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Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Review – Is Low Spin right for you?

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • Epic Max LS replaces “Sub Zero” moniker as the low spin offering
  • The total package for mid to low handicappers
  • High MOI, neutral ball flight and extreme forgiveness in a low spin package
  • OptiFit hosel can be adjusted -1/+1/+2 degrees (as well as lie adjustment)
  • Built-in fade bias and sliding perimeter weight allow for fine tune ball flight

The Callaway Epic line has a driver available for all types of golfers. The Callaway Epic Max LS is this line’s “Sub Zero” offering. LS standing for “low spin” – you’ll see much lower spin rates compared to the Speed and the Max.

With high MOI, neutral ball flight, and forgiveness in lower spin rates, the Epic Max LS is the total package for mid to low handicappers. A built in fade bias, and sliding perimeter weight allows for the desired flight path.

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Review

Lofts Available

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver comes in marked lofts of 9 and 10.5 degrees. With the OptiFit hosel, it can be adjusted -1/+1/+2 degrees (as well as lie adjustment capabilities).

Real photo of the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

If you’re not sure what loft driver you should be playing, I’d highly suggest taking a look at this post here.

Handicap Range

The Epic Max LS is designed to meet the needs of a mid to low handicap player. A mid to high handicapper will likely be better suited with the Epic Max.

Technical Review

The same as the Epic Speed and Epic Max, the Max LS has the all new A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frame and Flash Face. The two work together to generate incredible ball speeds. Both improved from the Mavrik line, generate greater distance and forgiveness across a larger area of the face.

The Triaxial Carbon (vs titanium) build saves 13 grams of weight throughout the crown and toe patch, allowing Callaway to position the center of gravity deeper to increase the MOI. This increases stability at impact and helps you find the short grass with frequency.

Callaway Max LS at address

The 13g adjustable perimeter weight provides up to 13 yards of shot correction, which will help find the perfect shot shape for your game. A truly unique driver for a specific player.

The Max LS is the most fade capable driver of the Epic selection, and with the forgiveness, it’s an option for low handicappers like never before. Lower launch and lower spin generally sacrifice forgiveness, but Callaway cracked the code on this one.

Shaft Options

  • Mitsubishi MMT 60
  • Mitsubishi MMT 70

Mitsubishi MMT 60 driver shaft

More on what length shaft for your driver here.


A traditional low spin driver has a smaller footprint and a more narrow face. But the Max LS has managed to have a larger face and overall size, to keep forgiveness, but also lower spin rates.

The Max LS isn’t the lowest spinning driver out there, but is by far the most forgiving. Low launch, low spin, high forgiveness is a combination often attempted, but hardly achieved.

Now “low spin” doesn’t mean what it used to, but the spin rates are definitely reduced compared to the Speed and Max. This lower RPM spin and penetrating ball flight do equate to carry distance, so you will expect to see more yardage comparatively.

Photo standing over the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

With the added distance and speed, this club is a dream for lower handicap players. Even most mid handicap players prefer the Max LS over the Speed and Max. Simply put, lower spin rates improve carry distance.

For a “players” driver, forgiveness is off the charts on the Max LS:

Given the forgiveness properties of the all new A.I. Jailbreak Speed Frame and Flash Face, the forgiveness for the Max LS is already impressive. Callaway has also managed to offer a very high MOI for a low spin driver… add it all together and you get the most forgiving “players” driver on the market.

This never before seen forgiveness in a low spin driver makes it an option for a wider handicap range. The extra carry distance, without sacrificing forgiveness, is an enticing option for a lot of golfers.


Just like the Epic Speed and Epic Max, the Max LS is a sleek, refined, fairway finding, cannon. Simple crown with Chevron alignment aid, and subtle pinstripe on the trail edge. The sole is completely different… greens, whites, and chrome provide a contemporary look.

Close up photo of the Max LS by Callaway

The Speed Frame anchors are visible on the sole, with four points of sprawling contact that increase ball speed and forgiveness. Max LS is printed on the sole in an angular fashion that is in line with the speed look. Three raised “fins” on the sole give the visual aerodynamics to match performance.

Another stock image of the Max LS

The Max LS head cover is slick, colorful, and beautifully stitched with a plush liner to protect the club in your bag. But you won’t be able to wait to take it off and showcase the very capable driver underneath!

Bottom view of the Callaway driver about to hit a ball

Sound and Feel

The Epic Max LS has an incredible sound and feel. The combination of the Triaxial Carbon crown and titanium sole creates an interesting sound. The distinct metal “ting” from the titanium is muted by the Triaxial Carbon crown, giving it powerful acoustics off the tee.

The feedback, due to the forgiveness, isn’t as prevalent compared to other “players” drivers, but you will know when you have a missed hit. Thankfully, again, due to the forgiveness, you won’t be punished for missing the center of the face as much as you would with other OEMs.

View from the front of the Callaway driver hitting a ball

Combine the powerful sound with the stable and confident feel, and the Max LS almost feels like a game improvement driver, but with the performance of a “players” driver.


