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Titleist TSi4 Driver Review

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • TSi4 is a tour shaped compact design for skilled players
  • Incredibly low spin for maximum distance
  • More forgiving than TS4
  • 425cc head size demands the most consistent of swings
  • The low and forward CG produces aggressive spin reduction

The Titleist TSi4 Driver is the compact “tour shape” model of the TSi lineup. It’s visually appealing to some of the best in the world. It is the club of choice for pros like Adam Scott and Russell Henley.

Offering a significant spin reduction from an already low spin model, the TSi4 driver is an attractive option for players that spin the ball a lot off the tee.

Each year, Tour pros tell manufacturers “make it better without changing anything.” This is usually a tall order, and often improvements are marginal. The improvement needed with the TS4 was forgiveness.

The previous TS4 demanded the most precise swings off the tee, and Titleist set out to make the new compact driver a little more forgiving. Were they able to make that important improvement?

Titleist TSi4 Driver Review

Lofts Available

Right hand: 8°, 9°, 10°

Left hand: 9°

Handicap Range

The smaller head, low spin Titleist TSi4 driver demands the most accurate swings, and high swing speeds are required to truly show the effectiveness of the TSi4.

With that being said, the TSi4 driver is best suited for low handicap players and Tour pros. Even so, most Tour pros elect the more forgiving TSi2 (review is here) or TSi3 (review is here) over the more difficult to hit TSi4.

Technical Review

Coming in at just 425cc, the Titleist TSi4 driver has a smaller head shape than the 460cc head that the 1, 2, and 3 have. The focus with the TSi4 driver is spin reduction.

Titleist calls it “aggressive spin reduction.” The low and ultra forward CG greatly reduces spin, and also helps launch. The forward center of gravity reduces dynamic loft.

Dynamic loft is the loft of the club at impact, which is often higher than the listed loft of the club. Low handicap players will benefit by preventing hitting the ball too high.

The TSi4 driver is not for the faint of heart. It demands precise, center strikes to truly unlock its potential. The biggest gripe with the TS4 was how unforgiving it was.

The all new, proprietary ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face is the first weapon towards increased forgiveness. Stronger and more flexible than good ole fashion Titanium, the ATI 425 face increases stability across a larger area of the face.

This special ultra thin Titanium crown is so stable that it offers forgiveness vertically. This is generally skimmed over by other manufacturers, but ”forgiveness” refers to face stability heel to toe. The ATI face covers heel to toe, but also crown to sole.

The redesigned crown is the thinnest in the TSi lineup, and much thinner than the TS4. Reducing crown thickness produces discretionary weight. That weight was moved lower in the club head, which increases MOI.

The increased MOI is the second of the one-two punch to improve the forgiveness of this compact bomber. This reduces the premium on dead center strikes, and you aren’t punished as much off center.

The Titleist TSi4 driver does not have adjustable weight, like the TSi3, but it does have the amazing SureFit Hosel. The SureFit Hosel gives you 16 different and unique loft and lie options for a custom fit.

Shaft Options

Titleist understands all this R&D, and manufacturing of such an elite club is all for nothing without quality shaft options to go along with it. Titleist gives you stock options from True Temper and Mitsubishi, and premium options from Graphite Design.

The stock options are HZRDUS Smoke Yellow, Smoke Black RDX, Tensei AV White Raw, AV Blue Raw SFW, and Kuro Kage Black DC 5G SFW. These come in a wide range of flex, from lite/senior all the way to tour/extra stiff.

The premium shafts come at an up charge, but are high quality options for a high quality driver. The premium Graphite Design Tour AD DI, Tour AD IZ, Tour AD XC. All of which come in flex regular, stiff, or extra stiff, and weights 54g to 85g.


The Titleist TSi4 is an elite driver’s driver. The ultimate weapon for a killer off the tee. The compact shape boosts club head speed, and you need all the speed you can get.

Just like the greatest of anything, it performs best at peak output. The true potential of the TSi4 driver isn’t seen unless it is swung at high swing speeds. If your swing speed is under 110mph, you are better suited for the TSi2 or TSi3 (see our head to head comparison of those 2 drivers in this article).

Center strikes produced a low, penetrating ball flight that cut through the wind like a dagger. The longest ball I have ever hit was with the TSi4 driver, although my average distance was better for me with the TSi3.

Titleist calls it “aggressive spin reduction” and I believe that is on the nose. I saw spin rates lower than any other club I have tested this cycle. Possibly ever. Being spiny off the tee, this helped me gain some carry distance.

