Titleist TSi2 Driver Review

Titleist TSi2 Driver

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • TSi2 suits the widest range of golfers from tour pros to handicaps in the teens
  • ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face produces INCREDIBLE ball speeds
  • Classic “no frills” Titleist look
  • Muted premium sound off the face makes it the best sounding driver out there
  • Titleist TSi Driver is the most used driver on the PGA Tour
  • Lofts available in 8°, 9°, 10°, and 11° along with an adjustable Hosel

Titleist. Is there a brand more synonymous with golf? Even more so, golf at its best. Titleist is the most popular brand on the PGA tour, by far, in every category. They supply the most used golf balls, wedges, irons, and drivers.







With the Titleist TSi driver series being used by the best in the world, there must be something to it. Pros are using it? Is it too difficult for me to swing? Like blades? Negative.

Titleist has shaped the TSi line to be all inclusive. With differences in the TSi models 1-4, every golfer can find a TSi to fit their game.

Titleist TSi Driver Review (The SERIES as a whole)

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Titleist TSi Driver Models

The Titleist TSi drivers series has four models…

The Titleist TSi1 is the lightest and the most forgiving of the bunch, suitable for slower swing speed and high handicaps.

The Titleist TSi2 is the model that fits most golfers (moderate swing speed players). A 16 handicap or a tour pro may find this to be the best option. It has the perfect blend of speed and forgiveness.

The Titleist TSi3 is the most adjustable option in the TSi lineup. A sliding weight track allows for shot shaping. The TSi3 also offers a flatter trajectory (low mid launch), making it the most popular on the PGA Tour.

The Titleist TSi4 is reserved for the best of the best. It’s an ultra low spin, 430cc head, speed machine. Newer and higher handicap players may find this one difficult to hit, as the head size reduction equates to a smaller face and optimal impact area.

PS – if you’re torn between the 2 and 3, give our Titleist TSi2 vs TSi3 a quick read.

Construction and Tech

My first question when I saw the release of the Titleist TSi drivers, was “what does the i stand for?” From the last model, we found that “TS” was “Titleist Speed.” The ”i” stands for Impact. And Impact is certainly a showcase in this lineup.

Titleist’s proprietary ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face is easily the biggest upgrade to the lineup. I know, you’re thinking “that’s not impressive. Everyone uses a titanium face.” This is not ordinary titanium.

Thinner, lighter, more flexible, and more durable than the run of the mill titanium, the ATI 425 delivers more ball speed and more forgiveness across the face.

The Titleist TSi drivers also have a thinner carbon crown. The thinnest is in the TSi4 for maximum speed. The carbon crown is painted a jet black. The darkest I have seen for sure.

Each model has a slightly different shape that offers different benefits to achieve your desired consistent ball flight. Premium shaft options and the SureFit hosel make all four models fairway finding bombers!

Worth the Upgrade?

When a new model hits the shelves and pro shops, the question always is “is the juice worth the squeeze?” Could Titleist have really made enough improvements to warrant shelling out the cash for the new hotness?

In this case, the answer is a resounding yes. The Titleist TS line is a fantastic model, no doubt there. However, the new ATI 425 face, thinner crown, and updated shapes garner distance, forgiveness, and feel that are unmatched.

If you are gaming non new Titleist drivers, you have to ask yourself one rhetorical question. If more top 100 Tour pros bag the Titleist TSi driver than any other option (by far), then why shouldn’t you?

Titleist TSi2 Driver Review







Lofts Available

Right Hand: 8°, 9°, 10°, and 11°

Left Hand: 9°, 10°, and 11°

Handicap Range

This Titleist TSi2 Driver review starts with WHO should be looking at this driver. This is the most versatile option in the TSi range. Tour pros like Justin Thomas game the Titleist TSi2 driver, but someone with a handicap in the teens can reap the benefits as well.

Technical Review

The Titleist TSi2 driver is a modern marvel. The focus with the TSi2, and the rest of the TSi lineup, is the new face. The ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face is unique to the TSi, and offers benefits exceeding competitors.

Compared to titanium found in other drivers, the ATI 425 face is thinner, stronger, and more flexible. This increases maximum ball speed, and makes the sweet spot MUCH larger. This gives you greater distance across more area of impact.

High MOI is the focus of any driver these days, but what isn’t discussed is directional MOI. With a weaker titanium face, high MOI is in reference to stability from heel to toe. The ATI 425 face is so strong that it affects the MOI.

In the Titleist TSi2 driver, the MOI design also adds vertical stability as well, which is unique to Titleist. This equates to, not only distance and speed, but tighter dispersion and consistent spin rates.

The Titleist SureFit Hosel allows for 16 different combinations of loft and lie to really fine tune your bomber. The Titleist TSi2 driver also has an 8 gram weight at the rear of the sole. This weight is removable, although Titleist does not recommend doing so.

Coupled with the multidirectional MOI, the TSi2 driver heads shape is aerodynamically tuned. A hot knife through butter. Titleist says that the TSi2 has 15% less drag than the TS2 model. Less drag and a new face produce massive gains.

Titleist TSi2 Driver Shaft Options

Titleist offers premium shafts from the top brands in the game. Stock shaft options from Graphite Design, Project X, and Mitsubishi come in regular or stiff options.

For the particular or precise, Titleist offers 103 shaft options from seven different manufacturers. Needless to say, Titleist has something to fit any type of golfer.


Titleist calls the TSi2 driver the “Distance Bomber.” They are not wrong! I was expecting something great looking at this club on paper, and it exceeded expectations in testing.

The first thing I noticed was the feel of speed and power during practice swings. You can tell right away that it’s going to crush the ball.

