5 Best Winter Golf Pants to Keep You Warm in The Cold Weather

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Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Jan 7, 2024

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Key Takeaways – Best Mens Winter Golf Pants

  • Winter pants are often overlooked for cold weather golf
  • Wind resistant pants can be a game changer
  • Be careful of bulky pants that impede your swing
  • Waterproof technology is key

Jackets are a big deal. In fact, so are socks, gloves (more on those here), and even hats.

But why is it that so many golfers miss out on the opportunity for a pair of great winter golf pants? Winter pants can keep you warm, stylish, comfortable, and dry throughout a cold golf round.

If you aren’t taking advantage of this technology, you are missing out! Take a look at the best winter golf pants for men in 2024. 

(if you’re a woman, check out our take on women’s winter golf pants)

Best Cold Weather Golf Pants – Test Results and Rankings

#1. Adidas Frostguard Insulated Winter Golf Pants Mens

🏆 Best Overall 🥇

One of the best mens winter golf pants


  • Machine washable
  • Front and back pockets
  • Helps golfers maintain their body heat


  • Fabric is not super thick
  • Very limited color selection
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My Experience (with pictures):

The Adidas Men’s Frostguard Insulated pant is a piece of cold weather gear you will want to add to your wardrobe. These are machine washable pants with ankle zips and a tapered fit. If you don’t want your golf trousers covered along the bottom edge with water and grass, these are the pants to try.

WHY They’re Great Thermal Golf Pants:

The fit, fabric, and overall functionality of these winter golf trousers make them perfect for playing golf in the colder months (more on that over here). The PFC Free Water repellent finish also makes these fairly good at being windproof pants.

The Bottom Line

If you have never purchased winter golf trousers in the past and you want to see how they can help your game, this is the perfect place to start. With a comfortable fit and impressive performance, you can stay warm and play well.

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#2. Under Armour ColdGear Winter Golf Pants Mens

🏆 Best for Maneuverability 🥇

Me wearing a Under Armour coldgear winter golf pants for men


  • A little bit of Elastane built in for better maneuverability
  • Water repellent technology
  • Machine washable
  • Very comfortable on cold days


  • No fleece lining
  • Not windproof pants
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My Experience (with pictures):

The UnderArmour Men’s Cold Gear Infrared Showdown pant has plenty of warmth with a bit of stretch mixed in. The pants feature a ColdGear Infrared lining that allows you to stay incredibly warm. In addition, some moisture-wicking material dries any sweat really quickly. Yes, you can sweat in the winter too!

WHY They’re Great Warm Golf Pants:

UnderArmour tends to put a lot of technology into their golf gear. I’ve always liked their gear in the cold and warm weather because of the performance of the fabric and materials. This UA Storm technology also improves warmth while still making the pants breathable.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the weather conditions, it’s important to be able to swing with ease while you are on the course. The UnderArmour Men’s Cold Gear Infrared Showdown Pant won’t be your best bet for icy winds, but this is a great option if you want to go low in the cold.

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#3. Little Donkey Andy Micro Fleece Lined Golf Pants for Winter

🏆 Best Value 🥇

A new Little Donkey Andy micro fleece lined golf pants for winter


  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Will dry quickly
  • Multiple pockets
  • It can be used for a variety of outdoor activities


  • Not specifically for golf
  • The front pocket on the leg is a bit odd
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My Experience (with pictures):

Little Donkey Andy is not a brand you think of right away when looking at winter golf clothes, but these pants are a great value and have a warm and soft lining. In addition, the Little Donkey Andy Men’s Micro Fleece pants have a water repellent and abrasion resistant exterior.

I’ve gotten pants caught on a tee a few times, and it can do some damage, but these hold up well.

WHY They’re Great Thermal Golf Pants:

The comfortable stretch fabric makes these warm golf pants easy to wear for winter activities outside of golf. The 5% spandex also helps with the ability to rotate and pivot on the course.

The Bottom Line

With the Little Donkey Andy, pants expect to get impressive water-repellent features, warmth, and strong value. I won’t tell you these pants will hold up for many years, but for the next few, you should have a good solution to the winter cold on the golf course, and these thermal golf pants do the job well.

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#4. Nike Storm Fit Advanced Winter Golf Pants

🏆 Best Wind Resistance 🥇

My new Nike storm fit advanced winter golf pants for cold weather


  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Drawstring waist
  • Pockets
  • Velcro adjustable closure at the bottom


  • Still need a pair of pants underneath
  • Not the cheapest option
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My Experience (with pictures):

Winter days can be windy, and having a pair of pants that will block out the wind can be a true game changer. The Nike Storm Fit Advanced Pants work for both windy and wet conditions, but the wind protection truly stands out as something pretty impressive.

