adjust the Velcro on your glove, hold on to your hats, and let’s see what these drivers are made of!

Cobra LTDx Driver Review (The SERIES as a whole)

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LTD X Driver Models (Who each one is for)

The LTDx lineup is comprised of three models. It’s a very simple – good, better, and best scenario.

The Cobra LTDx Max Driver is the most forgiving, high launching option for beginners and high handicappers.

The LTDx is the medium launch, decently forgiving driver for a slightly better player. This is also their “one size might fit all” option. A scratch player could find this fitting their playing style, and a 20 handicapper could find this in their bag.

The Cobra LTDx LS Driver is Cobra’s “low spin” option for this lineup. The weighting, head shape, and forgiveness are set up for a better player with a high swing speed. When you reach a certain level of swing speed and skill, you need some help reducing the backspin!

Construction and Tech

Like other clubmakers, Cobra has a tall order each year, especially at the tour level, which is “make it better but don’t change anything.” That takes a lot of R&D and incremental changes instead of reinventing the wheel.

The LTDx changed the weight system calling it PWR-COR. Depending on the model, the weights are placed differently, but consist of a steel internal weight, exterior aluminum weight, and a tungsten weight. The positioning of said weights will deliver more forgiveness, easier launch, or less spin.

The CNC milled face is back but improved. Called the H.O.T Face, it is AI developed and quite effective. The variable thickness is fine tuned to optimize ball speeds across a much larger area of the face.

The titanium construction of the LTDx is lighter than its RADspeed predecessor by nearly 9 grams. The weight saved is positioned low and forward to increase ball speed. Which is the theme of the LTDx. More speed, more distance!

Worth the Upgrade?

So the question with a new driver is always the same. Bells and whistles aside, is it worth the upgrade? Is it worth the investment? Should I shell out the cash for the new big stick?

If you are reading this with a Speedzone or RADspeed in your bag, the answer is yes! The new H.O.T. Face provides more forgiveness and ball speeds, as does the repositioned weight. The LTDx is fast and long with all the forgiveness possible. Definitely an improvement from what’s in your bag currently!!

Cobra LTDx Driver Review (Individual Model)







Lofts Available for the LTDx Driver

Cobra offers the same loft options for the LTDx model in right and left hand. Those lofts are 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. Along with the adjustable hosel, you can find the best loft for your swing.

Handicap Range

The LTDx is the mid range or “one size fits all” option in the lineup. It is a mid launch with a slight draw bias. It’s best suited for mid handicappers (10-20) but could find a spot in anyone’s bag depending on swing speed and style.

Technical Review

The Cobra LTDx is packed with cutting edge tech to get the ball down the fairway. To achieve the moniker “Longest Total Distance” Cobra had to get this club moving fast, keep it forgiving, and get some quality roll out after carry.

The LDTx, as described by Cobra, is the “ultimate distance machine.” The meat of the LTDx lies in the PWR-COR technology. PWR-COR is a series of three weights made from different materials, positioned for longest distance and ultimate forgiveness.

The LTDx has a 14g steel weight as low and forward as Cobra could place it. This, along with a 5g aluminum weight increases club head speed. There is also a 15g tungsten back weight for added forgiveness.

The positioning of these weights produced the first ever Cobra driver with a zero center of gravity. CG at zero makes this club highly forgiving, and very very fast. With an incredible 5200 MOI, the LTDx provides low spin and amazing distance off the tee.

The all new H.O.T Face is AI designed, and has one goal in mind; to deliver a faster ball speed across a larger area of the face. The variable thickness is optimized in specific zones on the face to stabilize the face for increased consistent ball speeds.

The chassis is a lighter and stronger multi material construction compared to the RADspeed. Using a more lightweight carbon crown fiber, Cobra made the LTDx 30% lighter throughout, and took that weight over to the PWR-COR.

The popular, and highly effective CNC Milled Infinity Face is back in its third iteration. The CNC milling with the face wrapping around the lead edge creates a larger maximum ball speed zone. It also creates a seamless topline which is visually pleasing, and an innovative alignment aid.

Performance – MY Experience with the Cobra LTDx Driver

Cobra certainly put together a driver that is packed with new tech and cool acronyms, but can it back it up? “Longest Total Distance” is quite the claim!

I was impressed from the moment the head cover came off. I had reviewed the pictures and specs, but seeing it in person, I said “ohhh!” when I had it in hand.  This thing is slick!

The selling point of this driver is speed and distance. It’s geared to maximize ball speed. I am happy to report that the LTDx has it for days! Just as long or longer than other drivers tested. The bonus here is the LTDx driver comes in at a cheaper price point than the rest of the big boys out there.

