Spalding Irons By Year

Spalding Irons by Year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Jan 7, 2024

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List Of Spalding Irons by Year

Spalding Irons by Year Table:

Year ReleasedSpalding Iron ModelPrice / Where to Buy

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2002Top Flite Oversize
2000Top-Flite XL 2000
1999Pro Impact
1998Executive EZX Oversize
Select Oversize
Top-Flite Tour Oversize
Top-Flite Tour Pro Grind
1997Executive OSi Oversize
Top Flite Magna
Top-Flite Tour Ti
Your Impact Ti Oversize
1996Executive x EZ Oversize
Top-Flite Tour (nbr on face)
1994Elite Tour Balancing System
Top-Flite Tour (no nbr face)
Top-Flite Tour Midsize
1991Top-Flite Plus Professional
Tour Edition (red line)
1990Top-Flite Plus
1989Tour Edition (bird over ball)
1988Tour Edition (cavity back)
1987Executive XE
1984Centurion Custom Cast
1982Elite (star)
1979Elite Plus
1978Top-Flite Pro Forged
1977Executive Spalding
1976top-flite Legacy
1975Elite Centurion
1974Top Flite Dynertal
Executive MV2
1971Elite MV2 Stainless
1970Top-Flite Professional
1969Elite MV2 Stainless Bird Over Ball
1968Executive MV2 Bird Over Ball
1967Top-Flite Professional
1966Elite Professional Stainless
Executive Focal Powered
1965Top-Flite Professional
1964Executive Focal Powered
1963Top Flite Professional
1962Top Flite Executive Synchro-Dyned
1961Top Flite
1960Top Flite Elite Professional
Gene Littler Master Model Synchro-Dyned
Gene Littler synchro-dyned
1953Top Flite Synchro-Dyned
1931Kro Flite RTJ
1920Stop ‘Em
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Spalding Golf Clubs History

Spalding has one of the most storied histories in sports, and a major impact on golf. Especially in America. Starting in the early 1900s, Spalding started making golf balls before manufacturing clubs.

In 1910 Spalding started making fairway clubs made of aluminum, and heavier lead face putters. They also specialized in unique clubs like the Cran Creek. It was a low loft club used for poor lies and putting.

In the 1920s, Spalding started making irons and innovated an assembly line style forging process that was much cheaper, faster, and more precise than the ole hammer and anvil.

Spalding Kro Flite

Spalding got so inventive with their clubmaking, they had golf bags around America sporting 20-30 clubs. In an effort to keep golf a game of skill, the USGA implemented the 14 club rule that we see today.

Spalding took off with sales and production with Bobby Jones joining the team. The greatest golfer at the time plays Spalding? Well then so did everyone else. Over two million Bobby Jones sets were sold in America.

Spalding Executive Focal Powered

From the 1950s to the 1990s Spalding was in the bag for many major victories, and was played on municipal courses across the country. During that time, Spalding ownership changed hands a half dozen times, and saw the same fate as MacGregor Irons.

With new “sexy” companies like Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade, and golfers like Tiger and Phil, the new aged golfer wasn’t interested in playing their “grandpas golf clubs.” Sales declined into the 2000s, and Spalding made their last club in 2002.

Spalding Top Flite Dynertal

The Top Flite name lives on, however, thanks to the purchase of its namesake via Callaway in the early 2000s. Top Flite is now synonymous with “bargain” or “cheap” instead of being the club of choice for the greatest golfers on tour. Yet again, the same fate as MacGregor had.

Does Spalding Still Make Golf Clubs?

Spalding no longer makes golf clubs, and hasn’t for some time now. However, the name of their popular brand “Top Flite” was sold to Callaway, and is used for discount clubs and balls.

When Did Spalding Stop Making Golf Clubs?

Spalding stopped making clubs in 2002. Insurmountable debt, uncertain management, and stiff competition forced Spalding to stop production.

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