In addition, with the way the pants were designed, they won’t restrict you at all when you play golf.

WHY It’s One of the Best Golf Pants for Cold Weather:

Sometimes the winter weather requires a pair of pants like this on top of a pair of pants like the Adidas or Little Donkey Andy. I always had an extra pair of storm-type pants in the bag; with all cold weather gear, it’s important to have layers.

The Bottom Line

The great thing about the Nike Storm Fit Advanced is that these winter trousers will work throughout the year if you run into a bad storm on the golf course.

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#5. Oakley Take Pro Pants

🏆 Best Water Repellent 🥇

Me wearing a khaki Oakley take pro pants


  • Water repellent golf trousers
  • Inner silicone tape to keep shirt tucked in
  • Several pockets for accessories
  • Moisture wicking fabric


  • Overall pant weight is not very heavy (No fleece lining)
  • Slightly tighter fit
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My Experience (with pictures):

Staying dry on the golf course is a must. Many golfers forget that in the winter, you can still sweat, the grass can still be soaked, and you can even run into a winter rain shower. With the Oakley Take Pro Pants, you benefit from quick drying fabric and protection from outside moisture.

The thing I was most impressed with on the Oakley Take Pro is the overall style and look; these are good-looking winter golf trousers.

WHY They’re Great Men’s Cold Weather Golf Pants:

With the Oakley Take Pro Pants, you could even wear warm ups or something under the trousers and then benefit from the waterproof technology on the top. You will look good and stay warm and dry at the same time. These pants have all the little features that golfers need on the course.

The Bottom Line

The Oakley Take Pro Pants stood out because of the way they keep you dry and comfortable throughout the entire round. For the price, it’s hard to find golf apparel that looks and feels as good as these, and that’s how they easily earned a spot as one of my top picks.

We earn commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

And the Winner For Best Winter Golf Pants Is …

At this point, you should feel like there are some good choices on the market to help you battle those lower temperatures and enjoy some time on the golf course. Here are the top choices for the best winter golf trousers.

Best Overall

The Adidas Men’s Frostguard Insulated pant is the best golf pant for winter. You will be impressed with the way these feel and the warmth they provide in the rough weather. Golf is still very much a sport, and movement and flexibility are essential; with the Frostguard, that won’t be an issue.

Best Wind Resistance

The Nike Storm Fit Advanced helps to keep the wind and wet weather away. These have a perfect fit over a pair of warm golf trousers, and they can be kept in your bag for poor conditions you encounter all year long.

Best Value

The Little Donkey Andy Men’s Microfleece pants are the best deal out there. These pants will keep the chill out, are loose on the legs, and will not break the bank. If your winter season is short, this is the apparel you need.

Tips For Choosing A Great Pair of Cold Weather Golf Pants

A golfer hitting a driver in the cold weather

Things like the size of the pants, the inseam, and the price range you can figure out on your own. However, when looking for a great pair of winter pants, here are the things to keep in mind.

  • The waterproof technology is key – if your pants get wet, you will be extremely uncomfortable for the rest of your round; pay the extra money for water resistance and quick-drying winter pants.
  • Take a look at the total length of the pant; something slightly shorter that sits about the shoe is not a bad idea as conditions can be wet and muddy.
  • Think about wearing more than one pair of pants; this is common with both amateur and professional golfers; layering pants is a great strategy.
  • Look for great pockets, I don’t know about you, but my hands and winter golf ball ends up in my pockets quite a bit when I’m playing in the cold.


If you still aren’t sold on the fact that winter pants are going to make any kind of difference for you, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

What kind of pants should I wear for golf in cold weather?

The best pants to wear for golf in the cold is a combination of waterproof slacks with a pair of rain or wind pants on top. This gives you warmth and protection from the elements.

What is the difference with golf pants?

Golf pants are made to allow players a full range of motion, the proper positioning of the pockets, and a fit that will look clean and neat while on the course.

Can you wear dress pants as golf pants?

Some players wear dress pants as golf pants, but this is not common in the golfing world. Dress pants don’t tend to have the proper fabric technology or performance to help players keep their skin dry and comfortable for 18 holes.

Final Thoughts

As you prepare your game for the coldest time of the year, don’t forget about a great pair of cold weather golf pants.

I was impressed with these top picks and the technology they brought to the market.

With something like the Adidas Frostguard, you can stay warm and look good all at the same time. Pair this with a great pair of shoes (more on those over here), winter socks, a hat, and a golf jacket, and you may as well play 36 holes!

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