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PXG 0811XF Gen4 Driver Review and Test

Photo of me holding the PXG 0811XF Gen4 driver

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • XF stands for “Xtreme Forgiveness”
  • Coined as a “high performing driver for the high handicapper”
  • Available in 9°, 10.5°, and 12° with an adjustable Hosel for ideal launch
  • Maximum forgiveness with a low and deep CG and MOI off the charts
  • Three adjustable weights for shot shape and correction

PXG has come out of the gates swinging during the pandemic, and aims to grab a larger share of the golf pie with innovative designs and competitive prices. Marketing a driver for every type of golfer, and performance for days.

The Gen4 0811XF does just that! Earmarked as the “forgiving” driver of the 0811 family, the 0811XF offers booming distance, and forgiveness not seen in comparable drivers.

Boasting a bold look, adjustability that’s generally seen on tour, and amazing customization options, the Gen4 0811XF delivers as a high performing driver for higher handicappers and new golfers with features not usually available to that player type.

Hold on to your headcover as we take a deep dive into the all new PXG 0811 XF Gen4 driver review!

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PXG 0811 XF Gen4 Driver Review


PXG is all about options for golfers. For both righty and lefty golfers, the Gen4 0811XF comes in three lofts. You can pick from 9°, 10.5°, and 12°. With the adjustable hosel that allows adjustments of +/- half degrees, the loft can be fine tuned more than ever.

Alternate view of the 0811XF's club head bottom

PXG 0811XF Driver Handicap Range

The PXG Gen4 0811XF is billed as the forgiving driver option in the Gen4 0811 lineup. Forgiving options are best suited for handicaps of 13 and up. This is great for new golfers without an established handicap too!

Technical Review

The PXG Gen4 0811XF driver is a bold take on a forgiving driver, and is packed with technology and adjustability. The first thing you notice after taking off the head cover is the two tone crown.

The Hybrid Crown Construction is not just for looks. The crown is made with titanium at the heel and toe, and the midsection is carbon fiber. This provides stiffness at the heel and toe, and flexibility in the center.

The carbon middle doesn’t just increase ball speed, but it also reduces mass to lower the center of gravity on the club. The more rigid heel and toe help with forgiveness by preventing ball speed loss on off center strikes.

The carbon fiber middle section is sprayed with something called Aluminum Vapor. This material strengthens the carbon fiber without adding any extra weight at the top of the club.

The goal here was maximum forgiveness. To achieve that, PXG needs the center of gravity as low and deep as possible, and MOI as high as possible. PXG was able to do this with a head shape design and strategic weighting.

PXG 0811XF sitting on my kitchen table

The head shape has a low side profile, but an elongated shape from face to rear. This puts the CG deep in the club head. The CG and MOI also benefit from the Honeycomb TPE Insert.

Originally designed for acoustics, PXG found that the insert provided benefit by way of lower CG. Balls that hit off center don’t stand a chance against these forgiveness weapons!

When it comes to a forgiving driver, generally the club is fairly plain, with not much in the way of adjustability. Clubmakers set weights for draw bias, only offer higher lofts, and try to make it as easy as possible for a less experienced player.

PXG sees things differently. Their thought is every golfer, new to the game, scratch, or high handicapper should have adjustability off the tee. The Gen4 0811XF has just that.

Three adjustable weights and weight ports allow for shot shape and correction. Putting the heavy of the three weights at the heel gives this draw bias club even more draw. The adjustable hosel provides adjustments +/- 1.5° too.

The PXG 0811 XF Gen4 driver certainly has the look and is packed with features that a premium “better players” driver would. How does this bad boy perform though?!

Shaft Options

Like I mentioned before, PXG finds it important to give its customers options. Adjustability options, loft options, and of course, shaft options.

PXG offers a whopping 24 stock shaft options ranging from senior to extra stiff flex. These are premium offerings too from manufacturers such as Project X and Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series 55 driver shaft for PXG Gen4 0811XF

Looking for a high end shaft? PXG also offers high end options at an up charge. Ultra premium designs from Fujikura and Graphite Design. Like I said, options!

Performance and Test Results

PXG vowed to only release new products when they are significantly better than their previous versions. This holds true to the Gen4 0811XF.

The Gen4 0811XF, with the new faster titanium face, elongated head shape, repositioned weight system, hybrid construction crown, and a redesigned honeycomb insert have made it significantly better than the Gen2.

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The first thing I noticed was the feel at address. The two tone crown, the weight, the square look, it all worked together. You will be filled with confidence standing over the ball on the tee.

What really sets the 0811XF apart is the incredible forgiveness. Shots not finding the screws generally take a hit in ball speed and distance. The superior construction mitigates those losses, and really helps with dispersion.

A picture of the front of the 0811XF driver head

Ball speed and distance averages were top of the heap compared to the big guys (Callaway and TaylorMade). I was super impressed with the pop off the face.

Trajectory is that of a forgiving driver – easy to get up high, and should be helpful for newer players. It’s not the most workable driver in the 0811 lineup, but still respectable in the workability sector.

For a driver billed for beginners and high handicappers, this driver does the job. Impressive distance, even more impressive forgiveness, and adjustability to your liking. Bravo PXG!


The PXG Gen4 0811XF driver stands out in a crowd, with its two tone crown you can be sure it will not be mistaken with any other driver on the market. The silver carbon fiber/aluminum vapor center of the crown is bookended by a matte black titanium finish.