  • Incredible distance – The A.I. designs and multi-material construction provide impressive carry distance
  • Surprisingly forgiving – Unmatched in the low spin “better player” driver space
  • Sliding weight – The 13g sliding perimeter weight provides up to 13 yards of correction
  • OptiFit hosel – Adjustment options to loft/life/face angle
  • Lower spin – Lowest spinning option in the Epic line
  • Well rounded – The most balanced low spin option today


  • Large footprint – Generally low spin “players” drivers have a smaller shape that is preferred
  • Not for everyone – The target market is low to mid handicap golfers
  • Pricey – a little more on the expensive end
  • Not the lowest spinning on the market in this category

The Bottom Line

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver is a modern marvel.

Impressive ball speed, reduced spin, penetrating ball flight, all in a fantastic looking package.

Looking to upgrade from a Sub Zero model driver from the Mavrik or Rogue line? The A.I. design improvements take this club to the next level. The Epic Max LS will provide you with a similar feel, with better performance, across a larger area of the face.

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver glistening in the sun

Trying to find your next low spin “players” driver? The Epic Max LS performs in line with distance, spin rates, and flight path of other OEMs, but gives you added forgiveness without sacrificing those important traits. It’s undoubtedly one of the best low spin options on the market today. Give it a try and you will see!

Other Drivers in the Callaway Epic Family

All 3 Epic Drivers side by side

If you like the Callaway Epic series, but don’t think you’re quite ready for the low spinning Max LS, check out the Epic Max instead. It provides a little more help getting the golf ball in the air compared to the Max LS. Check out our full review of the Callaway Epic Max driver.

Or, if you’re looking for the ultimate player’s driver by Callaway, the Epic Speed might be more your speed (pun intended). Check out our full review of the Callaway Epic Speed driver.

Alternative Choices to the Epic Max LS

TaylorMade SIM 2

TaylorMade’s SIM2 Driver

The SIM 2 from TaylorMade is their low spin driver option. Probably a bit more of a “player’s driver” than the Max LS, but still in the same category in my opinion. Check out our review of that right here.

Ping G425 LST

Ping’s G425 LST Driver

Another option in the low spin category is the Ping G425 LST, which stands for Low Spin Technology. Again, like the TaylorMade SIM2, it’s a little more aggressive (and less forgiving) than the Epic Max LS. Check out our review of that right here.

Cobra Radspeed

Cobra Radspeed Driver

Cobra has a low spin option in their driver line up, the Radspeed driver. It’s not as forgiving as the Epic Max LS, and is geared more towards an advanced level golfer, but it’s a pretty nice driver none the less.  Our review of the Cobra Radspeed can be found here.

More of the Best Drivers in Golf

Image of a guy hitting a driver
If you’re looking in the low spin category, but want a little bit more feedback off the face, a true player’s driver is something you should look into. We reviewed and ranked the best ones in our opinion here, if you want to check that out.


Note – Some of these FAQs were covered throughout the article, but I still get these questions a lot… so here are the “short and sweet” answers to the most common questions:

Is the Callaway epic Max LS forgiving?

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver is somewhat forgiving in my opinion. In the category of ‘low spin’ drivers, it’s one of the most forgiving actually. But if you’re looking for the most forgiveness, try the Epic Max (not the LS version).

What is the difference between Callaway Epic Max and Max LS?

The difference between the Callaway Epic Max and Epic Max LS is that the Max LS is designed to be what’s called a “low spin” driver. It creates less RPMs, and thus rises slower and lower in the air. It’s designed for players who have a very high swing speed (105 mph minimum in my opinion), who create a lot of the RPMs to get lift on their own.

The Max (non LS) however, is a more forgiving driver with a more standard RPM rates (higher than the LS version) and is for average swing speed players (95 – 105 MPH).

What does LS stand for Callaway?

In Callaway’s driver line, the term “LS” simply stands for Low Spin. Basically, the design of the driver is to generate lower RPMs, and thus less lift to balls off the face. Typically this is a lower handicap player’s driver.

Is the epic Max LS fade bias?

Yes, the Epic Max LS is a fade bias driver. It’s a pretty slight fade bias however. And, that can be adjusted with both the OptiFit hosel, as well as the slidable 13 gram weight for up to 13 grams of shot shape correction ability.

How do you set up a Callaway epic Max LS driver?

To set up a Callaway Epic Max LS driver you need to do the following:
  1. Get a generic golf club torque wrench and unscrew the hosel
  2. Adjust the OptiFit hosel between -1,S (Stated loft), +1, and +2 loft setups
  3. Adjust the OptiFit hosel between N (neutral) and D (draw) bias lie setups
  4. Unscrew the the slidable weight  and adjust to a fade, neutral, or draw bias position
  5. Using the golf club torque wrench, screw in both the slidable weight and OptiFit Hosel
  6. Make sure you use a golf club torque wrench. Do NOT simply use a screwdriver with a hex/star bit attachment – because you won’t be able to tighten the screws to the correct tightness, and you’ll risk damaging the club.

Callaway Epic Max LS Adjustment Chart:

LoftLoft DescriptionLie
-1Subtracts 1 degree from the Stated LoftN – Neutral Setting
SStated Loft (loft stamped on the clubhead)D – Draw Setting
+1Adds 1 degree to Stated Loft
+2Adds 2 degrees to Stated Loft

Which epic driver has the most neutral to fade bias capabilities?

The Epic driver with the most neutral to fade bias capabilities is the Epic Max LS.

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