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Cobra LTDx LS Driver Review

Author Jamie Lewis - Golf PGA Teaching Professional

Author: Jamie Lewis – PGA Teaching Professional

Key Takeaways

  • LTDx stands for “Longest Total Distance Xtreme”
  • LTDx LS is a low spin players driver
  • This driver is most useful with high swing speeds and lower handicaps
  • Long ball hitter Bryson DeChambeau opts for the LTDx LS
  • Cobra offers lofts of 9° and 10.5° with a hosel for loft adjustments +/- 1.5°
  • 10g and 3g weights can be swapped to adjust to your swing

The Cobra LTDx LS Driver is an acronym machine. LTD stands for “Longest Total Distance,” the X stands for “xtreme,” and LS for “Low Spin.” Taking that into account, Cobra has quite the name to back up!

With it trusted by long ball hitters like Bryson DeChambeau, it must be the longest, right? For a guy on an epic search for distance, his driver choice is an important piece to the puzzle.

Here we will unpack the LTDx LS. See what makes it tick. Find out what tech Cobra has implemented to gain distance. Most importantly, determine if this truly is an “engineered distance machine.”







Cobra LTDx LS Driver Review and Test Results

Lofts Available for the Cobra LTD X LS Driver

Cobra offers the same loft choices for both left and right handed players. You have the option of 9° and 10.5° of loft with the LTDx LS. Of course with Cobra’s hosel, you can adjust the loft +/- 1.5° for that perfect launch.

Handicap Range

Traditionally speaking, the LS (low spin) version of a driver is reserved for a better ball striker. This is the case with the LTDx LS.

With the weight loaded behind the face, it cuts spin down dramatically, but that could be an issue with launch for someone with a steeper attack angle. That makes the LTDx LS best for single digit handicappers.

Technical Review

The Cobra LTDx is a low launch and very low spin driver for players with a high ball speed and a consistent swing. Most of the weight is positioned low and behind the face to increase speeds and keep the ball flight down.

Cobra made a multitude of changes with the LTDx LS compared to its predecessor RADspeed. The infinity CNC Milled face is back, but improved, and that is about where the similarities end.

The reconstruction was to achieve one goal. Speed. One of the best ways to get more speed is strategic weight positioning. Cobra used multiple materials including carbon fiber, titanium, steel, and aluminum.

Using more carbon fiber, and a lighter and stronger titanium, Cobra was able to decrease the chassis weight by 30%! That saved weight was used to create the PWR-COR.

The PWR-COR is 19 grams of weight put as low and forward as possible. This reduces energy dissipation from club to ball, and greatly cuts down spin. Of the three LTDx models, the PWR-COR is positioned closest to the face, giving faster speeds and less spin.

There are also two adjustable weights behind the face on the sole. One 10g and one 3g weight. Put the heavy one on the heel side for a neutral to slight fade flight, or move the heavy weight to the toe side for up to 4 yards of fade.

As mentioned, the CNC Milled Infinity Face is back, but with a twist. Cobra used A.I. learning to create the H.O.T Face. Yes, another acronym. Stands for “Highly Optimized Topology.”

This is a fancy way of saying the face has a varied thickness in different zones. That variation helps keep ball speed high and consistent across a larger area of the face. Something missing from the RADspeed.

Adjustable weights, adjustable hosel, and premium shafts make the LTDx LS the ultimate distance producer. High end shafts such as Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 and the Tensei AV Raw White 65 are perfect pairings to this incredible club head.

The Cobra LTDx Low Spin is packed with tech and acronyms that make it one of the best driver options on the market today. Lighter, stronger, and longer than RADspeed, and much more adjustable!

Performance – MY Experience with the Cobra LTDx LS Driver

I had big expectations for this cobra ltd x ls driver review prior to testing it out. When you call it “Longest Total Distance” it is bound to perk some ears! Well the driver with the big name has some big game!

From the first swing I knew this driver had some serious pop. I could tell there is a major improvement in the face. The RADspeed was almost dead off center. The new H.O.T face has impressive consistency across the face.

The CNC Milled Face was a welcomed return from the last couple Cobra models. It provides a feel and workability that isn’t present with other drivers on the market.

The entire LTDx lineup had designs on lower spin to increase distance and roll out. The LTDx LS is the lowest spinning driver of the lineup. The LTDx LS had my ball spinning at or under 2000 RPMs, which is fantastic for a low spin driver.







The saved weight in the construction that was moved low and forward helped generate impressive swing speeds. I saw a couple miles per hour faster on most swings!

Having the two adjustable weights to increase fade bias was fun to tune in and figure out what worked best for my swing. Putting the heavy weight at the toe provides up to 4 yards of fade. A valuable tool if your miss is left.

The Cobra LTDx LS is a specimen. Like the freak athlete that puts up ridiculous numbers at the Combine. I see it being a front runner for driver of the year.