I was most curious about the focal point of this driver, the face. The ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium Face. Last year’s TS2 was a good driver. Will this new face make the TSi2 great? That is a resounding yes!

Explosive, tight dispersion, low spin rates, nice high medium trajectory. Perfect. Watching this “Distance Bomber” fly off the tee was equal parts rewarding and satisfying.

The key takeaway from testing was performance on off center shots. When the ball didn’t find the center, the face made of Mars Rover material kept ball speeds and spin characteristics consistent.

I wasn’t losing extra yards, or getting ill desired shot shapes if I hit too high or low on the face, or on either side of the alignment mark.

Overall the Titleist TSi2 driver was consistent, satisfying, and fun. I couldn’t wait to tee another one up and send it for a ride. Its versatility makes it a winner at the top of any golfer’s bag.


The Titleist TSi2 driver features a classic understated Titleist look. The new thinner crown is gloss black with only a small ”TSi” alignment aid. No distractions or gimmicks.

The head shape is similar to the TS2 – an elongated head shape that is built for clubhead speed. The Titleist TSi2 driver head is a fine tuned version of the TS2 that Titleist says reduces drag by 13%.

The bottom is classic Titleist. Clean, slick, and neat. Grays and blacks with a touch of red for the TSi2 logo. And you can’t forget the signature Titleist cursive on the toe.

Sound and Feel

The Titleist TSi2 driver holds true to the Titleist way with incredible feedback in sound and feel. The new face design changes the sound of the high pitched ting from the TS2 into a much more satisfying, low tone, strong, thud.

Impacts in the center of the face produce the best acoustics and a rewarding feel in my hands. I can tell if the ball doesn’t meet the middle, as the feedback is immediate.

What really impressed me is the certainty I felt with each swing. Immediate certainty that I caught it slightly on the toe, a little high on the face, or on the screws. The impact feedback is the best of any driver I have tested.


  • Nice and square at address
  • Impressive ball speeds
  • Forgiveness across the face
  • Rewarding sound
  • Super consistent spin rates
  • Vertical stability in the face as well
  • Mid launch to mid high launch


  • Face shows ball marks pretty easily
  • Stock length of 45.5” may be too long for some
  • Elongated head shape makes it appear oversized

The Bottom Line – Titleist New Driver 2021

Titleist really checked all the boxes with the TSi 2 driver. You get the best of both worlds with the TSi2 in distance and forgiveness. Improved speed over the TS2 provides more distance off the tee.

The new ATI 425 face increases forgiveness heel to toe as well as crown to sole. Although the TS2 has great forgiveness, it pales in comparison to the ATI face.

Unbelievable sound and feel, with watching the “Distance Bomber” send the ball farther down the fairway than ever before results in one word. Rewarding.

With the Titleist TSi2 driver fitting in such a wide range of skill levels, it’s a testament to what a marvel this driver truly is. Finding something that might fit your game as good as the Titleist TSi2 driver is possible… but better? Titleist welcomes all comers.







Alternate Choices to the Titleist TSi 2 Driver

TaylorMade Stealth

If TaylorMade is more your speed, definitely check out the brand new Stealth model if you’re looking for something in the same category as the Titleist TSi2 driver. Give our Stealth driver review a scan to find out if it’s right for you and your game.

Callaway Rogue ST Max

Another absolutely great driver from 2022 is the Rogue ST Max from Callaway. Again, it’s going to be very similar in terms of the forgiveness to aggressiveness ratio as the Titleist TSi2 driver. Check out our review of the Rogue ST Driver for our thoughts and test results.

Ping G425 Max

And last but certainly not least, the Ping G425 Max Driver is one of the best… maybe even THE best driver of 2021. And Ping doesn’t release drivers but every few years, so it’s still their newest option. Once again, it’s in the same category as the Titleist TSi2 driver for forgiveness, mid launch, and spin.

FAQ – Titleist TSi-2

Note – Some of these FAQs were covered throughout the article, but I still get these questions a lot… so here are the “short and sweet” answers to the most common questions:

Is the Titleist TSi2 forgiving?

Yes, the Titleist TSi2 is a forgiving driver, but not as forgiving as the TSi1.

Is TSi2 better than TS2?

The TSi2 is much better than the TS2 in my opinion. The new ATI 425 Titanium face in the Titleist TSi2 driver is just so much more advanced than the older face in the TS2. It’s thinner, lighter, more flexible, and more durable… resulting in more forgiveness and faster ball speed.

When was the Titleist TSi2 released?

The Titleist TSi2 was released in October of 2020.

Do any pros use TSi2?

Although most pros use the TSi3 or TSi4, several pros are using the TSi2 driver. Justin Thomas used it for a while, but he sometimes switches back and forth between the TSi2 and the TSi3. Other notable pros using the Titleist TSi2 are:
  1. Justin Thomas
  2. Sung-Jae Im
  3. Thomas Pieters
  4. Brian Harman
  5. Matt Jones
  6. Lanto Griffin

Which Titleist driver is best for a mid handicapper?

The Titleist driver that is best for a mid handicapper is most likely the TSi2 in my opinion. It’s right in the middle of speed and forgiveness. The TSi1 is more for beginners, and the TSi3 is more for low handicap players. Don’t even think about the TSi4 if you’re asking this question (that one is for pros).

What does TSi mean Titleist?

TSi stands for Titleist Speed Impact.

Is the TSi2 adjustable?

The Titleist TSi2 is an adjustable driver. The SureFit Hosel allows for 16 different combinations of lie and loft fine tune your driver. There’s also an 8 gram weight at the rear of the sole that can be changed to different gram weight amounts.

Can you change the loft on TSi2?

The loft can be changed on the TSi2 to +1, +2, or -1 degrees of the stated loft.