For the mid level “kind of for better players” driver, I was impressed with the forgiveness. Dispersion and distance on off center strikes were surprisingly consistent. It seems the H.O.T Face delivers on the promise!

With so much weight behind the face, I was expecting stingers off the tee, but the ball flight is a nice neutral, mid level flight. One I prefer. This is thanks to the tungsten weight in the back.

Saving weight on the chassis of this clubhead allowed Cobra to do it all with this club. Under normal circumstances, increasing club speed decreases forgiveness and vice versa. Extra discretionary weight allowed Cobra to load up the bottom in the front and back. Best of both worlds!

Albeit the forgiveness isn’t top of the charts, but it isn’t supposed to be. But if you factor in the ball speed and distance gained, AND throw in this level of forgiveness, you have a driver that is the total package!


The LTDx comes in two colorways. The standard is a matte black crown and gold, yellow, and orange accents. It truly looks great! Understated, but modern and edgy at the same time.

The other color option is a gloss peacoat (navy blue) with red and white accents. This is also a good look, and provides a slight patriotic nod. Hard to choose between the two!

The RADspeed came out with multiple colorways throughout the year, and was a hit. I am sure the LTDx will do the same. You can find limited runs of an all black model, and a really cool looking golden collaboration with Palm Tree Crew.

At address the look is exactly what I look for. The infinity face provides a strong setup, and the alignment aid and raised leading edge give you the visual support. The face sits slightly closed to promote the draw for ultimate distance.

Sound and Feel

The sound and feel of the LTDx driver is classic Cobra. Equal parts explosive and muted. A satisfying crack without too much metallic “ting.” Finding the center of the face is rewarded with the best sound.

Off center strikes provide some decent feedback. Knowing you didn’t hit it square is important throughout a round. Off center strikes are noticeably different, and it should be.

But really, with all this tech, mishits are hardly punished on distance and dispersion, so does the feedback matter as much as it used to? You be the judge!


  • Absolute bomber!
  • Super consistent across the face
  • Weight and feel is perfect
  • Sounds great
  • Color options are fantastic
  • Cheaper than the competition


  • Limited stock shaft choices
  • Head cover feels cheap and flimsy
  • No adjustable weights

The Bottom Line – My Cobra LTDx Driver Review and Experience

The Cobra LTDx delivers exactly what Cobra says it will. Low spin, high forgiveness, and fabulous distance. When compared to current models, I am hard pressed to pick something outside of the LTDx. Against previous models, it is a no brainer.







Given the repositioned weight, fantastic feel, and numbers I will take to the bank, Cobra really nailed it with the LTDx. If you’re looking for more distance and consistency across the face, the LTDx is a great driver that delivers!

Alternate Choices to the Cobra LTD X Driver

TaylorMade Stealth

TaylorMade has their line up as well obviously. The driver in their family that best compares to the LTDx is going to be the Stealth (not the ‘Plus’). Check out our full review of the TaylorMade Stealth Driver to find out if it’s right for you and your game.

Ping G425 Max

Ping’s driver line up is similar in that they have the 3 drivers with kind of a low, mid, and high handicap setup. BUT, their naming differs a little bit from the Cobra LTDx Driver. Their Max model is the one that is most equivalent to the LTDx in my opinion. Check out our Ping G425 Max review for the test results.

Callaway Rogue ST Max

Callaway has put the term “max” in 3 out of their 4 drivers this year for some reason. But it’s still a similar line up breakdown, except with a 4th driver for basically scratch and below golfers. The one you’ll want to look at to compare to the LTD X is the Rogue ST Max Driver.

Titleist TSi2

Titleist has 4 drivers in their most recent line up. The TSi2 is the one that compares best with the Cobra LTDx Driver in my opinion. It has similar launch, spin, and forgiveness characteristics. Our review of the TSi2 is in this article.

FAQ – Cobra King LTD X Driver Review

Is the Cobra LTDx driver forgiving?

The Cobra LTDx driver is somewhat forgiving. It’s kind of in the middle of the pack for the Cobra driver lineup. The LTDx Max is their most forgiving option.

Is Cobra LTDx driver better than Radspeed?

YES, the Cobra LTDx driver is better than the Radspeed in my opinion. With an all new HOT face and repositioned weighting, the LTDx is more forgiving than the Radspeed, and produces faster ball speeds (which means more distance down the fairway!).

What does LTDx stand for?

LTDx stands for “Longest Total Distance Xtreme”, and it definitely stands up to that name! You got the world long drive champion Kyle Berkshire switching to this club, as well as Tour bomber Bryson DeChambeau using it… what else needs to be said?

What is Cobra’s best driver?

Cobra’s best driver that’s going to fit into most player’s skill sets is the Cobra LTDx driver. It is right there in the middle for the forgiveness to distance ratio that most intermediate players will love, and most beginners can play into.