The reduced spin also kept the ball on a piercing flight path, instead of ballooning into the clouds. The forward CG also did its job keeping my contact loft modest, further attributing to that amazing flight shot after shot.

Compared to last year’s TS4, I could really see the forgiveness difference. I wasn’t punished on off center strikes like I was with the TS4. The new ATI 425 face really shines in the Titleist TSi4 driver.

Having the multi directional MOI kept the face stable at impact, and helped keep a square face through the shot. I could certainly feel and see a stability difference from the TS4. I would say Titleist hit their mark!


Titleist sure knows how to say so much with so little. 98% black/gray, with a touch of chrome, white, and red. The sole of the Titleist TSi4 driver looks like the opposite of the TSi3.

The elongated chrome diamond behind the CG weighting is the opposite of the TSi3. There is real continuity between each model, yet each has its own identity.

The TSi4 looks small, compact, and traditional at address. The pear shape instills confidence that the club will go as fast as you can swing it, and send the ball as far as possible.

The thin carbon crown dons a deep black with a slight shine to it. I prefer a gloss crown over matte finish, so this was a plus for me. The small “TSi” printed for alignment is perfect. Not distracting, and useful at setup.

Titleist is often setting the bar, and here is no different. The design and look of the TSi4 is a new benchmark for classic drivers with modern flair.

Sound and Feel

Even though the smaller 425cc head is more compact, the impact is just as powerful as the TSi3. Maybe a touch muted, but still a head turning boom.

I could see heads turn at the range, wondering what driver sounds so perfect. Center strikes have a certain crispness that I have not heard before.

The feel of this driver is what you would expect from Titleist. Responsive, precise, and telling. I knew when and where impact was, and could eventually gauge ball flight off feel alone.

That next level feel comes at a price of forgiveness, but that goes with any high level club. Blade irons are the same way in that respect, but at a low to negative handicap, elite level feel makes all the difference.


  • New face adds forgiveness
  • Super low spin
  • Low trajectory ball flight
  • Stealthy clean looks
  • Awesome sound
  • Unmatched workability


  • Not as forgiving as other TSi models
  • High swing speed needed for best performance
  • Compact shape not always preferred

The Bottom Line

The Titleist TSi 4 driver is earmarked for a certain type of golfer. If you are a low handicap player, or even a negative handicap, with a strong presence in the tee box, look no further. The TSi4 is magic in the hands of that type of player.

If you are a good player, but have some struggles off the tee, the TSi3 might be a better option for you. Yet that doesn’t completely rule out the TSi4 driver.

The compact shape gives a traditional look, a look preferred by many. The new TSI 425 face provides more forgiveness than the TS4, as does the increased multidirectional MOI.

Incredible distance, low spin, and a new titanium face only found in the TSi line makes the Titleist TSi4 driver a wonderful option at the top of the bag. If you are thinking it’s too much club for you to handle…well, everyone needs goals.

Alternate Choices to the Titleist TSi 4 Driver

Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS

Callaway actually does have 4 drivers in their line up just like Titleist, so they have a direct comparable driver in the Rogue ST Triple Diamond. It’s a very low (or even sub zero) handicap type driver as well.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus

TaylorMade’s low spin option is the Stealth Plus, however, it’s not quite as low spin as the Titleist TSi4 driver. They only have 3 drivers in their line up, and this is the most comparable. Check out our TaylorMade Stealth Plus review to see if it’s right for you.

Ping G425 LST

Ping has their low spin option as well in the G425 LST. Like TaylorMade though, they only offer 3 options vs 4, and it’s not quite as advanced as the TSi4 driver in my opinion. But hey, maybe that would make the Ping LST Driver fit you even better?

Best Golf Drivers

For even more drivers in the low spin category, check out our top rated golf drivers article to see who ranked number1. You might be surprised.


Note – Some of these FAQs were covered throughout the article, but I still get these questions a lot… so here are the “short and sweet” answers to the most common questions:

When was the Titleist TSi 4 release date?

The Titleist TSi4 release date was in February of 2021.

Is TSi4 forgiving?

The TSi4 is more forgiving than its previous model, the TS4. However, it’s the least forgiving option in the TSi family.

Who plays Titleist TSi4?

  • Richard Werenski
  • Bronson Burgoon
  • Josh Creel
  • Jessica Korda

What is the lowest spinning Titleist driver?

The lowest spinning Titleist driver is the TSi4. It’s the most advanced driver offered by Titleist, and will require a much faster swing speed to generate enough spin/launch to get ideal results.

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