Putter Length By Height: Tips and Fitting Chart For Your Size

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Erik Schjolberg

By Coach Erik Schjolberg – Mar 4, 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Putter length is not determined only by height
  • The proper putter length is generally shorter than golfers think
  • Putter length impacts both distance control and alignment
  • Cutting or extending a putter can impact balance and feel

Golf clubs that are the proper fit for your height, your playing ability, and your natural tendencies are essential to have in the bag. I’ve always played with a standard length putter, and not until recently did I look into whether or not I was playing with the correct putter length. I’ve put together a detailed putter size chart, why it matters, and how you can make sure you are playing with the right putter length.

Standard Putter Length

The standard putter length that you will find from most golf manufacturers is 33, 34, or 35 inches. The 35-inch putter is what was sold for many years until average height players (around 5’9”) started realizing that the putter was too long.

Manufacturers started producing more 34-inch putters, especially since the this became the standard length putter on the PGA tour. A 33-inch putter can be harder to find, but it is usually a standard choice for women golfers, along with the 34-inch (more on the difference between men and womens clubs here).

Standard putter lengths are offered directly from the manufacturer with no need for customization. However, these are not the only length putters that you have access to. Once you know the right length for you, almost any putter can be adjusted to be the proper length for your game.

Putter Length By Height Fitting Chart

The shorter you are, the shorter you need your putter to be. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, you have examples of golf professionals in the past with unique setups and putting quirks that impacted putter length (beyond height), but for normal putter length, these are the standards you can expect.

HeightStandard Putter Length Recommendation
Less than 5’32 Inches or shorter
5’0” to 5’2”32.5 inches
5’2” to 5’4”33 inches
5’4 to 5’6”33.5
5’6” to 5’8”34
5’8” to 6’0”34.5
6’0” to 6’4”35 inches
6’4”36 inches

How To Measure Putter Length Correctly

The correct length putter is not just about your total height. In fact, use your total height as a guideline, but you should also measure putter length while in a putting stance. The correct arm hang is very important to be able to get your eyes over the golf ball and set the putt on the proper track.

    1. Get into a standard putter stance

First, make sure you are standing as you would to make a putt. You don’t need the putter in your hands for this process; simply stand pretending to make a putt.

    1. Make sure posture is correct

Try to ensure your posture is correct, and this is how you would normally be while on the golf course. Correct putter length can change if you make changes and corrections to your game, so keep that in mind.

    1. Wear your golf shoes

I would put a pair of golf shoes on when determining the best putter length for you.

golfer lining up to hit a putt

The soles of your shoes will impact the putter size by height, and it can change the level of the putter head and total shaft length.

    1. Measure to your wrists

Ask one of your golfing buddies to measure the length of your wrists from the ground. Place one end of the tape measure directly on the ground below your hands, and the other part will go up to the very start of your wrist, the end of your palm.

For most golfers that are standing over the ball, this is the correct putter length and will allow room for additional tweaking and placement of the hands on the grip.

    1. That is your putter length

Now take that measurement and look at our putter length fitting chart. If your length matches with the chart, then you can have full confidence that you now have a proper length determined.

For some golfers with shorter or longer arms, this measurement method tends to be a better choice than basing your length of height alone.

How Long Should Your Putter Be?

There are a few methods to use to determine the ideal length for your putter.

Go For A Custom Fitting

A professional club fitter will use a combination of golf technology and their knowledge to get you the right putter length that works for your game. Putter fittings typically cost around $100, and you can find out more about how your arms hang naturally and whether or not that would warrant a shorter putter or longer putter.

custom fitting at the golf shop

In addition, if you know that your current putter is too long or short, you may want to go for a putter fitting at a golf store that will also make modifications to a club for you. You won’t necessarily have to buy a new putter.

Measure and Compare

Doing your own putter measurements at home is the path most golfers take. It’s a little easier to measure for proper putter length than it is for iron or driver length, so this is a good option for many players.

Take A Putter On The Course

If you can test a putter on the course with your on-course putting stroke, it’s a great way to determine if you have the right putter. On course testing allows you to get into the correct posture (or at least the one you are normally in during your typical golf game).

Why Does Putter Shaft Length Matter?

Putter length has a major impact on the way the golf ball rolls. Here are the issues you could run into if you skip over the importance of putter length matter.

Lie Angle

The proper lie angle of a putter allows you to set up with a square face that is properly resting on the ground.

putter head angles to watch out for

If your putter is too long for you, the putter toe may be up in the air at the address. For a putter that is too short, the heel will be raised. I recommend experimenting with different putter types as well.


Lining up your putts is much easier when your eyes are over the golf ball.

instructor helping out a golfer with his putting

When the putter length is incorrect, you could be standing too far or even too close to the ball to line up correctly and see down the line.


A proper putter length will lead to consistency in your stroke. Following my putter length guidelines puts you on the right track to make a repeatable stroke.

Overall Confidence and Comfort

Confidence on the putting green is so important. With the correct length putter, you should feel as though you can be more aggressive with putting and get the ball into the back of the cup.

What Size Putter Do I Need?

I would start by looking at the putter length by height chart that we created. See if your current length matches the recommendation on the chart. Next, I would do a measurement with a tape measure and see if that confirms your findings on the chart.

For golfers with shorter arms, the length may be longer than the chart says. In addition, players that have a more hunched-over or bent posture will typically go with a shorter putter.

How Do I Get My Putter Length Adjusted?

Putter length can easily be adjusted by a professional club fitter. The grip will be removed, and a putter extension can be added, or a section of the putter shaft can be removed. The adjustment will cost you a few dollars and a new grip.

I highly recommend doing this with someone who is skilled. Certain designs, like counterbalanced putters, can have issues with swing weight and feel if you don’t adjust them correctly.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about the proper putter length for height.

What is Tiger Woods putter length?

Tiger Woods plays with a 35.5-inch putter. As his back problems have worsened, he has increased the length of his putter to have a more upright stance.

What is the average putter length?

A stock putter length will vary from one manufacturer to the next. However, it is usually 34 or 35 inches.

How do I know if my putter is too long?

If you are setting up to hit a putt and you can’t get your eyes over the golf ball, the putter is likely too long for your game. Setting up looking down the line with your eyes over the ball is an important factor for determining putter length.

Final Thoughts – How to Measure A Putter

Putter height is a great initial factor to look into to make sure your equipment is the right fit. However, I still recommend measuring with a tape measure to confirm your findings. Arm length, posture, and standard putting stance will all play into which putter you end up using. I also recommend checking the length of your putter if you make adjustments to your swing or stance; it’s important to stay on top of this fitting parameter as it can change from time to time.

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