Callaway Drivers by Year

Callaway drivers by year

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 23, 2024

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List Of Callaway Drivers By Year

Callaway Drivers by Year:

Year ReleasedCallaway Driver ModelsPrice / Where to Buy

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2024Paradym Ai Smoke Max
Paradym Ai Smoke Max D
Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast
Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond
Paradym Ai Smoke  Max Womens
Paradym Ai Smoke Max D Womens
Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Womens
Paradym X
Paradym Triple Diamond
Great Big Bertha (2023)
Women’s Paradym
Women’s Paradym X
Women’s Great Big Bertha (2023)
Women’s Big Bertha Reva (2023)
2022Rogue ST MAX
Rogue ST MAX D
Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS
Women’s Rogue ST MAX
Women’s Rogue ST MAX D
2021Epic Speed
Epic MAX
Epic Speed Triple Diamond
Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS
Epic MAX Star
Women’s Epic Max
Women’s Epic Speed
Women’s Epic MAX Star
Mavrik 22
Mavrik MAX
Mavrik Sub Zero
Big Bertha B21
Women’s Big Bertha REVA
2019Epic Flash
Epic Flash Sub Zero
Epic Flash Star
Rogue Draw
Rogue Sub Zero
Rogue Women’s
Rogue Draw Women’s
XR Speed
2017Great Big Bertha Epic
Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero
Great Big Bertha Epic Star
2016Big Bertha Fusion
XR 16
XR 16 Pro
XR 16 Sub Zero
2015Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha Alpha 816
Big Bertha Alpha 816 DD
Bertha Mini 1.5
XR Pro
XR Women’s
2014Big Bertha
Big Bertha Alpha
Big Bertha Alpha 815
Big Bertha Alpha 815 DD
Big Bertha Women’s
Big Bertha V Series
Big Bertha V Series Women’s
X Hot N14
X2 Hot
X2 Hot Pro
X2 Hot Women’s
2013X Hot
X Hot Pro
FT Optiforce
2012Razr Fit
Razr X Black
Tour Authentic Razr Fit
Razr Fit Xtreme
2011Diablo Octane
Diablo Octane Tour
Razr Hawk
Razr Hawk Tour
2010Diablo Edge
Diablo Edge Tour
FT-iZ Tour
FT-9 Tour
2008Hyper X
Hyper X Tour
Hyper X Women’s
FT-I Limited Edition Women’s
FT-IQ Tour
2007Fti 25th Anniversary
FT-I Tour
FT-I Women’s
FT-5 Tour
FT-5 Women’s
X-460 Tour
X-460 Women’s
Big Bertha 460
Big Bertha 460 Women’s
2005Big Bertha Titanium 454
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3
Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour
2004Big Bertha Titanium
2003ERC Fusion
2002Great Big Bertha II
C4 Graphite
1999Great Big Bertha Hawkeye
1997Biggest Big Bertha
1995Great Big Bertha
Big Bertha War Bird
1991Big Bertha (original)
S2H2 (Women’s)
We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Latest Callaway Driver Models

Paradym Ai Smoke for 2024…

Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond: Ideal for lower handicap players looking for neutral/fade biased face, compact shape, low launch, low spin, and workability. Tour pros such a Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, and Sam Burns have this club in their bag.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX: Works for a wide range of player, from high handicappers down to tour pros. Sliding rear weight allows for adjustability, mid-high launch, low spin, and modern head shape.

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D: For a higher handicapper looking for help off the tee with launch and draw bias. Fight the slice with high MOI, stretched back design, and a high launch profile. 

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fast: New to the Callaway driver lineup is a lightweight design for slower swing speed players looking for something lightweight and easy to swing. Bonded hosel and lightweight materials make for the lightest option from Callaway.

Paradym Series for 2023…

Callaway’s latest release (late February of 2023) is the Paradym series with the following model offers:

  1. Paradym – high launch / low spin for mid to low handicap players
  2. Paradym X – more forgiveness (high launch / high MOI) and slight draw bias for higher handicap players
  3. Paradym Triple Diamond – low spin / low launch, smaller head, for advanced and low handicap players looking to work the ball and who have a very high swing speed and good ball striking ability
  4. Paradym Women’s – same head as men’s, but more women friendly shaft options
  5. Paradym X Women’s – same head as men’s, but more women friendly shaft options

What is the Callaway Rogue Driver Year?

The Callaway Rogue Driver year is 2022 for the new Rogue ST, and the Callaway Rogue Driver year is 2018 for the original Rogue.

This time they added the ST (Speed Tuned) designation.

These drivers might possibly be the best drivers every produced in the history of golf!!

Check out our reviews and test results for each of the 4 drivers if you don’t believe me haha:

  1. Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver review
  2. Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver review
  3. Callaway Rogue ST Max D Driver review
  4. Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS Driver review

Callaway Epic Max Driver Line

Before the Rogue ST line, it was the Epic line in 2021. We have an in depth review of the Callaway Epic Speed if you want to check that out, the Epic Max version over here, and the Callaway Epic Max LS review here.

latest Callaway driver 2022      Callaway driver from 2021

Big Bertha B21

If you’re still a Big Bertha loyalist, Callaway still offers the Big Bertha B21 which was released in 2020. Who knows if they’ll continue that line going forward, but I would assume they’ll update the model every few years.

Recent Callaway driver 2020

How It All Started

Callaway’s first driver was the S2H2 in 1988, which stands for “short, straight, hollow hosel”.

The technology was originally developed for use in their irons set at the time, but quickly made it’s way over to the “woods” as well (yes, they still called the driver the 1 Wood back then).

A few short years later in 1991, the original Big Bertha was released! Also repping the S2H2 hosel.

Original Big Bertha Driver by Callaway

They continued with Big Bertha upgrades through the years, including the Great Big Bertha in 1995, the Biggest Big Bertha in 1997. Callaway continued re-releasing the Big Bertha every few years and even has the current Big Bertha B21 which was released in 2020.

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