Perfect strikes going farther than ever, powerful feel, great workability, and minimal punishment on misses are all reasons the LTDx LS might find a way in my bag! It certainly earned the name “Longest Total Distance!”


Cobra styled the LTDx LS perfectly. It’s modern without being too flashy. The flat crown is focusing and glare reducing, and marries well with the gloss sole.

The Infinity Face is like no other driver on the market. It reminds me of an infinity pool you see in the backyard of a Hollywood mansion. The look of the face is just a bonus, as the true purpose is function.

Cobra, just like with RADspeed, has two options for color scheme. The stock option is an orange/gold/black that is equal parts cool and classic. The second color option is the patriotic peacoat and red. Personally I like the peacoat and red look.

The flat crown shows the carbon fiber pattern, the classic King Cobra logo for alignment, and a subtle dashed pinstriping on the back edge. The crown also features two raised ribs on either side of the center.

The raised ribs are a great visual tool for alignment and face path. At address the LTDx LS has a square, maybe even slightly open look to it. This promotes the power fade that it is made to do.

Overall Cobra knocked this one out of the park! Clean lines, cool colors, and sneaky useful tools to better your game just off visual aids. I love the look of the LTDx Low Spin!

Sound and Feel

The LTDx LS, with the CNC Milled H.O.T Face has a unique feel that isn’t found in other drivers. Being steel instead of titanium provides a more sharp “ting” compared to OEMs.

Strikes on the screws are more rewarding than any other driver I have felt or heard. Truly remarkable. Missing the center is noticeable, but welcome. Knowing when not struck proper is valuable information during a round.

The feedback does seem to be a little more harsh than other drivers on the market. This could be attributed to the milled steel face opposed to a more flexible titanium. Again though, feedback is key, and the goal is to find the center of the face anyway, right!?


  • Launch/trajectory couldn’t be better
  • Extremely LOW SPIN
  • Very fast club head speed
  • Adjustable weights
  • Distance distance distance!


  • Feedback is pretty harsh
  • Headcover is kinda cheap
  • No draw adjustability

The Bottom Line – My Experience with the Cobra LTDx LS Driver

The LTDx LS is the total package for a high swing speed low handicapper. When one of the ”downsides” is the headcover, there is not much bad to say about it! Everything about this driver was impressive to me.

Great distance off the tee (longest tested), unique sound and feel, and workability are all reasons this club may end up as my gamer. Who doesn’t want more distance off the tee?!







Cobra took what worked from the RADspeed and made it better. They found areas to reposition weight to make it faster, and with Bryson DeChambeau using this club, it must be a killer! The Cobra LTD x LS is definitely a front runner for lowest spinning driver of the year.

Alternate Choices to the Cobra LTDx LS Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Plus

A similar option to the LTDx Low Spin is TaylorMade’s Stealth Plus model. This is their low spin option, and will have a similar profile for launch, spin, and forgiveness. Check out our full review and test results in this article.

Ping G425 LST

Again, I’m recommending other drivers that match the launch, spin, and forgiveness profile of the LTDx LS, and the Ping G425 LST is a GREAT option in this category. There’s a reason Ping only needs to release a driver every 2-3 (vs every year like other brands). Check out our review and test results of the Ping G425 LST Driver to see if it fits your player profile.

Callaway Rogue ST Max LS or Triple Diamond

Callaway actually has two low spin driver options, but I feel that the Rogue ST Max LS is the most similar to the LTDx LS. The Callaway Triple Diamond model is an even lower spin option, and is geared towards scratch and tour level golfers.

Titleist TSi3

The option from Titleist that’s going to be the most similar in profile setup to the LTDx LS, is the TSi3 in my opinion. It’s very similar in spin reduction and rewarded distance on center strikes. Check out our full Titleist TSi3 Driver review and test results to see if it’s right for you and your playing style.

FAQ – Cobra LTDx LS Driver

Is Cobra LTDx LS forgiving?

The Cobra LTDx LS is the least forgiving option in Cobra’s newest driver lineup. If you’re looking for a “middle of the road” option when it comes to forgiveness, check out the Cobra LTDx Driver. And for the most forgiving option, check out the Cobra LTDx Max.

What is the difference between the Cobra LTDx LS and the LTDx?

The LS is a more advanced option that has a lower back spin setup for players who generate a LOT of clubhead speed and can hit the sweet spot consistently. The LTDx (non LS version) offers more forgiveness than the LS, and will have a higher launch profile.

What is the difference between the Cobra LTDx LS and the LTDx Max?

The LS, when compared to the Max option is going to be much much more advanced. With a lower launch profile and much less forgiveness, the LS is geared for a more advanced player. The Max driver offers a ton of forgiveness, but isn’t going to provide as much distance, especially for faster swinging players because it will generate too much backspin.

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