Where to store your clubs

Where to Store Golf Clubs: Save Space & Protect Your Investment

Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Feb 7, 2024

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Key Takeaways – Moisture, Heat and Cold are the Enemy

  • Ensure your golf bag and clubs are dry before storing them
  • Store your golf clubs in a temperate room
  • Use a garage storage rack for better organization
  • Store golf clubs in a closet long-term for added protection
  • Fit the rain hood over your clubs to shield them from the elements

I am well versed in storing clubs, having kept them in shoe-box apartments and cruise ship cabins to transferring them into storage lockers. In this post, I share my experience and knowledge on the best golf club storage ideas for day-to-day and long-term keeping.

In addition, I will explain the procedure for storing your golf clubs correctly and touch on what you should and should not do to keep your equipment tidy and in one piece.

What Are The Best Golf Club Storage Ideas?


The first prize when storing your golf clubs in a closet is its security and dry nature. It shields your gear from the elements through the winter. Opting for this method requires your clubs to stand upright, and you must ensure nothing heavy can fall directly onto the clubheads.

A golf bag fits conveniently in the closet

Garage or Attic

If you cannot source additional closet space for your golf bag, the next option is a corner spot in the garage or your attic. I suggest covering up your clubheads with a rain hood or placing your golf bag into a travel bag to add further protection from the elements.

Ensure there are no leaks near your chosen spot or anything overhead that could fall onto the top of your bag and harm your clubs.

The garage is perfect for storing your golf gear

Storage Locker

If you live in a small apartment, renting a storage locker is not the worst idea. It takes your golf bag out of sight for the winter, leaving your partner happy and opening up additional space around the house. I advise placing your golf clubs into a travel bag for extra padding and protection in the locket.

Golfers lacking a travel bag can always place the rain hood over the top and store the golf bag out of the way of other bulk items.

Custom built storage for golf bags and gear

Day to Day Club Storage

The climate in my city permits me to hit the links year-round, which means my golf equipment is always within arms reach. Here are a few ways to store your golf clubs. Remember, not all are necessarily advisable.

Garage Storage Rack

I am a massive proponent of using a golf bag storage rack. It maintains everything you need in one place and saves you from countless arguments with your other half. When your equipment is not strewn all over the house, it saves time preparing for a round allowing you to grab and go.

Before setting up the rack, ensure it sits in a cool, dry area where the elements have a limited impact on your bag and clubs. Also, make sure you’ve got the optimal golf bag setup in order to save room.

Those without the luxury of a garage have the option of a wall-mounted rack, which is space efficient and keeps your equipment organized. Alternatively, you may have a basement or attic where you can keep your golf clubs temporarily.

Organizing racks are handy for storing golf gear

Spare Room

Golfers with a spare room in their apartment can stash away their golf clubs in the corner of the said space. Your clubs remain protected from the elements, and your equipment does not obstruct anyone.

If you are not using your clubs for an extended period, I suggest throwing on the rain hood and stashing it in the parking space or a storage locker.

Car Trunk

Storing your golf clubs in the trunk of a car is convenient. Unfortunately, it comes with multiple risks, such as theft, fluctuating temperatures, and breakages. 

I learned the hard way and kept my clubs in the trunk for months to the point I forgot about them. I loaded firewood into the trunk one day, and the weight of the wood pressing against my clubs resulted in one of my club heads snapping off.

Since your motor vehicle is not climate controlled, you expose your clubs to fluctuating temperatures which can negatively impact your clubs. My clubs were fine after their stint in the trunk, but if the internal temperature of your vehicle skyrockets, it reduces the tackiness of the grip and obliterates the epoxy.

Store golf bags in the trunk temporarily

Tool Shed

A tool shed is another prime place to store your golf clubs, as they remain easily accessible and rest in a sheltered environment. Ensure your shed is leak and damp-free to prevent mold accumulation on your golf bag in the cavities of your clubs.

If the shed is prone to raindrops falling through, I recommend placing the rain hood or a water-resistant bag over them. Otherwise, the liquid will impact the golf grip traction and the performance of your grooves.

Storing your golf bags and gear

Office Corner

If the space in your apartment or home is limited, you can try to store your golf clubs at the office. If your boss allows, find an unused corner out of the way of foot traffic and place your golf bag upright. It offers the most efficient option to working professionals who hit the links or driving range directly from the office.

I recommend placing the rain hood on the bag to alleviate the urge of your co-workers to take out your clubs and swing them around.

Apartment Balcony

I am not an advocate for storing your golf clubs on a balcony, but I have done it on weekends away. Usually, my partner’s wardrobe takes preference over my golf bag and gets relegated outside. So, I keep my bag under the safe cover of my travel golf bag and position it undercover on the balcony.

Obviously, if the rain starts bucketing down, my bag comes inside. Otherwise, the travel bag provides an exceptional buffer from the elements.

How to Store Golf Clubs in Winter or Off-Season

Step 1 – Clean and Dry Equipment

You have reached winter, or the end of the warm season and will not be playing again until summer. Now you are probably wondering how to store golf clubs to make sure they are ready for next year. Before you pack your golf bag and clubs, clean and dry them thoroughly, eradicating any moisture. If your equipment is wet when storing it, you open the door for mold build-up, which is no fun to clean.

Once your golf clubs are completely dry, place the rain hood over the top to protect the clubheads, shafts, and grips. Undetected moisture can proceed to rust your once pristine-looking stainless steel iron club heads.

The difference between a dirty and clean golf iron

Step 2 – Temperature Controlled Environment

Find a room with a consistent climate to avoid exposing your golf clubs to erratic temperature swings. This can reduce the traction of your grips and weaken the shaft and clubhead’s durability. In my experience, this rings particularly true with older clubs that have already endured a beating in their lifespan.

If your garage, attic, or basement delivers inconsistent Fahrenheit readings, I suggest storing it in a cool, dry closet.

Storage Do’s and Don’ts

Clean and dry clubs before storingStore outside longer than necessary
Put the rain cover onStore in your car boot long term
Store in a closet if possibleStore equipment when wet
Store in a temperature-controlled roomStore in extreme heat or cold


What is the best way to store golf clubs?

The best way to store golf clubs is to ensure they are clean and dry before placing them upright in a temperature-controlled room or closet. I always recommend covering your golf clubs with a rain hood to shield the grips, shafts, and clubheads from mold and rust.

How to store golf clubs in garage?

Yes, it is okay to store golf clubs in the garage as long as the room temperature remains consistent and it is cool and dry. If your parking space is damp, as I once experienced, it creates mold on your golf bag and golf clubheads, posing a challenge to remove the fungus.

Can golf clubs be stored laying down?

Yes, you can store golf clubs laid down, but you cannot place any object directly on the clubhead or shafts. In my experience, this weakens the hosel and causes the head to snap off.

Where should I store golf clubs in the winter?

When you live in a cold environment, it can be hard to figure out where to store golf clubs in winter. Since you’re probably already storing your winter golf outfits, I suggest utilizing all your space, not just on the ground. Walls, ceilings, attics and garages usually have enough space to mount a rack or shelf to put all your gear out of sight and mind.

Final Thoughts

Storing your clubs keeps you organized and reduces your preparation time for each round. However, finding the space to safely secure your golf clubs can pose a challenge, especially if you live in an apartment or a smaller house.

The most space-efficient storage option is a wall-mounted rack which you can add to your spare room. Alternatively, find a space in a closet to rest your golf clubs for the off-season. When storing them long-term, keep your clubs sheltered from natural elements and in a steady temperature-controlled environment.

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