Top down view of the top and face of the 0811XF

I found it helpful with keeping the face square, and aligned at setup and swing. A real confidence booster, especially to a newer golfer or higher handicap.

The bottom of the club is PXG all the way. Large PXG branding, classic all black and white coloring, and weight ports only found in PXG clubs. It’s a modern, functional, and almost military look to it that I love!

Sound and Feel

PXG has put a TON of time and effort getting their clubs to have the best sound and feel. Their irons have had it for a while now, but the woods seemed to be missing that piece.

The Gen4 0811XF, thanks to some creative engineering and the Honeycomb TPE Insert, has an incredible sound and feel at impact. It’s a very firm feel, but still quite responsive.

I fell in love with the sound of this club from the very first swing. Driver sound is hard to describe, but you can hear the firm feeling, and are rewarded with a muted metallic thud that couples well with the feedback in your hands.


  • Impressive distance
  • Forgiveness is top notch
  • Sounds incredible
  • More adjustability than most forgiving drivers
  • Impressive consistency on off center strikes


  • Two tone crown doesn’t appeal to everyone
  • Weight system takes some time to dial in
  • One of the higher spin rates tested

The Bottom Line – PXG 0811XF Driver Gen4

If you have watched any golf on TV in the last year, you have heard the distinct voice “KABOOM BABY!” Like most of us do with ads, you aren’t paying attention, but the deep unique voice of the founder of PXG makes you pay attention.

View of me standing over the PXG 0811XF driver

Great clubs at great prices is the message. A message heard loud and clear! PXG, by way of DTC force, has become a real player in the driver and iron spaces.

The Gen4 0811XF driver is one of the newest weapons PXG has to fight the big names. This beautiful driver offers top of class distance and forgiveness.

To be able to customize and adjust a beginner safe driver is rare in the golf business. Usually the forgiving option comes with little to no bells and whistles. This sets the 0811XF apart from its direct competition.

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If you’re looking for exceptional distance, crazy amounts of forgiveness off center, and finally get what you pay for with a driver, the Gen4 0811XF has your name all over it! Just dial it in and swing yard!

PXG 0811XF Driver Weight Settings

Picture showing the weight settings on 0811XF

PXG 0811XF Driver Weight Settings for Maximum Distance

Move the heaviest weight to the most forward/front weight port. This creates the lowest spinning and lowest launching setting, resulting in maximum distance. This is actually the default setting for the Gen4 drivers.

PXG 0811XF Driver Weight Settings for Maximum Forgiveness

If you prefer maximum forgiveness, the heaviest weight should be moved to the back port. This produces a high launch and maximum MOI, resulting in maximum forgiveness.

PXG 0811XF Driver Weight Settings for Draw Bias

And if you want to either hit more draws or fix your slice, the draw bias setting is for you. Simply move the weight to the heel of the club head. This makes it much easier to square the clubface just before impact, resulting in a draw shot shape.

How to Adjust PXG 0811XF Driver?

  1. Use the wrench provided with the PXG driver (or any golf club torque wrench).
  2. Decide which weight you want to move.
  3. Use the wrench to unscrew the weight in a counterclockwise motion.
  4. Switch out the weight for the desired weight, or simply move the weight to the spot which you want it positioned.
  5. Retighten the weight using the wrench, and tighten in a clockwise motion until you hear two clicks.

Golf torque wrench from PXG

Alternative Choices to the PXG 0811XF Driver

PXG 0211 or 0811 X

The 0211 Driver by PXG is going to be a little more of a “bare bones” type driver. Less adjustments, bells, and whistles. But still in the same category as far as forgiveness. Our full review is here.

Or the 0811X Gen4 (not ‘F’ on the end) is the lower spin big brother of the XF. This one’s geared more towards the mid to low handicapper.

TaylorMade Stealth

The Stealth is TaylorMade’s most forgiving option in this year’s lineup. It’s a more expensive driver and probably a little bit better, but each club has its own pros and cons. Our full test and write up can be found here.

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Titleist TSi2 or TSi1

For something similar in the Titleist lineup, I’d recommend the TSi2 driver if you’re not brand new to golf. If you are brand new, or you just want the absolute most forgiving option, then check out the TSi1 here.

Callaway Rogue ST Max

Callaway’s “equivalent” option (in terms of forgiveness and launch) is their new Rogue ST Max. It’s a pretty sexy driver, not gonna lie haha. Our test and review is right here. Or, if you’re wanting something with a little draw bias, check out the Max D over here.

FAQ – PXG 0811XF Driver Review

Close up of the 0811XF head cover

Which PXG driver is the most forgiving?

The PXG 0811XF is the most forgiving PXG driver in my opinion. It has the most help on strikes that are hit off center.

Which PXG driver is best for high handicappers?

The PXG driver that is best for high handicappers is the PXG 0811 XF Driver. It has the most forgiveness and will help those players who are just starting out, or who tend to miss the center of the clubface on some strikes. It’s a really easy driver to hit.

Which PXG driver is best for seniors?

The PXG driver that is best for seniors is the PXG 0811XF driver in my opinion. It has extra forgiveness compared to the other drivers in this lineup, and this helps older golfers who have lost a little coordination and don’t strike the ball in the very center of the club face anymore.

It also has a little bit higher launch to accommodate for a slower swing speed. For our complete list of the best senior drivers check out our rankings here.

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