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Callaway Irons by Year

Callaway Irons by year graphic

Author Ned Howard - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Ned Howard – Retired PGA Teaching Professional

List Of All Callaway Iron Models by Year Released

Callaway Irons by Year Table:

Year ReleasedCallaway Iron Model
Paradym X
Paradym X Women’s
2022Rogue ST Max
Rogue ST Max OS
Rogue ST Max OS Lite
Rogue ST Pro
Epic MAX Star
2021Apex 21
Apex Pro 21
Apex DCB 21
Apex TCB 21
2020Apex MB
X-Forged CB
Big Bertha B21
Mavrik Max
Mavrik Pro
Epic Star
Epic Forged
Epic Forged Star
Apex 19
Apex Smoke 19
Apex Pro 19
Apex Pro Smoke 19
2018X Forged
Big Bertha
Rogue Pro
Rogue X
2017GBB Epic Star
GBB Epic
GBB Epic Pro
2016Big Bertha OS
Steelhead XR
Steelhead XR Pro
Apex Black
2015Apex CF 16
Apex CF 16 Black
Apex Pro 16
Apex Muscleback
XR Pro
2014Big Bertha
X2 Hot
X2 Hot Pro
(Callaway Apex Irons Specs and Lofts)
Apex Pro
(Callaway Apex Pro Irons Specs and Lofts)
X Hot
X Hot Pro
X Forged
RAZR X Black
2011Razr X
Razr X Tour
Razr X Forged
Razr XF
2010X Prototype
X-24 Hot
Diablo Edge
Diablo Forged
FT i-brid
Big Bertha
X-Forged ‘09
X-22 Tour
2006Fusion Wide Sole
X Forged
X-20 Tour
Big Bertha
2004Big Bertha Fusion
Callaway X18 Irons
X18 Pro Series
2003Steelhead X-16
Steelhead X-16 Pro
2002Big Bertha
Hawkeye VFT Titanium
2000Hawkeye Ti
Steelhead X-14
1998Big Bertha Gold
Big Bertha Ti Tungsten
Big Bertha  X-12
Tungsten Titanium
1997Big Bertha Gold
1996Big Bertha ‘96
1994Big Bertha ‘94
1992Bobby Jones Blades
1990S2H2 ‘90
1988S2H2 ‘88

Callaway Irons Over the Last 5 Years

Callaway Epic Max Star Tungsten Irons
Callaway has really made a name at the top when it comes to drivers and fairway woods, but they are no slouch in the irons department either. With the 2022 releases of the Rogue ST line, Callaway offers iron options for all comers. Pro for lower handicap, Max for mid, OS for high handicappers, and OS Lite for seniors.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons
2021 brought in new interactions of the high performance Apex series. The Apex lineup is geared towards low handicap and Tour players. Top pros like John Rahm and Xander Schauffele choose Apex irons for the consistency and workability.

The Callaway Apex Pro Irons in a golf bag
Before 2021, Callaway alternately released a pro/tour line and a line for multiple golfers. In 2020 the releases of Marik and Big Bertha 21 offered a wide range of iron styles to suit many playing types.

2019 saw renewed Apex irons and forged options for lower handicap players. This Apex line introduced a club face that enhanced springiness across the face, making it longer than ever before.

2018 and 2017 released irons sets of the same name and styling as the metal woods for those years. 2018 the Rogue lineup, and 2017 the GBB (Great Big Bertha) Epic line. The GBB Epic line was a game changer for higher handicap players.

Callaway Big Bertha Irons by Year

Picture of the Callaway Big Bertha Irons
Big Bertha started as a driver model, but the name quickly followed with irons. The name Big Bertha was taken from a German World War I howitzer, which received the nickname for its enormous size and power….

The perfect name for this series because they are indeed large and long. Perfect for higher handicap players.

The first Big Bertha irons were released in 1994, and featured a large face and large sweet spot. In 1997 Big Bertha irons featured tungsten and titanium for added distance.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Tungsten Titanium Iron
From the early 2000s to current, the Big Bertha series has had a new release every two years. Each time promising more distance and forgiveness than prior models.

Callaway X Forged Irons by Year

The Callaway X Forged Irons by year – unofficially the X series started in 1998 with the Big Bertha X-12. Then continued with the Steelhead X-14 in 2000.

A few more iterations were released  over the years, but the first X Forged Irons were released in 2006. Callaway X22 irons year was 2008. And the next generation of the Forged set was in 2008/2009.

Newer generations of the Callaway X Forged Irons were released in 2013, 2018, and most recently the X Forged CB Irons in 2020. Callaway clubs by year has increased each year since.

Callaway Irons History

Callaway began their venture into golf clubs, irons in particular, in the late 80s. In 1988 releasing their S2H2 (short, straight, hollow hosel) technology. The irons were a hit, and Callaway doubled their sales.

The S2H2 Irons by Callaway
With the aid of key tour professional staff players, Callaway became the number one seller of irons and woods in 1995. Since then, Callaway has stayed at the forefront of club making technology.

Introducing tungsten, titanium, variable face thickness, and computer simulation in their iron making process has produced the longest and most forgiving iron options offered.

Bobby Jones Irons from Callaway Golf

How Often Does Callaway Release New Irons

Callaway has an alternate release method it has followed for the better part of two decades. Releasing, every other year, a players series and then a game improvement series. Big Bertha has also gotten a two year release since its inception in 1994.

Callaway finds itself as one of the top manufacturers in the golf business, and the first to use machine forging and computer simulation to make advancements in club making.

This innovation has kept Callaway as one of the best since its rebranding in 1988, continually increasing sales year after year.

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